home stager: Chicago Home Staging firm honored for their service to get homes sold fast - 10/11/08 07:37 AM
All in One Staging & Redesign inc is being honored at a local Real Estate function for their amazing ability to get homes sold 50%-80% faster then average homes sitting on the market that have not had the help from a Home Stager or Home Staging consultant firm.
All in One Staging & Redesign inc is a Home Staging consultant firm that shows the home sellers inexpensive ways to make their home more desirable to the home buyer by making sure it has that personal connection and WOW factor that home buyers are looking for in this crowded market.
We can show … (7 comments)

home stager: Chicagoland's Leading Home Staging Firm. - 09/09/08 08:17 AM
We here at All in one Staging & Redesign inc, have worked hard these last 5 years to become the leaders in Home Staging cosultations. No matter if you live in Chicago or the North West suburbs of Bartlett IL All in one Staging & Redesign inc can help you.
We pride ourselves on the fact that we strive to make you the most money when selling your home, but also have some of the most talented Designers and Redesign experts that we mentor and work with every day to help you make over your home or even just a room in … (0 comments)

home stager: Home Staging Consultants are in high demand - 08/20/08 06:19 AM
As Many people realize now with overwhelming evidence that Staging your Home will help sell it faster, But some folks just can't afford to hire a Home Stager to do the work.
Well with this being an issue many Home Staging Companies have started focusing on how to help these Home Sellers and have done a fabulous job hiring or converting to Home Staging Consultants.
Home Staging Consultants such as All In One Staging Inc, can help you with a DIY consultation~ this is a way to show YOU how to Address each room in your home.  Showing you cost saving ways to … (4 comments)

home stager: Michael Phelps Olympic Gold Metal Swimmer & Home Staging, What's the connection? - 08/14/08 04:12 AM
For the last week the World has been focused on the US men's Olympic swimming icon Michael Phelps and his stunning ability to win all the gold metals and break all past recorders in the races he has swam in so far.
He has the chance to win 7 Gold metals in the 2008 Olympics alone, and he has already became the all time individual Gold metal winner with 2 more events still to come.
Well when I was watching the news this morning an interesting point came up and I thought about home Staging for some reason...
The point was that … (6 comments)

home stager: Low Cost or No Cost Staging, All In One Staging & Redesign inc. Can show you how. - 08/13/08 09:16 AM
Now that more people know about Stagers and Staging Homes, you have no excuse not to help sell your home by Staging it with a little help from All in one Staging & Redesign.
OK, so you decide that this is the time to sell your most expensive possession, your home...Now what?
We all know were in a Sub Prime Market, or Buyers Market now but want to get the most money for our home in spite of the low sales numbers we are all seeing.
Well the First thing you should do is invest in a Home Staging Consultation from a reputable consultation firm … (0 comments)

home stager: Do It Yourself Home Staging.... It is possible and you will SAVE MONEY! - 07/21/08 07:13 AM
My name is Brian Bloom, I am a Home Staging consultant for All in one Staging inc. a Staging and redesign firm located in Chicago IL.
I just wanted to write a quick post here letting the home owners looking for a Staging company to help them sell their home faster and for more money that YOU can Stage your own home with just a few helpful tips from a professional Staging firm!
Let me explain:
Home Staging is not brain surgery, however it is a skill most folks don't posses but it is a Very, Very Important part of selling homes … (5 comments)

home stager: All In One Staging & Redesign Kitchen Makeover - 01/17/08 10:20 AM
All In One Staging & Redesign Kitchen makeover  
Here is an example of adding some color to make room elements POP. Before the cabinets blended into the background, Now just by adding some color, this kitchen was the focal point of the home.Here you see Sandra MonteMayor our expert Stager of All In One Staging & Redesign lending a hand painting after a client called us for help. This house has been on the market for almost a year. Kim the owner of the home found us on the Internet to help her sell the home. Sandra showed up … (15 comments)

home stager: Real Estate Taxes to increase in Chicago to pay for CTA, Your Thoughts? - 01/11/08 01:50 AM

I for one am sick and tired of politician's making false promises. When will it ever STOP?
I woke up this morning to hear that our wonderful governor of Illinois has once again Broke a Tax increase promise and wants more money from an already struggling Real Estate Market!
It seems that now he is raising the Real Estate Taxes to cover the Chicago pubic transportation mess. How can this be?
I don't understand how the richest county on the globe can spend trillions over sea's and not here? I wish one day I the Tax payer will have a say to where my hard earned … (0 comments)

home stager: Sales, Sales And More Sales.... - 12/29/07 09:00 AM

Well I have to say I think Im done for the year. You Stagers Know what Im talking about Im sure. Im talking about all the SALES.....
I think my partner and I have visited every store in the Chicago land area, and bought at least one item from each. We both have big SUV's and for the past 3 days they have been stuffed full with area rugs, picture frames, throw pillow to love seats.
But when you see up to 80% off, some how I think we will be doing a bit more shopping.
So how did you do? I would … (7 comments)

home stager: Home is where you hang your hat... - 12/11/07 12:40 PM

Today I was on a Walk Through Staging Consultation with my Staging expert Sandra MonteMayor who is a Latina women and often is called out to translate for Realtors we at All In One Staging & Redesign do work for that don't speak Spanish.
As we were talking to this mexican family about how they needed to do a lot of decluttering as well as tone down the red and green walls they had thought out the house I heard the woman say, this will just not feel like our home anymore.
Sandra our Stager in a very caring voice said to the woman, I understand … (4 comments)

home stager: Persistence Pays off, Top Realtors understand the importance of Home Staging. - 11/11/07 05:12 AM
Last night I opened one of our All In One Staging emails after refinishing some Drexler Heritage furniture we bought from a little old town furniture store. Well to my surprise I see a email from a Top Real Estate Company in the Midwest, well Nationally actually, we had been trying to work with for months.
We had been trying every thing to get a chance to work with them, like leaving our portfolio with Donuts with them,  Making individual jelly bean packages connected to our flyer's, to emailing them quite often with pictures of houses that we had Staged for another Top Real Estate Agent All In One Staging & Redesign works … (11 comments)

home stager: Home Staging in the Midwest is Starting to catch on - 11/10/07 08:05 AM
we at All In One Staging & Redesign have been quite busy since we opened our doors. Real Estate, Realtors & Mortgage company's have seen what Staging a Home can do. Not only have the Realtors been selling homes faster and for more money but People now look for Real Estate company's who offer Home Staging in their packages.
Bartlett IL where All In One Staging is located we been receiving calls everyday from desperate home seller that have received no offers on homes for months, we can help sell your house faster and for more money! We have Top Realtors that use us to … (1 comments)

home stager: Stagers Have Hearts, We Give ours To The Church For FREE,Along With Consultations - 10/25/07 09:11 AM
One thing we do at All In One Staging & Redesign is Help the less fortunate, We go to Church a lot, Sometimes we visit Church's other then the one we belong to.  When We Find out that someone is in trouble we offer our services Asking nothing in return.
We work with a lot of minority family's since Sandra is a Latina women, She feels the pain for those who fell into that trap of no down payment and a adjustable rate and now can't afford the mortgage any more.  So we go to them and ask if we can help … (4 comments)

I read a post on here about the best $7 dollars someone spent on advertisement, Well I took her advice and stepped it up notch and It truly works, What I did was took a nice collard shirt to our local high schools stitchery where they get there letters stitched on their jackets and had him stitch All In One Staging(our company's name) on the front of the shirt opposite side of the pocket about the same height as the top of the pocket.
Well we went out to open houses and garage sales looking for props and I am not kidding when … (13 comments)


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