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In today's real estate market, a phone call from a potential buyer gets your attention.  However, not every call is a potential sale. Quite often they're a potential problem. We have several guide-lines in place at our office when it comes to showing property to a "total stranger".   What policie...
A good friend of mine commented yesterday about the electric automobile. According to him, it was a God sent, and would get X amount of miles per gallon.  (Still not sure how you equate watts to gallons) As he was touting the savings that would be made from using an electrically powered vehicle, ...
I received an email from an associate that said part of the Obama health care package includes a 3+% excise tax on all home sales when the bill kicks in around 2013. On a $400K house that would be between $12 & $15K! Most of our elected officials have claimed to have never read the whole bill.  N...
Over the years I've found that one of the most difficult challenges for new agents is learning how to differentiate between working with other agents and affiliates, and working with clients and customers. The real estate business requires sales skills that many new agents don't bring into the bu...
I'm fairly certain, just like me, that all of us have a favorite place to go to when we have a craving for a cheese burger, or maybe a sit-down meal.  Some places we wouldn't even consider. I know that my wife only likes to shop at a particular grocery store and will drive out of her way to go th...
I've recently hired Tourfactory to do a visual tour for 2 of my listings. For the price, I think it's a good investment.  (around $150). I don't know if they're in your market, and I know that there are other options out there, but check out and  See...
My wife and I spent this week-end moving her Mother into an assisted living complex. My father-in-law passed away over 10 years ago, and Mom is now 81. Although she's "spry" she forgets her meds and tends to repeat herself. My wife and her 2 sisters have been trying to get her to accept an assist...
A follow up to last nights post about which NFL went from last place the year prior to winning the Super Bowl. Actually 2 teams accomplished this feat.  Super Bowl 36 (2001) was won by the New England Patriots, who squeaked out a win over the Saint Louis Rams.  The Pats had a 5-11 record the in 2...
Sleep on it tonight. The question was " which NFL team went from last place (tied) the year prior to winning the Super Bowl. Which team?  What year? Answer tomoorw 10:00 A. M. PSDT.
I know, the only thing with this topic that has anything to do with real estate, is that football is played on a field owned by someone who may, or may not pay property taxes. If you consider yourself a true NFL fan, can you name the only team to go from a tie for last place the year before they ...

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