brooklyn real estate: Avoid Craigslist Scam on Brooklyn Home Rentals - 07/05/12 02:11 AM

If you are looking for a Brooklyn home to rent, there is a Craigslist scam that you need to be aware of. This fraud is happening all across the country. No town or city is off limits. 
 How the Scam Works
 Scammersare finding houses listed for sale and posting them on Craigslist as homes for rent. They take the pictures posted online of the home for sale, all the home listing information and post it as a rental. 
 When you send them an email asking to see the home, they tell you they are out of … (1 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Do You Buy Brooklyn Real Estate When Prices are Low or High? - 06/20/12 03:39 AM
Like any commodity, you’re going to make money if you buy Brooklyn real estate when prices are low and sell when prices are high. So why haven’t you, and millions of others like you, bought a home during the major downturn in the real estate market?When pushed for an answer, many potential buyers respond that they’re afraid, unsure or allowing their emotions to guide them. They’re worried that Brooklyn real estate prices will see another huge drop. Or they’re unsure if prices have reached rock bottom so they can get the very lowest price possible.Stop allowing your emotions to guide you. … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: What to Ask Before You List With a Brooklyn Real Estate Agent - 06/15/12 03:24 AM
    Choosing the right Brooklyn real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when selling your home. After all, he or she will be your representative to potential buyers, and the one deciding how best to market your home. Below are eight questions to ask before signing on the dotted line:
 1.      How long have you been in the business? While it’s nice to find someone who has many years of professional experience, don’t automatically reject a new agent who might have more time and energy.
2.      What’s the average length of time it takes … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: How do Lenders Determine How Much You Can Afford to spend on a Home? - 06/04/12 06:26 AM

Mortgage lenders are primarily concerned with your ability to repay your Brooklyn real estate mortgage.They will consider your credit score, debt-to-income ratio and how much you have for a down payment before telling you what you can afford to spend on Brooklyn real estate.
 Credit Score
 One of the first things your lender will review is your credit score.  Credit scores range from a low of 350 to a high of 850.  In this case, the higher, the better.  The lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate and points will be, and the lower the amount … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Seven Tips for a Painless Closing on Your Brooklyn Real Estate - 05/24/12 04:20 AM

The closing is the final step in purchasing your Brooklyn real estate. The closing date is set during the negotiation phase and is usually several weeks after the offer is formally accepted. During the closing, the buyer and seller complete the purchase contract and ownership of the property is transferred to the buyer.
 Before the closing can occur, all terms of the purchase contract must be met. As you can imagine, problems can come up which delay the closing.  Here are seven tips to ensure a smooth and problem-free closing on your Brooklyn real … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Do You Consider Brooklyn Real Estate a House or Your Home? - 01/13/11 09:40 AM
As a life time Brooklynite I have seen times change, but not always for the best.  Consider the change we’ve seen in attitudes toward Brooklyn real estate over the last few decades.
Brooklyn Home Owners used to love their homes because they were their safe havens.  Many now only worry about whether or not their houses will appreciate enough in value to allow them to upgrade to McMansions or refinance to buy luxury vacations in Hawaii.
What’s your stance on the Brooklyn real estate you own or wish to own some day?   Is it a house or a home to you? … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Avoid One of the Biggest Brooklyn Real Estate Flipping Mistakes - 01/09/11 12:29 PM
House flipping is still a profitable way to invest in Brooklyn Real Estate , if you know what you’re doing. I’m going to share one of the biggest mistakes prospective home flippers make and how to avoid it.
Choosing the Wrong Brooklyn Real Estate to Flip
Nothing will make your venture into the world of house flipping a bigger nightmare than a finished product that will not sell. To avoid this, learn all you can about what’s currently selling the fastest and for the most money in your Brooklyn real estate market.
It doesn't mean you have to pick expensive … (3 comments)

brooklyn real estate: 5 New Year’s Resolutions that Get Your Brookltn Real Estate Sold - 01/02/11 12:31 AM
If you’re hoping to sell your Brooklyn real estate in 2011, make some New Year’s resolutions to help the process along.   Resolve to:
1.      Interview and get a comparative marketing analysis (CMA) from at least three agents from three different Brooklyn real estate agencies.  Each agent has a different opinion about the value of your home and how to best market your home.  Learn from each agent and then sign a contract with the agent you decide to hire.
2.      Research the number of foreclosures and short sales in your neighborhood.  To sell your home, find out how many … (3 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Winning the War on Brooklyn Homes for Sale - 10/11/10 09:40 AM
It’s a war out there. If you’re still sitting in your robe and slippers, sipping a cup o’ joe while you casually read the Sunday comics – with the absolute knowledge that your house is going to sell – you haven’t been paying attention. The percentage of Brooklyn homes for sale versus qualified potential buyers has made this an extreme buyer’s market.
It’s time for some tough love, sellers – some straight talk.
If you’re not ready to do more than spruce up your lawn a little, you won’t win the battle. You won’t even win a skirmish. In short, if … (3 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Brooklyn Real Estate For Sale by Charles D’Alessandro At Fillmore Real Estate - 10/09/10 01:56 AM
Midwood Spacious Detached One Family
Newly Listed at Fillmore Real Estate
Located in Brooklyn’s East Flatbush/ Midwood community,
this one family home is priced for a holiday sale.
Close to all it will not last come see and compare.
Call me at 718 253-9600 ext 206
or e mail me at
Midwood Prime Detached Two Family!
Just Listed Today!
This spacious two family home features Eleven Bedrooms,
Four bathrooms a full finished basement and attic, private drive two car garage on a 40+ x100 property
Showings start today call for your appointment.
Marine Park At Market Price!
Located in the … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: How to Resolve a Conflict with Your Brooklyn Homeowners’ Association - 10/02/10 02:39 AM

Fifty-five million Americans live in developments overseen by Homeowners’ Associations.  HOAs can sometimes strike fear in the hearts of Brooklyn homeowners, especially owners who have violated the rules and regulations established by the HOAs.
Although you may not purposely violate an HOA policy, at some point, you may find yourself in that situation. Here are some tips on how to resolve a conflict with your Brooklyn Homeowners’ Association.
·        Start right away.  Conflict rarely gets better with time.  Resolution is most easily achieved early on.  As soon as you’re aware there’s a problem, contact your HOA.
·        Be polite. A … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Make Your House FHA-Loan Friendly - 09/28/10 09:35 AM
Article From
By: Terry Sheridan Published: June 02, 2010
Know the basics of FHA loan rules and you stand a better chance of selling your house or condo.
Make your house FHA-friendly, and it will appeal to more homebuyers. Why? Because the Federal Housing Administration is insuring the mortgage loans used by about 30% of today's homebuyers.
If your house passes the FHA rules, it will appeal to buyers who plan to use an FHA-insured mortgage. If your house doesn't qualify for an FHA loan, you're cutting out 30% of potential buyers.
FHA is especially important to first-time homebuyers … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Brooklyn Home Inspection: What it Covers - 09/24/10 07:00 AM
The home buying process isn’t complete without a home inspection. Your real estate agent will mention it. The lender will ask about it. Even your closer will make sure the Brooklyn home you’re purchasing had an inspection.
Home inspections are important. No matter how much you trust the seller, there are some things you need to know about your Brooklyn home before you purchase it.  While you’re not required to attend the inspection, it’s an excellent idea to do so.
So you’ll know what to expect, here are the basics that a typical home inspection covers:
·        Appliances. You will know … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: 10 Must Have Tools for Brooklyn Real Estate Repairs - 09/03/10 05:35 AM
You can do many simple repairs around your home to save money. Whether you are making repairs around your Brooklyn real estate to prepare it for sale or repairing items after buying a home, having the right tools for the job makes everything much easier.
Here are my top 10 must have tools to complete most Brooklyn real estate repairs:
1.Cordless drill. A cordless drill gives you a quick way to put screws in walls, put together furniture or to remove screws effortlessly.
2.Hammer. You should have a medium weight hammer on hand for tapping pieces into place, installing … (5 comments)

brooklyn real estate: 3 Things You Need to Know About the Mortgage Payment for Your Brooklyn Home - 08/09/10 08:46 AM

When you look for a mortgage, you want to find one that allows you to buy the biggest house possible for a monthly payment you can afford. This seems simple enough. All you need to do is a little division to determine your monthly payment.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the entire picture of your monthly mortgage payment, and lenders don’t always explain this to you. Here are three things you need to know about your monthly mortgage payment for your new Brooklyn home:
Interest and Principal. Only part of your monthly mortgage payment actually pays down your loan. A portion of … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Real Estate Agents Sell Ugly Houses, Too! - 08/06/10 05:54 AM
  So, you’ve decided you want to sell your house.  You know it qualifies as one of those “ugly houses,” but you don’t want to do any work to your home.  You especially don’t want to do major repairs or updates like replacing all the windows with broken seals.
You may think that means real estate agents will not want to list your home for sale.  Think again. Brooklyn real estate agents sell ugly houses, too!
Here’s what you should expect if you have an ugly house that you don’t want to make improvements to:
A lower price:  Maybe you don’t … (37 comments)

brooklyn real estate: How Buying Brooklyn Real Estate is Like Running a Marathon - 08/04/10 12:51 AM
It's true.  There are a lot of parallels between buying a piece of Brooklyn real estate and running a marathon.
The Starting Line
At first, there is excitement. The idea of buying a new home pulses in your veins and you can't wait to get started.  You're like a runner in the blocks just itching to begin. Your muscles twitch in anticipation with every piece of Brooklyn real estate you see. That's when the real adrenaline rush kicks in.
Start Out Slowly
Keep to a steady, consistent pace and you’ll make it to the finish line.  There's so much … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: Buying Brooklyn Real Estate and the Right of Conquest – A History - 08/02/10 02:18 AM
Before Brooklyn real estate – or real estate anywhere, for that matter – was bought and sold, it was just… owned. “Possession is nine-tenths of the law.” If you wanted some land, you found it, fought for it and kept it. Legal rights weren’t even a thought.
A long, long time ago…
William, Duke of Normandy, felt he had a claim to the throne of England. King Harold Godwinson, crowned king in January 1066, didn’t much agree. While it took until October, William and Harold met on the battlefield at Hastings; Harold was killed, William moved on to storm London.
Upon … (0 comments)

brooklyn real estate: 4 Reasons to List Your FSBO with a Brooklyn Real Estate Agent Success! - 07/31/10 01:19 AM

Going it alone and listing your home as for sale by owner can be exciting at first, but there is a turning point where the prospect of losing money makes it necessary to bring in help. Here are four reasons to change your plan and list your home with a Brooklyn real estate agent in order to facilitate a sale.
1.      Speed:  If your property has been languishing on the market for more than three months, it is no longer fresh. People will avoid it simply because it hasn't sold. A Brooklyn real estate agent can give your home … (2 comments)

brooklyn real estate: 5 Reasons Brooklyn Home Sellers Reject Offers - 07/15/10 02:32 AM
Rejection is a hard thing to face in life, whether it’s from a potential client, a potential boss or a potential home seller.  As a Brooklyn home buyer, your stress level might be reduced if you’re aware of some of the reasons a seller may reject your offer.   
Before I give you the list of reasons, I’d like to mention that even if you and your buyer’s agent do everything right, the seller may still reject your offer.  It frequently has nothing to do with you.
With that said, here are 5 common reasons sellers reject offers on their homes:

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