horse farm: In Search Of A Horse Farm Property - 09/11/17 08:23 AM
In Search Of A Horse Farm Property 
Horse owners are concerned about their horses well-being.  Therefore, when searching for a horse farm property, there are many things to keep in mind.  What are some of the points to consider when shopping for a horse property?
1.  First, it is a good idea to check with a local lender that deals with these types of properties to get an idea what you are able to afford before beginning your search.  Make note that not all lenders finance horse farm properties.
2.  Next, make … (4 comments)

horse farm: Preparing Your Horse Farm For Winter - 11/03/16 12:14 AM
Preparing Your Horse Farm for Winter 
Winter is not too far away.  Some of us have already gotten a taste of the chilly weather.  Now is a great time to make preparations on your horse farm to make winter more manageable and less of a headache.  
Begin the preparations with your horses, by reviewing the health of your horses.  It is important to have proper dental care, a vaccination program as well as a parasite program in place.  Consult your veterinarian about the management program, and if your horse requires attention in any or all of these areas.  Have this taken care … (2 comments)

horse farm: Keeping Dust To A Minimum on Horse Properties and Farms - 10/18/16 12:59 AM
Keeping Dust To A Minimum On Horse Properties and Farms 
This year has been a very dry year for Eastern Pennsylvania.  With a lack of rain, comes dust on farms and horse properties.  Some may think that dust is common when it comes to horses and we just have to learn to put up with it.
Not so.  Dust can be hazardous to both human and animal health.  Believe it or not, dust is actually more susceptible to the the damage it can cause … (6 comments)

horse farm: Winter Is Coming - Is Your Horse Farm Ready For It? - 10/16/16 11:26 PM
Winter Is Coming - Is Your Horse Farm Ready For It? 
Here it is the middle of October and many of us are enjoying the nice temperatures, weather and colors of autumn.  These are the best days to ride your horse or even go for a relaxing trail ride.  Don't get carried away with it.  Before you know it, the cold winds and temperatures of winter, as well as the frozen precipitation, will be here.  Now is the time to get ready for it.
A good place to start would be the water sources.  Begin by frost-proofing the hydrants and spigots.  Wrap heat … (2 comments)

horse farm: Tips on Selecting Horse-Friendly Property and Facility - 09/12/16 11:43 PM
Tips On Selecting Horse-Friendly Property and Facility 
Many horse owners have their own idea of their dream horse farm.  Some prefer having a few acres with a barn and fenced in pastures to keep a couple horses in their backyard.  Others would rather have large acreage to have a horse facility complete with indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as growing their own hay on the property.  Each person has their own version of the ideal horse property.
When shopping for horse property in Eastern Pennsylvania, there … (2 comments)

horse farm: Why Be Pre-Approved Before Searching For PA Horse Property? - 09/05/16 10:28 PM
Why Be Pre-Approved For A Mortgage Before Searching for Pennsylvania Horse Property? 
You have put aside some savings from each pay period for several years in order to have a down payment to buy your first horse property in Eastern Pennsylvania.  You are now anxious to get started with your search so that you can have your horses home with you.  It will be wonderful to walk out your door and visit with them at anytime.
But, wait!  Before you start, there is an important step to take.
No, it is not to find a real estate professional to help you.  That is the … (4 comments)

horse farm: Naturally Controlling Insects On Your Horse Farm - 06/13/16 11:15 PM
Naturally Controlling Insects On Your Horse Farm 
Spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner.  With the nicer, warmer weather come various insects such as horse flies, mosquitos, gnats (or no-see-ums), house flies, and many, many more.  It seems as though the insects are attracted to farms, horses and livestock, creating a nuisance to all living creatures.  
There are ways that the insects can be controlled.  Many chemicals can be found for insect control, but with animals around, it is best to stay away from these.  Plus, it is better for the environment if the chemicals are not used.  
So … (2 comments)

horse farm: Tips On Horse Owners Being Good Neighbors - 05/10/16 04:37 AM
Tips On Horse Owners Being Good Neighbors 
When I bought my horse farm thirty years ago in Eastern Pennsylvania, the area was mostly open fields and farms with a small town nearby.  Since then, the small town has grown greatly and the area has gone through major development.  Many businesses have moved into the area as have families from neighboring states.  
Most have moved from the big city to the country.  Since they are not used to the sights, smells and sounds … (4 comments)

horse farm: I Want the Septic Installed In the Yard, Not In the Pasture - 03/27/16 11:55 PM
I Want the Septic Installed In the Yard, Not In the Pasture 
I have a listing of a 10 acre horse property in Eastern Pennsylvania,  On the property is an older brick home in good shape, except for the fact that it needs updating.  It also has a matted four stall barn, lots of pasture area and an in-ground swimming pool.  
The property went under agreement and the Buyer had a home inspection done which included having the septic inspected.  The septic inspection failed.  The result is to install a new septic system, but first, a perc test is required to find the … (6 comments)

horse farm: Steps To Take To Search For a Horse Farm in Eastern Pennsylvania - 02/26/16 02:48 AM
Steps To Take To Search For a Horse Farm in Eastern Pennsylvania 
Over the years, I have helped various horse people.  Some were professionals, some amateurs, some starting out and learning about horses or returning to horse ownership, while others were either parents or related to children that were purely horse crazy.
When searching for a horse farm or property in Pennsylvania for your horses, there are steps that should be taken.  
To start with, decide as to the type of farm or property would be right for you and your horse's needs, making sure there will be ample room for your specific requirements.  Some of them … (0 comments)

horse farm: Learn to Manage Parasite Resistance On Your Eastern PA Horse Farm - 02/14/16 10:19 PM
Learn to Manage Parasite Resistance On Your Eastern Pennsylvania Horse Farm 
Many have lately heard about parasites becoming more and more resistant to dewormers.  It is at the point where very few dewormers are effective anymore.
Penn State Extension will be hosting a short course at three different Eastern Pennsylvania locations teaching about managing parasite resistance on your farm.  All courses will be held from 9:00AM -3:30PM at the dates and locations as follows:
March 8, 2016
Best Western Conference Center
300 Gateway Drive in … (2 comments)

horse farm: Building a Horse Property From Scratch - 07/31/15 12:32 AM
Building A Horse Property From Scratch 
Some of our clients search for a property so that they may be able to build their own dream horse facility.  Building one from scratch is not that simple, though.  A lot of time, planning, work and research is involved.  So how does someone go about it?
First of all, make a plan.  This will include designing the property and the buildings.  The best way to do this would be to hire an architect that … (13 comments)

horse farm: Simple Ways to Increase Your Horse Farm's Value - 01/23/14 02:14 AM
Simple Ways to Increase Your Horse Farm's Value  

We all know that doing certain things to your house will increase the value of your house, such as updating the bathroom and kitchen, improving and maintaining the landscaping and increasing the lighting in the house with brighter lighting and neutral or light colored walls.
What if you have a horse farm?  What do you do to it to increase it's value?  
Begin by house barn cleaning.  Dust every part of the barn, including the walls and stalls and get right into those corners.  Get rid … (6 comments)

horse farm: 8 Acre Horse Farm For Sale in Saylorsburg, PA - 12/10/13 03:51 AM
8 Acre Horse Farm For Sale in Saylorsburg, PA  

This secluded 8 acre horse farm has a 3 bedroom, 3 bath farmhouse with a front porch and attached 2 car garage, a 52'x32' 6 stall barn with wash stall, feed room, tack room, hot & cold water and a loft to store hay.  

This level property has a fenced in pasture with a run-in shed and a fenced-in regulation sized dressage arena with black sand footing.

The home includes a sun porch, all hardwood floors, coal stove to keep the house toasty … (14 comments)

horse farm: Fun On A Horse Farm in Walnutport, PA - 10/29/13 03:48 AM
Fun On A Horse Farm in Walnutport, PA  

Timberland Acres Farm in Walnutport, PA will be holding a fun event on November 4th, 2013 from 1:00PM until 4:00PM.  
This will be a hands-on experience for young horse lovers as well as the whole family.  There will be demonstrations, first aid, games and prizes.
Timberland Acres Farm is a 44 acre private family owned farm.  It consists of an indoor and outdoor areas with light trail riding.  The farm offers horse boarding, lessons (both English and Western), clinics, shows and much, much more.  

horse farm: Is Your Horse Property Properly Insured? - 02/27/13 11:03 PM
Is your horse property or farm property properly insured?  

Have you recently looked over your home and property insurance policy to see if the insurance covers your normal items?
Many home and property insurance policies may not cover certain items.  For instance, are your barns and outbuildings covered in case of fire or storm damage?  What about your horses?  Do they cover you if your horse should happen to hurt someone, or, your horse causes damage to, let's say, someone's car while on your property?
These are some of the things that can happen on your property … (2 comments)

horse farm: Farm Manure Management Workshop Offered By Penn State Extension - 05/11/12 12:02 AM
Did you know that ALL farms in Pennsylvania that generate or use manure MUST have a manure or nutrient plan for their farm?  That's right!
Any farm that has a concentrated animal operation is required to have a certified planner prepare a nutirent management plan for their farm.  A farm with over 8 animals weighing 1,000 pounds or more that exceeds 2 animals per acre, is considered a concentrated animal operation.
Small farms with horses and livestock, that do not have a concentrated animal operation, are required to have a manure management plan for their farm.  Farm owners can prepare … (2 comments)

horse farm: Rescue Of Horses From Devastated Horse Farm - 03/04/12 09:25 PM
This past week, tornadoes ripped through parts of the country causing major destruction and devastation, including lost lives.  Animals and horses were also a part of it. 
This news clip shows the devastation of a certain horse farm and the rescue of the surviving horses. 
I feel for the victims.  Several years ago, my farm suffered damage from a tornado.  Fortunately, my horses were outdoors in a run in shed and were able to escape a direct hit.  They came through with minor scrapes and bruises.  After this incident, the horses were afraid … (2 comments)

horse farm: Working Horse Farm For Sale in Lehigh Valley With Apartment - 01/06/12 12:34 AM
Love to work with horses and people?  Have you considered starting a horse business for yourself? 
Here's your opportunity!
A 20 acre horse facility is for sale in the Lehigh Valley, complete with an apartment for a trainer or caretaker for the horses and property.
The partially wooded property consists of a ranch home, a 19 stall horse barn with a wash stall, running water and electric, an attached apartment, pastures, a round pen, a hot walker and a riding arena with all weather footing.
The 3 bedroom ranch home is … (8 comments)

horse farm: 20 Acre Working Horse Farm For Sale - 12/14/11 07:49 AM

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