grammleachbliley act: Climbing Out of a Recession Part 3 - 02/04/09 01:26 AM
The third and final part of my rant and rave.  How will get get out of this recession? I'll tell you right now its not be waiting on the Federal Government to bail us out.  That's the worst thing.
Now lets bring America out of our recession and run with this idea.  How can we get out of the recession by spending money you ask? When you think about it, the housing market probably keeps more people employeed than any other market.  Realtors like myself are employeed by you, the buyers and sellers.  But you not only employ my services.  Banks … (0 comments)

grammleachbliley act: Climbing Out of a Recession Part 2 - 02/04/09 01:23 AM
Continuing on from Part 1 This will detail how we got here and how long we will be in the recession.
Guess what! Home Mortgages are among the largest revenue producing entities in the nation.  With all these banks merging and buying each other out now that they are allowed to also do investment, commercial and insurance loans Freddie and Fannie backed these banks loaning money's and essentially went back to the roots of why these so called "private" companies Freddie and Fannie were formed.  Remember, they were formed to encourage homeownership by buying the mortgages from banks.  A New York … (1 comments)

grammleachbliley act: Climbing Out of a Recession Part 1 - 02/04/09 01:16 AM
Well it's no secret! We're in the second worse recession in the history of America.  How did we get here? How long will we be in this recession? What will it take for us to get out?  In this 3 part series I will attempt to give my opinion of what ail's me today.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the bumpy ride we are in for!
According to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) recorded in the second quarter of 2002, the Bush administration entered into office with the American economy already in a recession according to the declined 1st, 2nd and 3rd … (0 comments)


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