customers: This lender just might get my business. - 03/27/11 12:35 PM
Open house again today. I had a couple come in to the model home just shortly after I opened and asked if they could see the house next door. We spent several minutes in the 2nd property and concluded our meeting with the polite hand shake "we'll get back to you" routine that happens so often.
Upon walking these folks back to their car, I noticed another vehicle had pulled up to the model home.  So I politely said my "good-byes" and went to see who had stopped in.
When I entered the model I was greeted by a lender with a big smile … (4 comments)

customers: This poor economy we find ourselves in has created a bunch of polite people. - 11/05/10 03:12 PM
Have you noticed that almost every where you go to shop, that the clerks are more friendly, they say "thank you" (except the post office) and they tell you that they want you to come back?
It must be a sign of the times, but I'm kind'a diggin it!
With the stark reality that you're lucky to have a job, combined with corporate trying to hang on to their share of the market, it's refreshing to me as a consumer to have a lot of attention, and have people fall all over themselves trying to help me, instead of the way … (5 comments)

customers: How much would you spend to stage your listing? - 08/22/10 02:40 PM
Staging has been one of the best ideas in real estate over the past few years.  I'm totally impressed with the results.  It sure in the heck beats the old "put it in the MLS" standard.
So let me ask you this. You have a good listing in a bad location. The neighbors aren't "tidy", the fences into the sub-division are "tagged" and you're getting no showings.  Where do you spend your money?
I know for a fact that ads will not work in this situation, because your listing doesn't fit with the community it's in. (Beautiful home in *%)^# neighborhood.)  
I don't know … (3 comments)

customers: Lender's interference kills deal. - 06/24/10 04:15 PM
We just had a deal go south today do to the lender's involvement. This sale was written several weeks ago, but we didn't discover until this week that the branch manager for the lender was the fiance of the buyer.
Her name was not on the purchase and sale. The buyer had his inspections, title review, seller's disclosure, appraisal, & septic pump all in a timely fashion with no issues.
Suddenly he starts asking for things that we're not part of the original deal.  Such as, "can I build a shop on the property?"  (It's water front with a wet land set-back which he already … (2 comments)

customers: To the brave souls who gave their lives. - 11/29/09 01:05 PM
As a Realtor I would like everyone to think of the Tacoma area as a great place to live.
There are countless army (Ft. Lewis) and air force personnel (McChord AFB) that live in this part of Washington.
Today's events puts a cloud on that thinking.  Hopefully justice will prevail.

customers: Capitialism works when you leave it alone. - 11/03/09 01:57 AM
Capitalists around the world should rejoice over the news that the Ford Motor Company is making head-way in emerging from a three-year makeover.
According to the Associated Press, Ford is looking for things to improve over the next couple of years.
I applaud their decision to not fall into the trap of stimulus money.

customers: Trunk or Treat! - 10/28/09 02:16 PM
Being a Grandpa, I was surprised by the comment of someone saying today, "On Halloween, we're going to do a trunk or treat with the kids."
Not wanting to seem naive, I smiled and said something lame.  When I got home I asked Grandma.  She set me straight about trunk or treat, since I had absolutely no idea what that meant.
So do people really gather together in some designated area, open the trunks of their cars, and give out candy to kids?
I'm only asking, because after 35 years, Grandma just might be pulling my chain!
By the way, that's … (4 comments)

customers: It's not the great pumpkin, it's Charlie. - 10/27/09 02:26 PM

"If you're looking for a special pumpkin, call Charlie Bergstrom."
Me? Proud? You bet.

customers: Septic tank inspections in Pierce County Washington. - 08/07/09 11:10 AM
I'm looking for an answer to a situation I currently have where my buyer has purchased a new home that has been standing for 2 years - never occupied.
Will the Health Department require an inspection of the septic tank prior to closing since it's been standing so long?
Or will it still fall under the guide-lines of new construction?

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