horse property: Qualifying A Horse Property Farm Agent to Represent You - 08/08/18 07:08 AM
Qualifying A Horse Property Farm Agent to Represent You  
Lately I have seen posts on Social Media of consumers asking for referrals for qualified horse property REALTORS.  Of course, there were many recommendations.  One thing I noticed though, were that not all the recommendations were for horse property or farm experts.  The majority may be great at what they do, but they may not necessarily know anything about farms and horse properties.
When searching for a real estate professional, I strongly suggest interviewing several agents before making a final decision.  After all, this is not something just anyone can do.  The professional should … (0 comments)

horse property: Evicting the Current Residents From the Property Challenge - 02/08/18 06:26 AM
Evicting The Current Residents From the Property Challenge 
Now that the fence posts were in the ground,  we had to tackle the next big challenge . . . . and this was certainly a big one. 
Since the property only housed a few horses before we bought it, the groundhogs had moved in.  In case you didn't know, groundhogs live underground and make three entrances to their home.  These entrances are basically holes in the ground.  Holes in the ground and horses are not a good mix.  If a horse should step into a hole, it could break its leg.  When a horse … (6 comments)

horse property: Getting the Property Ready for My Horses to Come Home - 02/06/18 06:48 AM
Getting the Property Ready for My Horses to Come Home 
Now that we had found our horse property in Eastern Pennsylvania, the real work was about to begin.  It was time to prepare the acreage so that I would be able to bring my horse home.  Local zoning stated that in order for the property to be grandfathered in for horses, I had six months to get my horses  onto the property.  This did not give us much time considering how much had to be done.  The previous owner's horses were removed from the property just before settlement.  Time was ticking away … (12 comments)

horse property: In Search Of A Horse Farm Property - 09/11/17 08:23 AM
In Search Of A Horse Farm Property 
Horse owners are concerned about their horses well-being.  Therefore, when searching for a horse farm property, there are many things to keep in mind.  What are some of the points to consider when shopping for a horse property?
1.  First, it is a good idea to check with a local lender that deals with these types of properties to get an idea what you are able to afford before beginning your search.  Make note that not all lenders finance horse farm properties.
2.  Next, make … (4 comments)

horse property: Getting Started With Your Eastern Pennsylvania Horse Property Search - 04/24/17 12:07 PM
Getting Started With Your Eastern Pennsylvania Horse Property Search 
The goal of Sellers and real estate agents of horse property (actually any property) is to get it sold for the highest and best price.  The Buyer's job is to be clear about your needs and your ability to correct deficiencies.
The best way to begin is to sit down with all parties that will be involved in the purchase of the farm and make a list of what exactly you require on the property of must haves.  For example, some may prefer the property to be in move in condition, meaning that the house, barn … (2 comments)

horse property: SOLD!! - Horse Property at 6582 Central Road in New Tripoli, PA - 03/15/17 11:27 AM
SOLD!! -  Horse Property at 6582 Central Road in New Tripoli, PA 

The 9.932 acre horse property at 6582 Central Road in Heidelberg Township in Lehigh County, PA sold on March 1st, 2017, after being under agreement for several months.  For a while it didn't look like we were going to close, but it did.  
It was time for the Sellers to move on to a new chapter in their lives.  The Buyers were also moving forward opening a new chapter of their lives by owning horses and a horse property, which was their life's dream.  
After overcoming some difficult challenges during the … (0 comments)

horse property: Keeping Dust To A Minimum on Horse Properties and Farms - 10/18/16 12:59 AM
Keeping Dust To A Minimum On Horse Properties and Farms 
This year has been a very dry year for Eastern Pennsylvania.  With a lack of rain, comes dust on farms and horse properties.  Some may think that dust is common when it comes to horses and we just have to learn to put up with it.
Not so.  Dust can be hazardous to both human and animal health.  Believe it or not, dust is actually more susceptible to the the damage it can cause … (6 comments)

horse property: Winter Is Coming - Is Your Horse Farm Ready For It? - 10/16/16 11:26 PM
Winter Is Coming - Is Your Horse Farm Ready For It? 
Here it is the middle of October and many of us are enjoying the nice temperatures, weather and colors of autumn.  These are the best days to ride your horse or even go for a relaxing trail ride.  Don't get carried away with it.  Before you know it, the cold winds and temperatures of winter, as well as the frozen precipitation, will be here.  Now is the time to get ready for it.
A good place to start would be the water sources.  Begin by frost-proofing the hydrants and spigots.  Wrap heat … (2 comments)

horse property: Tips on Selecting Horse-Friendly Property and Facility - 09/12/16 11:43 PM
Tips On Selecting Horse-Friendly Property and Facility 
Many horse owners have their own idea of their dream horse farm.  Some prefer having a few acres with a barn and fenced in pastures to keep a couple horses in their backyard.  Others would rather have large acreage to have a horse facility complete with indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as growing their own hay on the property.  Each person has their own version of the ideal horse property.
When shopping for horse property in Eastern Pennsylvania, there … (2 comments)

horse property: Why Be Pre-Approved Before Searching For PA Horse Property? - 09/05/16 10:28 PM
Why Be Pre-Approved For A Mortgage Before Searching for Pennsylvania Horse Property? 
You have put aside some savings from each pay period for several years in order to have a down payment to buy your first horse property in Eastern Pennsylvania.  You are now anxious to get started with your search so that you can have your horses home with you.  It will be wonderful to walk out your door and visit with them at anytime.
But, wait!  Before you start, there is an important step to take.
No, it is not to find a real estate professional to help you.  That is the … (4 comments)

horse property: Keeping Your Horses Safe During 4th of July Festivities - 06/30/16 11:25 PM
Keeping Your Horses Safe During 4th of July Festivities 
Fourth of July is a day of celebration with family and friends for many with barbecues, picnics, and parades.  Of course celebrating our country's birthday would not be complete without fireworks.  Fireworks also cause worry for horse owners.  Even the most bomb-proof horse may be spooked by the bright colors in the sky and loud noise from the fireworks.  There are steps that can be taken to increase the safety of the … (10 comments)

horse property: Is It Better to Keep Horses In Stalls or in Pastures? - 06/13/16 04:56 AM
Is It Better to Keep Horses In Stalls or In Pastures? 
Each person has their own opinion as to whether it is better to keep horses in stalls or if it is better to have them turned out as much as possible on horse property.  Each has it's advantages and disadvantages.  Let's go through each one separately.
Keeping horses turned out is more natural to them.  If you think about it, horses have lived outdoors throughout history.  Besides, the wild horses can be found roaming free over the land without concerns for man-made shelter and they fare quite well.
Horses that are turned out … (4 comments)

horse property: Just Sold!! Farmette at 1176 Tallow Road in Northampton County, PA - 06/10/16 12:12 AM
Just Sold!! Farmette at 1176 Tallow Road in Northampton County, PA 
This 4.61 acre farmette at 1176 Tallow Road in Northampton County, PA, located on a quiet street, right off of a major route, had a 4 bedroom, 3 bath farmhouse and a large bank barn.  The lot was partially wooded, ideal for someone that wanted to keep a couple of horses or a few small farm animals.  There was even enough room for a large garden.
The owners were … (4 comments)

horse property: Farm and Horse Property Spring Cleaning Tips - 04/19/16 12:14 AM
Farm and Horse Property Spring Cleaning Tips 
It looks like spring has finally arrived here in Eastern Pennsylvania.  Comfortable temperatures and nice weather have brought everyone outdoors.  Even the horses are enjoying it.
Even though we would prefer to play with and ride our horses, this is also a good time to do some spring cleaning of the farm or horse property.  The best place to start would be the barn.
Removing Spider Webs
During the winter months, spider webs and dust accumulated inside the barn.  This can be a fire hazard.  Therefore, it is best to knock down the webs and do some dusting.
Disinfect … (0 comments)

horse property: Managing Mud on Horse Pastures, Farms and Turnouts - 04/11/16 11:23 PM
Managing Mud On Horse Pastures, Farms and Turnouts 
Spring has finally arrived here in Eastern Pennsylvania (at least we hope it has), bringing warmer temperatures, flowers, new growth, and rain.  Along with the rain comes mud on the farms and horse properies.  
What causes mud?  The main reasons are drainage issues.  These issues may include compacted soil (where the water will not filter through it), high water table, a low spot in the field.  
Muddy areas usually lack vegetation, which could be a result of high traffic areas, or water flooding and killing the plant roots.  Plant roots tend to absorb the excess water, … (2 comments)

horse property: I Want the Septic Installed In the Yard, Not In the Pasture - 03/27/16 11:55 PM
I Want the Septic Installed In the Yard, Not In the Pasture 
I have a listing of a 10 acre horse property in Eastern Pennsylvania,  On the property is an older brick home in good shape, except for the fact that it needs updating.  It also has a matted four stall barn, lots of pasture area and an in-ground swimming pool.  
The property went under agreement and the Buyer had a home inspection done which included having the septic inspected.  The septic inspection failed.  The result is to install a new septic system, but first, a perc test is required to find the … (6 comments)

horse property: Composting Manure On Your Horse Property - 03/15/16 01:56 AM
Composting Manure On Your Horse Property 
Did you know that one horse will produce about 50 pounds of horse manure per day?  That amounts to over eight tons of manure per year.  That is a lot of manure!  On top of that, a horse will generate about eight to ten gallons of urine per day.  Just think as to how much manure and wet bedding all that adds up to in a year!  Now multiply it by the number of horses on the property.  All that makes one huge mountain on a section of your property taking up lots of space that … (0 comments)

horse property: Various Shelter Options for Your Horses - 03/14/16 12:58 AM
Various Shelter Options For Your Horses 
When we think of shelters for horses, a barn with stalls white fencing around pastures usually comes to mind.  There are other options for horse shelters and things to consider on horse properties.
Let's start with the barn.
The barn, whether it is large or small, of course will have stalls.  The number of stalls depends on how many horses will be housed.  Although not a requirement, the barn can also include a tack room, wash stall, bedding storage, loft and should have a feed room.  The feed room should be behind closed doors and horse proof so … (4 comments)

horse property: Steps To Take To Search For a Horse Farm in Eastern Pennsylvania - 02/26/16 02:48 AM
Steps To Take To Search For a Horse Farm in Eastern Pennsylvania 
Over the years, I have helped various horse people.  Some were professionals, some amateurs, some starting out and learning about horses or returning to horse ownership, while others were either parents or related to children that were purely horse crazy.
When searching for a horse farm or property in Pennsylvania for your horses, there are steps that should be taken.  
To start with, decide as to the type of farm or property would be right for you and your horse's needs, making sure there will be ample room for your specific requirements.  Some of them … (0 comments)

horse property: Ideas For Decorating Horse Property for Christmas - 12/14/15 09:58 PM
Ideas For Decorating Horse Property For Christmas 
The Christmas season brings holiday decorations and lights of all different types to the home.  The same can be done for the barn and the property itself, but it should be done keeping the safety of the horses and animals in mind.
When setting up the decorations and lights, be sure to place them where they are out of reach of the horses and the animals.  They tend to be curious.  During their investigation and … (8 comments)

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