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As a seller in a "Buyers" market, you may find yourself asking, is it worth putting my home on the market right now?  For some, you may not have a choice and for others you would rather capitalize on being able to move up and purchase at a lower price or maybe downsize but pay less for higher qua...
The third and final part of my rant and rave.  How will get get out of this recession? I'll tell you right now its not be waiting on the Federal Government to bail us out.  That's the worst thing. Now lets bring America out of our recession and run with this idea.  How can we get out of the reces...
Continuing on from Part 1 This will detail how we got here and how long we will be in the recession. Guess what! Home Mortgages are among the largest revenue producing entities in the nation.  With all these banks merging and buying each other out now that they are allowed to also do investment, ...
Well it's no secret! We're in the second worse recession in the history of America.  How did we get here? How long will we be in this recession? What will it take for us to get out?  In this 3 part series I will attempt to give my opinion of what ail's me today.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the bum...


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I will be blogging on my personal interests as well as local and national real estate topics. I believe you will be surprised of how different the local market can be to the national market.