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The destination is rarely the most important part of any story. Rather , it is the transformation in our lives and business's that occurs on the journey. Who we become while on the way. As a Real Estate Broker , I have spent most of career around pretty positive people. That has transformed the w...
The Law of Supply and Demand is the foundation for all transactions. It is acted upon by factors that are unique to the environment that is is viewed in. This series has introduced at two of those: Capacity in Part 1 and Resistance in Part 2 , and will wrap it up with the third , Perspective. The...
The Law of Supply and Demand is acted upon by influences that constantly change themselves and although their presence is common across individual markets ,their intensity and the degree which they produce a result on the final product is unique to each market. Much like the effect of water runni...
What is it that sets the price for a product or service ? The natural response is the immediate answer of"Supply and Demand". Of course this law or principle is the root cause of nearly all economic activity, however it's effect is tempered by many factors such as;  Capacity, Resistance and Perce...
Imagine, if you will, that residential real estate was more like commercial real estate and there were no information sharing MLS data exchanges. Your ability to provide accurate CMA's would be greatly impaired if you on had access to information from your own company. This is the environment tha...


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