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What a joke the media is when it comes to this whole real estate disaster.  On Friday I'm watching the so called "experts" on one of the financial stations talking about how home sales were up in March by approximately 40% and how that was such great news.  Glory glory, we have turned the corner ...
In the past fiscal  year Pembroke Falls has seen a total of 61 sales for homes ranging from a three bedroom at $220K to a five bedroom at $575K.  Of those sales, 28 were either a short sale or REO, a little more than half.  The bad news is that is a lot.  The good news is we are getting rid of a ...
My former neighbor's home has been vacant and in total disrepair for about two years now, a real eye sore.  But recently I bumped into the lucky new owner and found that he bought it for a pretty decent price and is in the process of completely remodeling from the inside out.  In one respect, it ...
At this point Pembroke Falls of Pembroke Pines has a total of 27 active listings, of which, only 5 are either short sales or foreclosures.  Given the state of today's market in south Florida, it's really not a bad ratio, especially given the fact that there are approximately 5K homes in the subdi...
I recently had a listing that sold via short sale rather quickly, but rather than go through with the closing the seller's decided to file for bankruptcy because an attorney informed them that they may get hit with a deficiency judgement afterward.  So far, my experiences with short sales have sh...
Yesterday was a sad reminder of the cruelty that mankind can bestow upon society.  I hope that everyone remembers the holocaust the wasy they do every year in Israel because what happened to the Jewish community of Europe can happen again and has already happened in places like Cambodia, China, a...
The next time you sync your iphone to your itunes account just say no!  The new version is a mess and will make your itunes account crash, thus deleting everything on your iphone when you sync, if you can sync at all.  And that is important news for all realtors out there who rely on this piece o...
Well, it only took two years, but the new waterfall at Pembroke Falls in Pembroke Pines, Florida is complete and bigger and better than ever.  The waterfall guards the entrance to the community and stands as an example for all communities to follow when it comes to grand entries.  And it cost the...

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