brivity: Ben Kinney's biggest secret... - 02/13/17 03:03 PM

This is my biggest secret. For four years I have been planning and building and connecting the dots. The fact that we have to pay for 20 different software services, re-enter leads, listings, and pendings, and end up using what I can only describe as the creme of the crap software services ticks me off. When we work so hard to run our businesses and provide the best possible service to our clients and our agents. For four years I have been building, buying, and risking it all day and night. Never paying myself a dime and investing millions into the … (85 comments)

brivity: Diversify Your Communication Channels - 09/14/16 04:43 AM
        Story time. Last week I was sending emails to colleagues from my desk – which I consider my point of world control. I needed answers and wasn’t receiving them.
When we finally managed to meet in person I learned that many of our team leaders have so many emails coming in that they are not even answering them anymore!
They have to filter through their overflowing inboxes and only respond to those that stand out. We had to develop a different way of talking with each other – texts for one, in-person drop-ins for another.
Lesson learned that day? The email … (37 comments)

brivity: Time for a Reset: September is the "other" January - 09/01/16 06:30 AM

We commonly think of January as a time for new beginnings, but September has become its own sort of
“reset” point. Author Gretchen Rubin has even dubbed September the “other January.” Kids are returning to school, and offices stop feeling like ghost towns after a wave of summer vacations.
September offers us the opportunity for a mid-year fresh start: a time to re-evaluate our business and get charged up for the final quarter of the year.
Marketing Makeover
Summer may have been busy with listings, and if your market has quieted down some, this can be a great time to re-visit your marketing.
Have … (5 comments)

brivity: Choosing the Best Software for Your Business - 08/09/16 09:54 AM

We all know how great it is to find a system that really works – whether it’s your fitness routine, a task app on your smartphone or a filing system for important documents. When something works well and doesn’t take much time, you’ve hit upon a productivity sweet spot.
Are you searching for that productive sweet spot in your business as an agent? Let’s take a look at how you can find your productivity pain points and how you can use industry-specific software to dial in your business.
Assess your needs
To start, assess where you could use help improving your systems. What do … (28 comments)

brivity: "Brivity" or "Brevity"? - 02/14/14 03:35 AM
It was 6am on a Friday morning. Today was a big day for the Brivity team, as last night at Inman Next, Greg Robinson (co-founder, W&R Studios) had recognized Brivity as being among the top CRMs for real estate agents. I woke up to a text from my boss, Brivity CEO, Ben Kinney. Naturally, I assumed it was a congratulatory "well done", or perhaps a forewarning for the busy day of demos ahead. Needless to say, I was pretty unprepared when the text read "how much does cost?". The next 10 minutes or so was a whirlwind of confusion and then … (3 comments)

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