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Do businesses prioritize customer service anymore? How many times have you gone to a fast-food restaurant and had to wait for the server to finish his/her conversation with a co-worker before they'd ask for your order? Or how about returning an unwanted item to the customer service center of your...
I've found that sometimes, after corresponding a few times with a new client, my emails erroneously end up in their  Spam folder. Often they don't even know I've responded to their emails unless I can reach them some other way.  How many important emails are you missing?If you're having this prob...
With the proliferation of available information, it's almost as if we know about something before it even happens. Ok, that's an exaggeration but the speed at which we receive the latest news, it's not that far off the mark.Seriously though, consider the information and communication technology w...
"Out in the woods or in the city, it's all the same to me, when I'm driving free." When The Who wrote "Goin' Mobile," I doubt they had any idea how easy it could be to work while away from home unless you were a traveling salesman or rock band. Well, guess what? It's no longer a vision of the fut...
Computer security, and antivirus software in particular, is driving me nuts! This summer my laptop had been slowing to a crawl, then it actually froze to a complete halt. Finally, I couldn't even boot it up at all. I rely solely on my laptop when I'm in Northern Virginia visiting my husband. We'd...
Marketing is essential to a successful business. In fact, without it a business cannot survive. It doesn't have to be elaborate or costly; it just has to reach the appropriate market. Your target market is anyone that could use your services. By marketing specifically to those most likely to use ...
For the first 10 years of my life as a military spouse, I was not employed outside the home. I felt it was crucial to my children's well-being to stay at home with them. I did not return to the workforce until the youngest of my three children started school. When I reentered the workforce - arme...

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