vision: Setting the stage for Effective Change ! - 08/22/11 02:54 AM
I had a chance to hear Len Schlesinger speak last month on taking action. It was delivered in the style of one who was so educated that they no longer realized that the big words they used were big words. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a bit pretentious or arrogant it was simply an expression of his thought process which must be clipping along at an alarming rate of speed, I believe that acceleration happens somewhere after you start teaching teachers who then teach teachers and leaders getting their MBA’s.
As he spoke he bounced from topic to topic … (0 comments)

vision: The end is not the goal ! - 10/08/10 03:10 AM
The destination is rarely the most important part of any story. Rather , it is the transformation in our lives and business's that occurs on the journey. Who we become while on the way.
As a Real Estate Broker , I have spent most of career around pretty positive people. That has transformed the way I think , the way I solve problems , the way I accept or do not accept certain outcomes.  I have become a differant person as a result of my experiences on my own journey.
Tonight and all day tomorrow , I will spend the time with … (1 comments)

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