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I thought I would share a great website many of us can use in 2008. As I focus my Real Estate business on Gen Y clientele; technology is more and more important. Check out... site is great to help build your Real Estate business with a tech focus. Technology for ...
 Were the first 3 credit destroying tips not enough?  Maybe the holiday shopping went way past the ninth inning.  If you still feel the need to chip away and make your credit score look more like your golf handicap here are the final four credit meltdowns."Isn't it a wonderful time for Christmas....
The term "Mortgage Insurance" use to be a menacing word. The stigma of mortgage insurance was non-tax deductible, a waste of money and money that could be spent improving a first time homebuyer's home.  Now MI is viewed as a vehicle for many first time home buyers to be able to purchase their fir...
Earlier this month I outlined city financing and down payment assistance programs offered for Pleasanton First Time Homebuyers, Dublin First Time Homebuyers and Livermore's First Time Homebuyers. Today I would like to deliver on a silver platter a program that can be used in conjunction with some...
Little over six month ago a parcel tax on Pleasanton homes was presented in an economic development meeting at the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce. Today it's going public. The Pleasanton school board has requested an independent consultant to conduct a survey of Pleasanton homes residents. The su...
   "Project 7TEN at first impression on 7TEN website says everything that can't communicate through words. This is truly a unique home that makes a statement of the individual who will call it home".What can you find on EBAY that comes with a $2.85 million dollar price tag?To discover this luxury...
Said to be an 833 billion dollar industry in 2006 and is planned to be the next big job boom since the dot com era, Clean-tech industries is coming to the East Bay to what's named the "Green Corridor".  Future job numbers are estimated to reach 40 million jobs and a 4.5 Trillion dollar industry b...
The Federal Reserve Tuesday announced that they would act in the form of a Quarter Point Rate Cut for the last action of 2007.  Investors on Wall Street had anticipated a full half point cut and showed their disappointment by punishing stocks and driving the 10yr bond yield higher (meaning actual...
Homeowners who choose to install Solar Panels get help from the City of San Francisco in new subsidy program that was proposed on Tuesday. Some experts say the effort is groundbreaking and, if implemented, could be the nation's biggest such program. The proposed subsidy would be $3,000 and $5,000...
With the FED poised to cut the "Fed funds rate" today by a quarter to a half point what does that mean for your interest rate?  Historically as a Mortgage Broker my phone will start ringing around 2:30pm after the 2:00pm announcement with clients asking to refinance their current mortgage stating...

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