normandy: Cosy country house near the Normandy Coast in France - 07/23/13 07:46 AM
Cosy country house near the Normandy Coast in France The department of the MANCHE in Normandy, France is one of the most precious areas of France, with a wide range of history and captivating nature. We are talking D-Day beaches, chateaux, rolling countrysides and fair weather.
And we just happen to have the right cosy country-house on our listings :

Perfectly formed stone house with slate roof, Bright and spacious, near Savigny le Vieux, Manche, Normandy. This small country-house, priced to sell, is just a dream come true. Set in it's own spacious garden, with the rolling Normandy countryside … (0 comments)

normandy: I Dream a Dream … Welcome to Normandy, France - 06/11/13 04:02 AM
I Dream a Dream … Welcome to Normandy, France Posted by Terres de France - Estate agents 
I Dream a Dream … Welcome to Normandy, France
Every once in a while we need to dream. Dream about a new life, a new beginning and all it’s possibilities. Dreams make us who we are, a dream gives us energy..
    Here is a dream for you, right there in Normandy, near Saint-Lô in the Manche department. The surprise is behind the trees – just sit down and enjoy. Let your dreams take you away.   Even if in the end this “coup de coeur” is … (2 comments)

normandy: Leaf Prints from Rusty Nails - creativity from Normandy, France. - 05/29/13 10:14 AM
Leaf Prints from Rusty Nails    

Leaf Prints from Rusty Nails – new creativity from Normandy, France.
These leaf prints are really detailed and fairly easy to do, but you do have to wait a week for the rusty nails to react with the vinegar.
I actually read about this in a childrens magazine in a waiting room with my son and it must have been three or four weeks between reading and trying.  So I was really pleased when it worked so well as it meant not only my French stood the test but … (4 comments)

normandy: Charcoal from Normandy-France. - 05/14/13 02:11 AM
A superb blogpost from my dedicated agent Mrs Helen Wells. Charcoal  Mont Saint Michel – Manche – Normandie – France.   I have finally found time to write about our charcoal experiments during the school holidays here in Normandy. This part of the blog is about our first experiment if you want the step by step instruction skip to the bottom.The kids and I had great fun with this and it kept us entertained for a whole day and even Daddy joined in after work!Where we live in Ponts I have two things that make this a very easy project, one … (4 comments)

normandy: Focus on Normandy : Houlgate on the Coast of Flowers on the Channel. - 04/26/13 09:51 AM
Focus on Normandy : Houlgate on the Coast of Flowers on the English Channel.

In the Calvados department of the Normandy region, near Cabourg, and close to Caen, here is the quaint seaside marketplace HOULGATE. A large stretching sand beach, going up into the Normandy hills (Bocages), a very own seaside architecture and a treasure of lively events all through the year. This is Houlgate for you.
A unique natural environment
Its long outstretched beach promisses lovely relaxing seaside moments. All around this seaside village you can enjoy beautiful vistas. And the renowned "Falaises des Vaches Noires" or … (0 comments)

normandy: Urgently looking for new estate agents to assist us in Normandy,France - 04/26/13 02:21 AM
MAYDAY !!!! Urgently looking for new estate agents to assist our team in Normandy, France…
NORMANDIE|Maisons Maisons -Terres de France |International estate agents are a nationwide network of estate agents with extensive support by the TdF organization. Our organization is creative, adaptive, always on the look for new opportunities and has an excellent team spirit.
Now a problem arises in Normandy.
We are receiving a lot of search enquiries and leads for areas in Normandy particularly in Orne – Domfront/Tinchebray/Flers and Calvados –but also Manche.
We are getting enquiries from potential selling clients who have heard of our positive and … (3 comments)

normandy: 10 things to do for free in Lower Manche, Normandy, France - 04/18/13 09:11 AM
10 things to do for free in Lower Manche, Normandy, France Well here in France it is school holiday time again next week, so I have started to think about activities with the kids and thought I would share them with you.
 1.       Carolles beach  

 There are of course lots of beaches along the Manche coastline but this is our favourite.  As well as miles of sand in one direction you have a nice rocky out crop in the other.  This has loads of rock pools ranging from tiny ones where you can spot a few sea anemones … (0 comments)

normandy: Homework when you are an estate agent in France - 04/11/13 10:27 AM
"Home"work when you are an estate agent in France. I proudly present a lovely blogpost from one of my Normandy agents (here I refer back to an earlier blogpost about Normandy or Normandie), Helen Wells, which she published on our agency's Blog . Helen Wells is both an experienced estate agent with Terres de France / Normandie|Maisons and a caring mother for her children and huby ...  ____________________________________________________
Homeworking has lots of advantages, especially when you have children.  It is great to be able to schedule work to fit around school hours and cuts down on travelling.  But it … (4 comments)

normandy: Hello from Normandy or Normandie and Hello from Brittany or Bretagne.. - 04/09/13 08:49 AM
Hello from Normandy or Normandie and Hello from Brittany or Bretagne.. I am confused now, help !!!
Being Dutch from origin and hence happy with my language skills (nothing snotty here :-) ) I find myself now in a terrible agonizing conflict of interests. The French language is beautiful - the language of Molière - sings through the phrases, and is one to preserve. France in its own right named its beautiful regions keeping history in tact.
So when I drive back home and see a sign "Bienvenue en Normandie" (Welcome in Normandie) it makes me proud. But … (3 comments)

normandy: Arc-en-Ciel : There must be gold in the air in the Andelle Valley - 03/18/13 12:00 PM
While enjoying a fantastic lazy sunday we were once again treated with a superb Arc-en-Ciel, a rainbow, over the Andelle Valley, where I live. So you will probably think "so what", but I live in the Andelle Valley, near Rouen in Normandie, France.
The Andelle Valley starts in the overflow of the Andelle river into the river Seine (the Seine-embrace we call it - if you look at the map, you will understand) and goes all the way up to Lyons-la-Forêt, the hunting village of King Richard the Lionheart (here's something to Google...).
Romilly sur Andelle, the village where I … (2 comments)

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