charlote homes for sale: Jonas Brothers coming to Charlotte - 03/21/09 04:45 PM
It's official, the Jonas Brothers have announced their tour dates for the next few monts as they embark on their three continent tour. They've chosen June 15 to stop in Charlotte, their only tour stop in North Carolina. The Jonas brothers have already seen fit to make a stop in Charlotte a few months ago, when they promoted their new movie by showing up at Regal Theaters at Stonecrest in South Charlotte, near Ballanytyne Real Estate.
The Jonas Brothers have become one of the biggest pop groups in the nation over the past couple of years. They come from the Disney … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Fit city Challenge in Charlotte NC - 03/14/09 04:46 PM
Charlotte and Mecklenburg county have come together to issue the Fit City Challenge in Charlotte NC.
Its basic mission is to try to make people walk 5 miles a week and eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. The idea is to get as many people moving and eating healthy so that the city's medical bills start going down instead of up.
I don't think that there are very many ways that you can slice it that this is a bad thing. Encouraging people to be fit is a great way to build community and to help people become healthy.The more … (3 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Mecklenburg Aquatic Center in Charlotte - 03/14/09 04:41 PM
The Mecklenburg Aquatic Center is the downtown pool for the county. There are some high schools with olympic sized swimming pools already in them in Charlotte, but this serves the high schools with no pool as well as holds tournaments for big events.
It is a great pool, cool enough that the men's olympic decided to do their training there as they ran up to the Beijing Olympics. The word on the street is that Michael Phelps and the rest of the relay team trained at this complex in uptown Charlotte.
The pool is massive and is home to many of … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: ImaginOn a center for Children in Charlotte - 03/14/09 04:37 PM
ImaginOn is a building in uptown Charlotte on 7th street that hosts shared events for young people. There were two competing service groups who came together to share this facility to teach children.
The public library and the childrens theater of Charlotte joined together to make this happen.
I've already posted about an event going on at the venue, but I wanted to write about what the space is all about. 
It is named after Joe and Joan Martin, two people who gave to their community. Joe was an author who published two books.
The building was finally completed in 2005 … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Dessert First fund raiser in Charlotte NC - 03/14/09 04:27 PM
There was a bit fundraiser recently at the Quail Hollow Country Club in Charlotte NC for Dessert First, a fundraiser for the V Foundation - a foundation that supports cancer research. The foundation is named for Jim Valvano, a coach at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. He took N C State to the championship and won if I'm not mistaken.
He was also struck down by cancer later.
Dick Vitale, the college basketball announcer always mentions it several times a broadcast. He supports the program by getting the name of the program out to the college basketball audience.
Dessert First, served … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: St. Patrick's Day parade postponed in Charlotte - 03/14/09 04:16 PM
The Saint Patrick's day parade that I said was going to happen this weekend in uptown Charlotte has been postponed. 
Bad weather has caused the parade to shift its date to next Saturday. I'm not sure that Saint Patrick would like that. Maybe he would have wanted everyone to tough it out with a parka on. 
The weather here over the weekend has been difficult to accept. After a week in the 80s, someone flipped a switch and turned Charlotte into a wintery, rainy place to be.
They actually cancelled it on Friday, because they feared bad weather. They were right. … (1 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Selection Sunday is tomorrow! - 03/14/09 04:05 PM
It's the big day tomorrow. Thousands of office pools will be circulated in Charlotte NC offices on Monday after the brackets are announced for the NCAA tournament tomorrow. 
The people who run college basketball are probably hard at work deciding who goes where based on a bunch of information that is supposed to tell us how good each team is.
Most of the teams are probably already set in their place. But there are still some teams that are on the bubble whose performance in their conference tournaments will affect how they are placed.
Teams are admitted to the NCAA tournament … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Photos for your myspace - 03/14/09 03:54 PM
The charlotte public library is holding an event for people to come get their myspace photos done. There's nothing worse than having your high school yearbook photo as your myspace photo. 
I'm sure they'll have someone come up with something that is more intersesting than just a well lit shot. 
The event is at Imaginon: The Joe and Jean Martin Center, which is downtown and frequently has events for kids. 
It is one of the events I found on the city's website. It may seem like a lost cause to look on the city's websites for cool things to do, but … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: ACC tournament in full swing - 03/14/09 03:35 PM
The Atlantic Coast Conference, one of the best college basketball conferences, is close, along with just about every other basketball conference, to finishing the end of its post season tournament. In many cases around the country, the outcome of the tournament will affect how the teams are seeded for the NCAA tournament, the big end of season tournament that people like to call March Madness. 
The ACC tournament is a big deal in North Carolina because there are four universities from NC in the tournament. Many of those graduates find their way back to Charlotte NC. 
This year finds Duke and … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: St. Patricks Day Parade set for next week - 03/07/09 03:49 PM
Everyone better figure out what shade of green they are going to be wearing next week. The Charlotte North Carolina St. Patrick's day parade will be held on March 14. It starts at 10 am, which is a really early start, if you ask me. The parade will be full of bands and drill teams and other cool people.  It will also feature the superintendant of schools as the Grand Marshall, which is kind of a downer.  When I think of St. Patrick, I really don't want to be thinking about education. But I'm sure he's swell guy and will marshall … (6 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Anoop Desai is North Carolina's latest hometown hero - 03/07/09 03:45 PM
Anoop Desai is a popular contestant on American Idol, at least around North Carolina. He is from Chapel Hill, which is a sacred place in many Charlotttean's hearts to begin with. He is the second big star to come out of American Idol. Clay Aiken was also from North Carolina, if any of you remember. He was a big deal.
Even though Clay lost, he went on to become a top selling artist and is still tabloid fodder today. I'm no expert, but I think at the point Anoop is right now, he will have some type of ongoing recording contract … (1 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Rowan Cabarrus Community College makes a new home - 03/07/09 03:41 PM
The Rowan Cabarrus Community College will make a new home in Kannapolis, which is north of Charlotte NC Real Estate. Rowan and Cabarrus Counties are both north of Charlotte, but they are home to many people who commute to the city. It is only about an hour to Salisbury, which is the county seat of Rowan County. 
Many people have settled into Salisbury Real estate in order to commute to Charlotte, especially if they work downtown because of the ease of access to freeways. However, those are a rare breed, without traffic, it is about an hour and fifteen minute commute … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Charlotte Bobcats look for a seventh straight win - 03/07/09 03:38 PM
You may not know it, but I think the Charlotte Bobcats are on a path to the playoffs. They have won their sixth straight game, according to the Charlotte Observer.
The Bobcats beat the Knicks for their sixth straight win.
Some say that the franchise was named for their founder Bob Johnson, who also owns the BET Television network.  Or they could be named for the mountain lion. Who knows. 
The stadium they play in is relatively new and sits right in the heart of downtown. I think some dining establishments have sprung up around the stadium, although I can't name … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Carbon Motors looking at Charlotte for new plant - 03/07/09 03:33 PM
A new car company that makes futuristic police cars is looking at Charlotte NC for their new home, the Business Journal says. The idea is to take some of the people in the Charlotte area who have been idled by the downturn in the motor sports industry around Charlotte Motor Speedway and put their skills use building the police cars of the future.
Carbon Motors is a homeland security company, they say, whose goal is to build, service and recycle the world's first purpose built police car. The law enforcement equipment will be fully integrated into the car instead of bolted … (2 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Wachovia championship has a new logo - 03/07/09 03:29 PM
The golf tournament formerly known as the Wachovia Championship has gotten a new face. Wachovia started the tournament at Quail Hollow Country Club in South Charlotte in 2003. After Wells Fargo bought Wachovia, the fate of the PGA Tour event was up in the air. But Wells announced a while ago, and I blogged about it, that the show would go on, but the tournament would be given a new name. 
But, now, it's sure, the show will go on. It is a full fledged tour event that is covered on television and everything. Sometimes a lot of big names show … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Krispy Kreme doughnuts - a southern thing - 03/07/09 03:20 PM
Perhaps you may have tasted some Krispy Kreme doughnuts in your time. But before the doughnuts went public and spread all over the country, they were local favorites here in Charlotte NC Real Estate. They aren't good for you. I really can't lie about that. They aren't healthy. But they are tasty and they were a southern secret. Consider  yourselves lucky that you were brought in on it.
Krispy Kreme went public in the 90s, I think and the world started to taste the best doughnuts ever made.
Really, Dunkin Doughnuts can't even come close to the delicious Krispy Kreme Doughnut.

charlote homes for sale: New building downtown completed - 03/07/09 03:18 PM
A new building downtown has been completed and just had a topping out ceremony, according to the Business Journal. The ceremony is one of the first ceremonies that happens after a construction is completed. The building is 15 stories and will house almost 400,000 square feet of office space in uptown Charlotte Real estate.
The building is located at 440 South Church Street in uptown Charlotte. 
According to the Charlotte Business Journal, the building will be applying to become a green building from an organization that certifies these things. 
This is actually the building I just blogged about a few weeks … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: New school bought land in Charlotte NC - 03/07/09 03:13 PM
Primrose School has bought a bunch of land in South West Charlotte, according to the Business Journal. It bought it from a developer who has started a mixed use project in the area. It highlights some of the great growth that has happened in Southwest Charlotte NC Real Estate over the past few years. 
Primrose schools are an accredited early childhood development preschools. They already have a school near Park Crossing, which is very close to Quail Hollow Country Club. Quail Hollow will be the scene of the golf tournament that I just finished posting about.
Primrose says they are more … (0 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Duke power moves into Wachovia's building - 03/07/09 03:10 PM
Duke energy has decided that it wants to be a tennant in Wachovia's building. This is great news for Charlotte NC Real Estate. Not only will a building be full downtown, but Duke Energy, a major employer in town will now have more of a presence downtown. Wachovia was building a new building, but after it was bought by Wells Fargo, it was up in the air as to whether it would occupy it.
This is definitely a great thing for Charlotte. Because if the building had sat empty, it would have affected corporate real esate, which would have been a … (1 comments)

charlote homes for sale: Season 8 of the Biggest Loser casting to Charlotte - 02/28/09 03:55 PM
The hit netowrk show is looking for contestants in Charlotte North Carolina this week. Five hundred people showed up to see if they had what it takes to be on the show.  It happened on Saturday, and everyone had to wait out in the rain to see if they would make it to the next round. 
As Charlotte NC grows into a larger city, there are more casting calls like this for big shows. I'm sure Americal Idol has been out here recently or will be soon if it hasn't been. I don't really keep an eye out for stuff like … (5 comments)

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