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During my 31 years in this business, I've had the great fortune of working with some of the best agents in this industry. I'd like to say that all the successful agents that have worked for me have achived their goals  because I was their broker - but that's not true.  It's because they had their...
I have an agent in my office that is the queen of bank repos.  Her name is Jan Willey.  She informed our office at yesterday's sales meeting that one of her big banks (name not disclosed) was going to be getting a bunch of repo's within the next couple of months. She went on to say that the lende...
In an never ending endeavor to keep our agents working in real time, we are holding a Blogging Class.  For you gen "X's" & "Y's" this probably seems laughable, but for the baby boomers it's an attempt to bring them into today's market place. It's a 2 hour course on how to get traffic, how to reta...
  A technique you may want to try with a buyer that you know is qualified but hasn't really formed a bond with you yet, is to show them all the forms and addendum's that you would use if they were to purchase a home through you. If they appear to be cautious people, I tell them that "This is an e...
A technique you may want to try with a purchaser is very qualified to buy but seems a little reluctant to let their guard down since they don't really know you yet, is to introduce them to all the paperwork that you would use if they were to purchase their home and use you to represent them at yo...
I'm looking for an answer to a situation I currently have where my buyer has purchased a new home that has been standing for 2 years - never occupied. Will the Health Department require an inspection of the septic tank prior to closing since it's been standing so long? Or will it still fall under...

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