market forecast: Foundational Underpinnings Of The Rental Market Part 3 - 10/06/10 04:43 AM
The Law of Supply and Demand is the foundation for all transactions. It is acted upon by factors that are unique to the environment that is is viewed in. This series has introduced at two of those: Capacity in Part 1 and Resistance in Part 2 , and will wrap it up with the third , Perspective.
The meaning of Perspective is captured clearly in this quote by the French author Anaïs Nin
We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. 
It is the way we view what is happening in the market and then only in the portion of the … (0 comments)

market forecast: Foundational Underpinnings Of The Rental Market Part 1 - 10/04/10 04:38 AM
What is it that sets the price for a product or service ?
The natural response is the immediate answer of"Supply and Demand". Of course this law or principle is the root cause of nearly all economic activity, however it's effect is tempered by many factors such as;  Capacity, Resistance and Perception. 
The amount of Supply and the Demand for basic goods such as food or housing are fairly predictable. Given a certain number of people, a certain number of meals and beds are required. It is the factors that work on these core needs that determine where and how the money will be spent in providing … (1 comments)

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