renovation loan: FHA 203k - Washington DC - ZERO FEE LOAN!! - 12/27/11 12:42 AM
FHA 203k Loans - Washington DC, and surrounding areas.
You are in my backyard!  SO???  You get a "backyard discount".
Catch? :
 'Loan Amount' must be above $300,000.00 Must be a renovation loan. You must settle on this loan in order to receive a complete "Lender Credit" equal to all charges my company would typically charge.  
Call today before the program is GONE! ;)


renovation loan: How to make an offer on an "As-Is" property. - 12/23/11 12:07 AM
203K World - FHA 203K How to make an offer on an "As-Is" property.
Situation:You found a home in the neighborhood you would love. The lot is perfect and the house is great, except, once you get inside, you see it has the kitchen ripped out, the HVAC was taken out of the home and there is a MOLD EXPERIMENT in the basement that would make the local botanist club jealous.  What do you do? Questions:
How do I really know what's wrong with the house - More wrong than just what I can see? How much will it cost … (11 comments)

renovation loan: FHA 203k Renovation Loan - Can I buy my own materials or does the Contractor have to? - 06/29/11 01:13 AM
FHA 203k - Renovation Loan

Money to buy + Money to Fix it up = All in ONE Loan!

    Most lenders will require on a FULL FHA 203k (one w/ 35K or more in total renovation cost), that youutilize a General Contractor.  Nothing wrong with this... its a pretty good idea.  But, what if you have a connection on getting building supplies and can buy the material DIRT CHEAP?  Why would you want to let the contractor make money on the material???  
Most lenders will require you include materials in the contractor … (0 comments)

renovation loan: FHA 203k - What loan can I get for a 2, 3 or 4 Unit that NEEDS WORK??? - 06/25/11 07:40 AM
FHA 203k - What loan can I get for a 2, 3 or 4 Unit that NEEDS WORK???
 The FHA 203k is a great option!   If you intend on living in one unit and renting out the others, THIS IS THE LOAN FOR YOU! :)    
Situation:   4 Unit Property in Washington, DC   List Price:  $599,000.00   IF it were totally fixed up, it would be worth:  $ 1,300,000.00!!!   (but this is why it is being sold so cheap).  
Problem:   You can NOT get a conventional loan or any other style mortgage because it … (2 comments)

renovation loan: FHA 203k - Loan Sharks? - 06/21/11 12:51 AM
203k Draw Process - Why do we have to wait so long for our Check? You have probably heard about the nightmare/horror stories of people working through issue after issue to get their 203k closed.  I actually know someone that worked 9 months with their loan officer to move towards closing, ultimately to discover that they actually had to WAIT OVER 60 DAYS FOR THEIR FIRST DRAW CHECK! 
A few INSIDER POINTERS to help you and your 203k planning: 1.   Go FHA 203K Streamline, ANY chance you can -  Verify that the mortgage company … (3 comments)

renovation loan: Homebuyers Afraid of As-Is Properties - Check out this NEW SERVICE you could offer them - 06/19/11 12:39 AM
"This looks like a Renovation Loan... Better bring in the 'TRC'!" Traveling Renovation Consultation Team
Situation:  Buyers are interested in purchasing an "AS-IS" Property.  Can't find a REAL Renovation specialist in their area. Don't know who to trust.  Conflicts of interest abound. Limited experience with a property that NEEDS WORK.  Where to turn?  Who to trust?  ....Easy Breezy! REGARDLESS of your location, I will fly out for your "Project Day" (this typically is scheduled w/in the first couple days after contract ratification).
Highlights of Your Project Day: 1st 1/2 of the day -
You receive Preliminary Homework … (2 comments)

renovation loan: FannieMae HomePath Mortgage - How Much do I have to Put Down??? - 06/09/11 05:15 AM
FannieMae HomePath Mortgages
I am with the ONLY lender allowed to do the HomePath Renovaiton Loan in ALL 50 STATES!

We Specialize in them!

LOWEST BANK FEES: $855.00 Maximum and sometimes LESS! FAST Settlements! Easy Application - Online Same Day Approvals

Its all FREE!
Click or Call: 1-800-441-9262
HomePath Mortgage

HomePath Renovation Mortgage


renovation loan: FannieMae HomePath Foreclosure Listing - Silver Spring, MD Special Financing! - 06/09/11 03:03 AM
FannieMae HomePath Foreclosure!!!
Buy this home with as little as 3% down Payment! No Mortgage Insurance VERY LOW interest rates! Seller Contribution to closing costs = Low Cash out of Pocket to buy! Buy + Renovate (if you want to!)=All in 1 Loan Owner Occupant / Second Home / Investor ALL Eligible! Call today - Free PreQualification - Easy Process
Click or Call:   410.591.8300 … (0 comments)

renovation loan: FHA 203k Story: Sometimes this business warms your heart. - 05/05/11 11:28 PM
True Testimonial:
Had it not been for Brent Kluge’s tireless efforts, we believe our dream home would have remained just that, a dream.  Brent went above and beyond to help us secure our 203K loan.  His assistance was invaluable and his dedication to his clients is unparalleled.  From day one, Brent was there to advise, instruct and assist in any way he could and we knew in talking with him, that we were in capable and caring hands.  Brent is committed to providing the best service possible to his clients.   He demonstrated this commitment many times as we went through … (0 comments)

renovation loan: FHA 203k Process - How do I get started? - 04/22/11 10:20 PM
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 203K process can be confusing. The reason 99% of mortgage lenders don't do them is because they have a LOT of moving parts... Contractors, appraiser conditions, specialty inspectors, underwriters, loan officers, county code, construction principles, engineers, architects, and sometimes Uncle Bob, who has "been in construction all his life." Wheeww! There are a lot of chefs making that soup! By and large, all the steps in an FHA 203K projects proceed in a similar order. (you can get more detailed information on this process at  Remember, this doesn't apply to every case. Sometimes property- or contract-specific … (4 comments)

renovation loan: FHA 203K - What do you do AFTER you settle? Plan Ahead! Answers Within... - 03/08/11 06:02 AM
FHA 203k - Hard enough to find a lender that knows the loan... now that you have settled, what do you do?
VIDEO BLOG:  Provided by Brent Kluge &

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La Vida es Corta!
Kluge Out!

renovation loan: FHA 203K - VIDEO BLOG: Should I hire a HUD 203K CONSULTANT? - 02/10/11 07:12 AM
FHA 203k loan is hard enough to figure out... now enter a HUD 203k Consultant.  What is he and do I need one?
Brent Kluge and present:
Kluge Out!


renovation loan: FHA 203K - 2 Step Process (Drop MIP & Lower Rate) - 02/05/11 05:32 AM & Brent Kluge explain helpful hints on how to structure your FHA 203k to position yourself for a refinance where you will drop your mortgage insurance and potentially lower your interest rate when your construction is complete!   Please click Like and/or Subscribe!Please check back   

renovation loan: FHA 203K: Problems & Pain Points - 01/30/11 11:33 AM
FHA 203K  Problems & Pain PointsReal Life information... Honest problems and Pitfalls to avoid and look out for.
Real FHA203k problems and painpoints to avoid with the FHA 203k, brought to you by Brent Kluge and
Check us out!  Kluge Out!


renovation loan: Does this house qualify for FHA 203K financing??? Read on! - 01/12/11 11:57 PM
I just received a message this am from a new client asking for what to do next. 
She said she just heard her offer was accepted on a foreclosure and she thinks the house
is eligible for the FHA 203k Financing.
This is NOT an uncommon statement and even misnomer.   Let me explain...
MOST ANY HOUSE IS ELIGIBLE FOR FHA203K FINANCING... (so long as you and IT fit the program guidelines, ie. Owner occupant, 1-4 unit, LTV items, mixed use, etc...)
By and large, ALL residential homes on the foreclosure inventory are eligible for this renovation loan.  You … (0 comments)

renovation loan: Fha203K Streamline: Make Sure you get 50% of your money UPFRONT! - 10/20/10 12:25 AM
So, you've worked hard to put this entire thing together.  YOU FINALLY ARE GOING TO SETTLE ON THE PURCHASE OF YOUR NEW HOME and do a renovation with your FHA 203k.
1.   You spent hours on site with various consultants, contractors and inspectors to determine the scope of work.
2.   You and your agent crafted a perfectly written CONTRACT OF SALE and had it ratified.
3.   You supplied your lender with everything under the sun, Including, but not limited to, your blood type, hair and DNA samples.
4.   You are ready to settle and start your project... Right?  :)

renovation loan: 203K: "I am handy with a hammer" Can a borrower be their own general contractor? - 09/28/10 10:55 PM
203K Renovation loans are an amazing tool in this market.  This is by far the only loan that allows you to buy a house that is in less than perfect condition, then tack on money to fix it up and package it all in one nice loan with only 3.5% downpayment.  Not to mention, it allows you to go to 110% of the appraised value, with is a nifty little tool in this market as well...  BUT, can the borrower be his/her own contractor???  Hmmm... lets examine.
If you start your google search, you will find that HUD has a … (5 comments)

renovation loan: Fannie Mae HomePath..... - 05/22/10 08:06 AM
Renovation Financing Available
* 3% Downpayment
* Investors welcome!
* No MI!
* Amazing!
We specialize in these loans and can close them directly! :) Please call me with any questions.
Below, you will find the highlights for both the straight program and the renovation style. This product is only here as a result of the inventory of the Foreclosed homes. It allows MANY unique options in order to get into your home... Just call. We will let you know directly! :)
HomePath® Renovation Mortgage Financing This special financing is available on Fannie Mae homes with the following logo:

renovation loan: Short Sales / Foreclosures : Writing an FHA 203K Contract and actually getting accepted! - 04/27/10 07:52 AM
How many contracts do you think these "Asset Managers" are kicking back on a daily basis???  Hmmm?  Would anyone believe about 90%?  Those numbers seem to run true based on the various interviews I personally have conducted with even the Managers of Loss Mitigation departments.  Considering some of these guys are putting in 12 hour days now and some are handling a pipeline of over 300 properties, one could interpolate the figure to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 contracts... PER DAY!
So why choose yours?   Your buyers are super qualified.  Their ratios are 19/19 (hell, they don't have … (0 comments)

renovation loan: Broker vs. Banker for a 203K Renovation Loan.... hmmm??? - 04/26/10 10:55 PM
Well, so goes the saying... "I'm a broker and I can 'shop' your loan for the best rates and really get you the best deal".    Okay....  The other side of the coin says, "I'm a lender and brokers just take my money and add their fees to it, so you'll never get the best rate doing business with a broker."
203K loans are a logistical nightmare and Freddy is waiting for you to fall asleep, if your working with someone that can't properly help you.  The long and short of it is this:  Brokers and Lenders alike can, and do, … (3 comments)

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