home improvements: If the Toilet Paper Dispenser is in the Shower, You Might Need a Home Inspector. - 01/23/10 07:45 AM
We get the question quite often, "Do I need to have the house inspected?" Well, dollars and cents say, "yes", but most importantly common sense says, "yes." Consider this disturbing picture of house with toilet paper roll dispenser built into the shower!!! (along with an electrical outlet, yipes!)

First, let me state that I am not a home inspector. I am not posting this to solicit home inspection business. I am in the real estate repair, restoration, and property preservation business as a general contractor. I want buyers and Realtors to be aware that the homes in this market are VERY different than anything we … (5 comments)

home improvements: "Just Don't **** Up Escrow!" - 10/21/09 11:48 AM
"Just don't **** up escrow," he said matter-of-factly.
Recently, I have been talking to a lot of REALTORS® about the type of services they really want their "repairman/ handyman" contractor to provide. I talked to a REALTOR® yesterday that pretty much summed up what REALTORS® have been telling me with the comment, "Just don't **** up escrow."Some other responses: "...repairs done quickly, so that it does not hold up escrow." "I don't want the inspector to scare away my clients.""Just get the job done quickly and get out of there.""I appreciate an inspector that understands they work for the Realtor." Our … (2 comments)

home improvements: LEGAS IS AS LEGAL DOES... - 08/25/08 12:33 PM
The following blog is in reference to  a recent post by Bryant Tutas -Broker/REALTOR(R) Tutas Towne Realty, Inc of Poinciana, FL titled "Ethics is as Ethics does"
[Have you ever been accused of being unethical?...Accusing someone of being unethical is a very serious matter. I've actually seen it many times here on ActiveRain. I'm sure you have too. Someone writes a "rant" about another REALTOR® and accuses them of being unethical when the reality is they are wrong, very wrong.] -Bryant Tutas
The reality is, 90% of all Realtors engage in some sort of unethical practices, whether knowing or not!  Real estate … (1 comments)

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