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I have picked up new clients simply from the magnetic car sign I have on the back of my car.  I've performed notarizations in parking lots... one person went to local UPS store and their notary wasn't in, this person just happened to spot my sign and came running over to me.  Fellow notary Paul W...
I just stumbled upon a calculator by accident!San Diego's NBC TV station is called 7/39 - I did a google search to find their website and I just entered 7/39 - the first result was  7 / 39 = 0.179487179  More about calculator. Turns out you can use google's search for a calulator: Pretty neat! 7 ...
I am announcing the opening of Linker Virtual Assistant Services.  It is a division of my current Linker Mobile Notary Business.  I have taken on the additional responsibilities because I can't sit still and I like doing administrative things.  For information and services offered visit my websit...
IDENTITY THEFT CAN BE DEVASTATINGBy Barbara Linker, Linker Mobile Notary Service - "Your San Diego Notary Link"® Identity Theft is what happens to you when someone uses your personal information to commit fraud in your name. The resulting damages can cause you much devastation!  Identity thieves ...
Are you tired of getting unsolicited credit card offers, promotional material, telemarketing calls, direct mailing, and unsolicited emails?  Many of this "junk stuff" you get can be an open door for identity theft if you are not careful.  Always shred anything with personal information on it, and...
As I described in a previous blog entry, I use Identity Theft presentations as a value-added service to my business.  I am also, however, diversifying my business by offering design and print services for business cards, brochures, t-shirts, stationary, etc.  It is still a work-in-progress, but I...
 This can't but help put a smile on your face and brighten up your day when you are having "one of those days"!    It is amazing how your attitude and demeanor can change with a simple little smile and joy... and to top it off, people respond to you in a very open and positive way! Embrace each a...
In this time when mortgage loans are slowing down, so is your income.  I found that when I started my business that I really enjoyed marketing.  Consequently, I am always looking for ways to market and increase my business and income. In my particular circumstance, I took a self-study Identity Th...
The FTC has a program called "Deter, Detect, Defend" which is an excellent presentation on Identity Theft.  As a value added service to my Notary Business, I offer a 1/2 hour presentation of this information.  Details can be viewed on my website's ID Theft page at: http://www.linker-mobile-notary...
Promptness, Presentation, and Professionalism  Linker Mobile Notary takes pride in being prompt for appointments and takes the time to present the loan package to the borrower in a professional manner.  Critical documents are reviewed first so that any concerns the borrower may have can be resolv...

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