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Mortgage Rates are up nearly 1% since Nov 1 2010So what does this mean if your considering buying a home in Collin County Texas? It means the time to buy is now. As the Fed begins trying to 'fix' our current economic issues, they will be buying up bonds and driving up the artificially low home mo...
Have you seen iBand? As we get swamped with new tech day in and day out we need to pause and ask ourselves how it will effect our business. Some gadgets are cool, but add nothing to our productivity or can even become a time waster. The purpose of technology is to make life better in what ever as...
The American Redneck Society I just love this! We work and serve in Collin County Texas and our client base is a diverse mix of upscale city dwellers and down home farm and ranch land. We love this unique combination clients that gives us a neat blend of the old and new. When I stumbled across T...
The DFW Real Estate Market Crashed in 1987 that is... DFW was suffering the oil industry bust, the banking bust and the real estate bust. The federal government stepped in and formed the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). They took control of the toxic assets and resold the properties for as lit...
The American Home of the 1900's I was touring a model home the other day in an amazing development in Frisco, TX. These homes can easily reach $750,000 and in Texas that buys a great deal of house! As I was wandering around the home, a young couple approached me to ask a few questions. We spoke f...
Great Mac Freebies I am sure most of you that own and love Macs have heard of JumSoft before. They have some great little Mac applications and a free section of goodies that you might like. Head on over there and get your free Numbers templates, stationary and other goodies. You can't beat free c...
What the heck does a Japanese Maple have to do with selling my house? Well Mr. Seller it has everything to do with selling your home. Japanese Maples grow just fine in Collin County Texas. As a matter of fact they love it here, if you know how to position them. You do NOT want to give them too mu...
Classic Chevy Limousine I took my beautiful wife to a movie today. Its so rare we are not with clients on the weekends that we took advantage of a little down time and saw The Tourist. We loved the movie, it was great and the scenery of Paris and Italy were amazing. It just made us want to take a...
Are you a 'monophagous' agent?     mo·noph·a·gous (mə-nŏfˈə-gəs) adjective Eating only one kind of food.     The reason I would even ask such a question is I can fall so easily into a routine. I tend to rely on what I know works, even if its not working that well.   I think from time to time its ...


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