leadership: Leardership vs. Management - 08/18/11 02:23 AM
True leaders need to constantly remind themselves of the difference between being an effective Manager and a Leader.  There are many differences I am sure but  I feel that I am operating at the outer edges of my knowledge when I try to discuss them or event to list them.
I believe that Bill Hybel has nailed down a few of those differences with his remaining 3 questions;
1.       Are you naming, facing and resolving the problems that exist in your organization?
Managers tend to seek the middle ground, to put out fires are even better to plan and organize … (3 comments)

leadership: What is your sweet spot? - 08/16/11 02:43 AM
All good comes from change and all change start with one person, who sees a need and takes action.     A Leader then influences others to act as well towards that same common goal.
It is not that the leader is better than the follower, or even than the initiator but rather that they are willing to act on issues  requiring  them to influence others in order to be achieved. In most cases this collective influence brings a focus that last over time and results in dramatic change from the previous condition.
Bill Hybels is the leader of … (2 comments)

leadership: Fuel Is for Burning ! - 08/15/11 04:33 AM
I recently attended a Global Leadership Seminar and was struck by the incredible amount of resources that we have at our disposal in order to accelerate our journey along whatever path we choose to take.
The very fact that we get to choose our own path is an incredible boost not unlike launching a rocket from the back of a glider at the edge of the atmosphere rather than from a muddy valley floor in a 3rd world country.
As I come away from these few days of inspiration I am reminded of the many seminars that I have attended … (1 comments)

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