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Thanks John and Lenn - great, informative post on the harsh reality of the current market.  We may not like this, but it's important to understand these facts.* * * *     WARNING.. . .  HARD CORE REAL ESTATE TALK    * * * * Unemployment Experiencing A "Structural" Increase by John Mulkey points A...
As many people are aware, the USDA offers an outstanding loan product to help low to moderate income borrowers in in rural areas of Georgia to purchase homes.  The product is so good, that in the last 18 months, mortgage companies have flocked to this loan to help their clients.  Unfortunately, t...
Nice post on credit challenges.  Thanks Marco!Having a bad credit problem is something we've been hearing now more than ever before and it's a label that knowone wants to be given. Some people would argue that bad credit scores are caused because of too many people living beyond their means and l...
Another update on the status of USDA fundings.  Thanks for the post Paul!Good morning! I just received word from our Director of Operations that USDA will be funding loans for us for 90 days after a Conditional Loan Commitment is issued. As many of you have read, USDA is anticipating running out ...
Excellent article from Jeff on the possible demise of USDA financing.      USDA Loans – Rural Housing Loans     The Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program (USDA Loans) will likely be exhausted by the end of April, 2010. This is a message that was delivered from the National Office in Washi...
Very well done explanation of why reciprocal linking is a mistake.  Great stuff Anita!It's been understood for several years now that blatant reciprocal linking in an effort to manipulate search engine rankings is a big no-no and will get real estate websites penalized harshly. I only bring this ...
USDA Loans seem to be mystery, both to Georgia borrowers and other real estate professionals.  One area of confusion is around credit history.  While most lenders now require a 620 credit score for approval, the following are the basic credit guidelines from the US Department of Agriculture given...
Let me preface this BLOG post with the following: I'm not involved in short sales or loan modifications When an investor client sent this to me, I almost cancelled the video right after it started to move on and do something else.  I'm glad I listed to the whole thing.  If you are a homeowner inv...
I read this article today and almost flipped out.   It describes a 41-year old family practioner who is saddled with 555k of student loan debt!  As a mortgage professional, I've seen my share of lingering student loan with incredible payments.  I've never seen anything even close to this amount. ...
Any agents experienced anything like this? In essence, the 2nd lien holders are hitting up agents and even buyers for money to help decrease the costs of their releasing the seller from paying the 2nd lien on the subject property.  Besides RESPA violations, I'm sure there...

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