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A leash less park in Huntington or Charleston? I'm a man that likes to Travel and when I travel I like to take all my friends. Besides the wife, I like to take my other best friends Robert "Nesta" Nida and "Beastie" Boy Nida (two of Huntington Dog Shelters finest).   These are my dogs!  The oldes...
In the days when I was in the market for a home, I always wondered why some Real Estate Ads never had a price or address. I must admit that this was very frustrating to me for I always wanted to just drive by first and check on the house before I committed to calling my agent at the time. I've no...
It is show and sell time!As buyers search to find their dream home, some may not be aware that we Realtors all share the same information if the house is listed in the MLS. What in the world is the MLS? The Multiple Listing Service is a wonderful tool that we Realtors use to share our homes we ha...
For Sale By Owner As the summer season winds down and buyers scurry to find that "dream home" , my need to acquire more listings picks up to help fulfill that need. In order to work my hardest for my buyers, I have several outlets to find that special home. FOR SALE BY OWNER! I have found that Fo...
Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile!Today's blog is going to be rather abstract, but yet reflective of my latest observation of being a Realtor, an epiphany perhaps. (Please note that this blog really has no absolute value except for a few laughs (which is priceless) or maybe for a Sociolo...
3 Random Tidbits to keep in mind when buying.....1) Don't believe the hype! Let it be known that what we hear on MSNBC, FOX NEWS or CNN in regards to the housing market ("It's a seller's market" or "It's a buyer's market") is never really applicable to the Charleston Real Estate and Huntington Re...
Small business, booming ideas...I am asked periodically as to why I chose a smaller company to do my business rather some nationally known company such as Discount Realty. This is a valid question, and is one any good Real Estate agent must ask themselves when starting out their new business.Many...
Some bloggers, of all professions, tend to drain their reader's with very useful information but also tend to take the "personal" side out of who the writer is. I feel that although it is very important to provide some kind of useful substance in ones blogs, it is also important to keep your read...
I'm not too sure if it's the X-generational,  always question frame of mind in me, or just the fact that some Realtors advertising seems disingenuous and  simply off the wall.   Listing to sold ratios followed by astrix and small print, cheesy poses, props and silly quotes reminds me of those old...
It seems my abililty to  read buyers has been enhanced since I took a step back and looked at them as people rather than as a "buyer". Granted, i'm sure some would say, "of course" but do some really do this. This process of screening can prove very effective when trying to read their needs and n...

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