marketing: Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008... - 07/30/08 11:00 AM
Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008...
Gotta love Uncle Sam.  In an effort to kick-start the housing market, a key provision of the Housing and Economic Recory ACT of 2008 provides a TAX CREDIT to 1st time Home Buyers - Up to $7500! 
For those of us who are income-tax code challenged (99.78% of the US population) - A tax credit is defined by our friends at Wiki as "recognition of partial payment already made towards taxes due".  In other words, The government will allow 1st-time home buyers to keep up to $7500 of income tax they undoubtedly would have … (0 comments)

marketing: Your Business Tree of Life - 07/20/08 09:05 AM

Ahh, had I only known 10 years ago what I learned 5 years ago.  Incredible growth can come from what appears to be total failure.  I've been a firm believer that the only thing we can control is action, not outcomes.  The following illustration exemplifies this theory.  In 2003 I ran a marketing campaign in a select condominium complex in Brookfield, WI designed to help condo buyers steer their adjustable rate mortgages into a fixed rate loan.  I spent all of $53 printing and delivering a very simple flyer and closed a whopping 1 transaction as a result of my … (0 comments)

marketing: FEAR THIS! - 07/18/08 01:02 PM
According to Seth Godin in his outstanding read, Meatball Sundae, "Human beings hate to make comittments, because commitments represent risk, and risk is frightening."  I'm convinced this is a truth we need to embrace daily in our efforts to sell more homes and close more loans. We're not in the business of selling.  We're in the business of fear mitigation.  The reason I was not as successful in my early years was my inability to convey comfort to my potential customers.  I didn't understand their fears - I was far too concerned with MY fears of bein rejected.  Not a good … (1 comments)


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