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Tuesday I have my first arbitration as a Broker. One of my agents had a fully executed contract. We were representing the buyer. The only stipulation was that the seller wanted to have one day after the closing to move out. I thought this would be a liability issue and discouraged the buyer to do...
We have been concentrating on short sales for the past year and have finally made it. Many of our files are getting approved and we are going to closing. It took a while and we had to have a lot of patience. But finally we have jumped over the hump. I think the biggest step was creating a good lo...
I am very excited to announce that one of my agents priced a home right today in South Tampa. He held an open house and instantly had 3 offers. The price was actually bid above the list price. this was not a short sale or bank foreclousre! This just goes to show the importance of pricing a home t...
We opened our Mortgage/Real Estate Company a little over 1 and a half ago. The success we are seeing is incredible. If you are a real go getter and are considering getting in today's tough market, let me know. We are looking for top professionals to run their own branch of a turn key model. A suc...
How to Get The Customer  by Brian McBride    Time:  Timing is by far the most important factor in obtaining a client.  Being the first to contact or the quickest to respond is hands down the most important element in sales.  Being the first to build that relationship is key to having an advantage...
This week a commercial buyer found my profile on Loopnet. He decided to work with me because he saw what I specialized in. I was skeptical at first. I didn't even remember paying for a profile. When I did some more digging I found out I was only one of five Brokers to pay for my upgraded profile....
I own my own real estate company and mortgage company. Our mortgage company has been recieving tremendous leads throughout Florida. We refer out all of the leades that aren't in the Tampa Bay area. So if you are agressively looking for buyer leads...let me know! We can build a great network toget...
I am looking to expand my operation throughout Florida. We are doing extermely well. Our business model is a huge success!!! If you are a go getter and want to have huge income potential...please contact me. McBride Kelly & Associates will be one of the largest Real Estate Firms in the country. G...
Is it just me or are most people that enter Real Estate just lazy! I have been looking ofr qualified agents for over two years now and it seems like nobody wants to work hard. When they do close a transaction you won't see them until money runs low. I can't understand how anyone can be satisfied ...
I own a Real Estate Company and mortgage company in Tampa. Through my marketing I have been getting leads throughout the State. I am looking for realtors to work with that I can send these leads to. No strings attached other than a referral fee of course. Let me know where you work and lets make ...

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