baltimore: FHA 203K - 4th of July Sale ... FREE 203K's!!! - 07/04/11 02:34 AM
FHA 203K - 4th of July Sale!   In honor of the 4th of July, 203k World is going to offer FREE 203K's !!   FREE???  How can that be???   Pro Quo's:
Must have formal loan application by the end of the month, July 2011. Must have a contract or own a property in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware. Must have a loan amount of at least $100,000.00 (purchase price + Repairs).   Thats it!  :)  
Zero Lender Fee! I will PAY YOUR 203K Consultant Fee (via a credit at the settlement table). No … (2 comments)

baltimore: Inside Lending - By Brent Kluge - For the week of July 4, 2011 - 07/04/11 02:15 AM

baltimore: FannieMae HomePath Renovation - Baltimore, MD - 06/23/11 01:08 AM
FannieMae HomePath Renovation - Baltimore, MD
I specialize in these loans... Great product!  Easy Steps!
1.  Go to      -   Find a home you may be interested in???
2.  Call Brent 1st!   DON"T CALL THE AGENT ON THE SIGN!    -    Lets see if you qualify for the mortgage AND get your the PROPER representation.
3.  Decide - Submit an offer?  Great!   Make the offer CONTINGENT on a 10-14 Day Inspection Period (this will allow you to find just what is wrong with the property or maybe what you want to fix!)
4.  Find your Contractor … (1 comments)

baltimore: TORNADO SURVIVAL - Get the skinny before it gets windy! - 06/15/11 05:43 AM

baltimore: FHA 203k Story: Sometimes this business warms your heart. - 05/05/11 11:28 PM
True Testimonial:
Had it not been for Brent Kluge’s tireless efforts, we believe our dream home would have remained just that, a dream.  Brent went above and beyond to help us secure our 203K loan.  His assistance was invaluable and his dedication to his clients is unparalleled.  From day one, Brent was there to advise, instruct and assist in any way he could and we knew in talking with him, that we were in capable and caring hands.  Brent is committed to providing the best service possible to his clients.   He demonstrated this commitment many times as we went through … (0 comments)

baltimore: FHA 203k Process - How do I get started? - 04/22/11 10:20 PM
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 203K process can be confusing. The reason 99% of mortgage lenders don't do them is because they have a LOT of moving parts... Contractors, appraiser conditions, specialty inspectors, underwriters, loan officers, county code, construction principles, engineers, architects, and sometimes Uncle Bob, who has "been in construction all his life." Wheeww! There are a lot of chefs making that soup! By and large, all the steps in an FHA 203K projects proceed in a similar order. (you can get more detailed information on this process at  Remember, this doesn't apply to every case. Sometimes property- or contract-specific … (4 comments)

baltimore: FHA 203K - What do you do AFTER you settle? Plan Ahead! Answers Within... - 03/08/11 06:02 AM
FHA 203k - Hard enough to find a lender that knows the loan... now that you have settled, what do you do?
VIDEO BLOG:  Provided by Brent Kluge &

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La Vida es Corta!
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baltimore: FHA 203K - VIDEO BLOG: Should I hire a HUD 203K CONSULTANT? - 02/10/11 07:12 AM
FHA 203k loan is hard enough to figure out... now enter a HUD 203k Consultant.  What is he and do I need one?
Brent Kluge and present:
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baltimore: FHA 203K - 2 Step Process (Drop MIP & Lower Rate) - 02/05/11 05:32 AM & Brent Kluge explain helpful hints on how to structure your FHA 203k to position yourself for a refinance where you will drop your mortgage insurance and potentially lower your interest rate when your construction is complete!   Please click Like and/or Subscribe!Please check back   

baltimore: FHA203K - Selecting Your Contractor for your 203k Project - 01/30/11 04:37 AM
Since almost ALL FHA 203k loans require a licensed contractor, how do you find the best contractor to fit you and your project?  Watch this video for helpful hints of finding your project contractor.   If you like it and find it helpful, please click "Like" and "Subscribe" on my Youtube channel, 203kworld!!!Ask any questions and as always...Many thanks...
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baltimore: FHA 203K: $5,000.00 in Minimum Qualified Repairs ... NOT! - 01/07/11 11:23 PM
It is a large misnomer that the 203K has $5,000.00 for minimum "Qualified" repairs...  (Hmmm, typical government title that really could be said much simpler)  I think we should implement the govy' process of making an acronym for everything.  MQR = Minimum Qualified Repairs.
So, armed with our new acronym, what is this MQR thing?
For quite some time, the FHA 203k did in fact have a $5,000.00 requirement for MQR.  This means that the house must have repairs that were necessary to bring the house to FHA Minimum Property Standards.  All those repairs REQUIRED to do this would … (0 comments)

baltimore: Fha203K Streamline: Make Sure you get 50% of your money UPFRONT! - 10/20/10 12:25 AM
So, you've worked hard to put this entire thing together.  YOU FINALLY ARE GOING TO SETTLE ON THE PURCHASE OF YOUR NEW HOME and do a renovation with your FHA 203k.
1.   You spent hours on site with various consultants, contractors and inspectors to determine the scope of work.
2.   You and your agent crafted a perfectly written CONTRACT OF SALE and had it ratified.
3.   You supplied your lender with everything under the sun, Including, but not limited to, your blood type, hair and DNA samples.
4.   You are ready to settle and start your project... Right?  :)

baltimore: 203K: "I am handy with a hammer" Can a borrower be their own general contractor? - 09/28/10 10:55 PM
203K Renovation loans are an amazing tool in this market.  This is by far the only loan that allows you to buy a house that is in less than perfect condition, then tack on money to fix it up and package it all in one nice loan with only 3.5% downpayment.  Not to mention, it allows you to go to 110% of the appraised value, with is a nifty little tool in this market as well...  BUT, can the borrower be his/her own contractor???  Hmmm... lets examine.
If you start your google search, you will find that HUD has a … (5 comments)

baltimore: 203K: Why is it so difficult to find a contractor to do this 203k? Answers within... - 09/16/10 11:43 PM

By and large, Contractors are a tradesmen, some better businessmen then others, but nonetheless, the primary need is for them to be good at what they do, their trade.  When we, as comsumers/homeowners, need to find a contractor to do a renovation job for us and we utilize the FHA 203k loan progam, it can be quite difficult to find a contractor that is qualified or even interested in doing this work!
Below are some items that will help you understand why and perhaps help clear up this disconnect and bring you to understanding during your contractor interview phase.

baltimore: 203K: Bid Thy Own Kitchen and Save Thousands!! - 09/07/10 11:33 PM
What to do with a Kitchen Renovation....??? Hmmm...
Most people have this idea in their heads that a 'Complete Kitchen Renovation' costs $25,000.00 minimum and even MORE all the bells, whistles and good stuff!  Bollicks!
In my experience, both as a lender and builder, you can, EVEN AS A HOMEOWNER, do it for half or even LESS!
MOST 203K's require you to use a contractor, that is in fact the case... HOWEVER, there is no problem with you either letting the contractor know that you are handling the kitchen portion yourself and would even perhaps welcome his bid … (2 comments)

baltimore: FHA 203k - What to do with the initial HUD inspection... - 09/01/10 09:58 PM
Initial inspections by the HUD consultant can sometimes be overwhelming...   "Seems like a lot more work than we expected!"...  This may be the case... but not always.
Remember, this estimate is just that ..  AN ESTIMATE!  If you find a contractor that has given you a price, OR you take the Consultants Work Write-up and start shopping for a contractor, here is the million dollar savings key...
Have the Consultant give you a copy, sans el numbres (sp.????).  If they don't do that, just white out the numbers … (1 comments)

baltimore: 203K - HUD Consultants - How and How Much are they Paid???? - 08/24/10 03:30 AM
203k Consultants...    How are they paid?
Here is the long and short of it.   Back in September of 1995, HUD came out with Mortgagee Letter 95-40 which outlined the charges an inspector could charge.  They were known then as a "Fee Inspector", now more commonly called a HUD Consultant.  The mortgagee letter MANDATED a bracket system for these fees as noted below:
" A fee of $400 is acceptable for a property with repairs less than $7,500; $500 for repairs between $7,501 and $15,000; $600 for repairs between $15,001 and $30,000; and $700 for repairs between $30,001 … (1 comments)

baltimore: 203K Guarantee.... If we don't close your 203K in 45 days... WE WILL DO IT FOR FREE! - 08/14/10 12:35 AM
So what is the biggest drawback with the FHA 203K ???  

They are not widely known and because of this, lenders will stumble their way through them...
What happens then?  They drag on for 90 or 120 days, if they settle at all...
I have closed over 3,500 203K's and have an amazing team.  We orginate in almost EVERY STATE in the Union!
Here is my guarantee:

Thats right, for free.  We will still work … (2 comments)

baltimore: Calculating the cash out of pocket to buy a home with the FHA 203K... Care to know? - 08/09/10 10:39 PM
How much money do I need to buy a house with the FHA 203K ???   Ahhh, the age old question.
Well, FHA 203K has its advantages.
1. It allows you to buy a house that is in "As-Is" condition and escrows money to make repairs to the house to bring it back into minimum property standards.
2. Only 3.5% down payment is required.
"But still, seriously... How much do I need?"
Here it is in short:
That 3.5% is ONLY downpayment.   More often than not, people get "Downpayment" confused with TOTAL CASH REQUIRED.  You will … (1 comments)

baltimore: 203K - The 203k INQUISITION!! Ask thy lender questions! - 08/03/10 11:51 AM
So 203K's are all the buzz!!!  Great!  We knew this was going to happen.  Dinged and dented inventory is UP...  Interest Rates and qualification requirements are DOWN!
But why is it that only a fraction of these loans actually make it to the settlement table?
Well the answer is simple...  You were working with the wrong professional. 
Lets be clear, in today's information world, it doesn't take much to put up a website and claim that you are a this or a that. It is not hard to promote oneself as being an "industry leader" in something.  I mean the … (0 comments)

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