real estate: Things Tenants Do #103 Why is the seller selling ? - 10/31/12 12:10 AM
When we come across an investment that appears to offer a 10 - 20% cap rate we should realize that if it were a perfect property filled with perfect tenants it would most likely not be on the market. You should take a moment to examine, why is the seller wanting to get rid of his golden goose ? 
Once you have inspected the property you should be able to account for conditional issues , such as deferred maintenance, upcoming repairs and functional obsolesce. These can all be calculated into your investment model with relative ease and hopefully with plenty of … (2 comments)

real estate: The Things Tenants Do ! Real Life Investor Experiences - 10/27/12 01:39 AM
They say that a book allows you to gain the lessons from a lifetime of experiences for only the cost of that book. Generally one lesson learned pays for the cost of the book many times over. I am often asked to speak on Investing and for my advice regarding Rentals and potential investments. I am consulted not for my personal riches but rather for the knowledge and experience I have gained from managing the investments of many clients over the past few years. With the help of our amazing staff we manage hundreds of homes for both small and large … (1 comments)

real estate: i am a know it all and so are YOU! - 09/06/11 09:43 AM
Lets face it, the reason for our failure to reach our goals has very little to do with our lack of knowledge. We do not need to attend another seminar or read another book to know what to do to find success. In our age knowledge is an abundant resource, it is self control that is a scarce commodity. 
We generally know what to do, we just do not do it consistantly. 
I recently had a chance to hear three different business coaches discussing the most common challenge facing their collective clients. 
You may not be surprised to find that it … (3 comments)

real estate: Foundational Underpinnings Of The Rental Market Part 2 - 10/05/10 05:50 AM
The Law of Supply and Demand is acted upon by influences that constantly change themselves and although their presence is common across individual markets ,their intensity and the degree which they produce a result on the final product is unique to each market.
Much like the effect of water running over a rock shapes it differently based on where it sits in each stream , how fast the water runs over it , how deep it is and even the temperature and mineral content of the water.
The Factors that influence the Supply and Demand of the Rental Market, are those of … (0 comments)

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