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Mortgage lending is at a 16 year low.  In Miami, Florida alone over 64% of all August home sales were cash deal with foreign buyers.  Americans want to buy homes.  Who wouldn't with prices so low, but banks are just no providing the funds, thus holding back the economic recovery.  Kermit Baker of...
Don't go kidding yourself into thinking that the recent big condo boom in Miami is going to bring the housing market back.  Prices have gone up dramatically, builders are building frantically, and foreigners are buying quickly.  These are the facts that remain certain in Miami today.  But here is...
Diana Olick of CNBC explains to the layman the results of the feds action on lowering the interest rates in this short video. Will it help me sell my house or give me more purchasing power?  All good questions that she tackles.  Posting these videos are great for those who like to hear it simply ...
In my quest to continue bringing you the best of what the real estate news specialists have to offer here is a short video from CNBC real estate reporter Diana Olick on the possible outcome of mortgage rates when the federal reserve buys up $40 billion+ worth of mortgage backed securities.  I fol...
Miami Florida is certainly at the forefront of the real estate meltdown today just as it was five years ago when the meltdown began. It started with foreign investors being lured into buying up high priced new construction from greedy builders who were too cheap to pay a realtor commission and th...
When does a public park become both a blessing and a curse? You might have to think about this for a moment before answering. As a young boy I used to go to the city park to play with my friends and attend picnics. But as I grew old enough to have children of my own I found that that same park wa...
Dolly Lenz of Prudential in New York is considered to be the number 1 real estate agent in the country according to the Wall Street Journal.  She is a regular on CNBC's Power Lunch where she gives advice on the market and is quite good at it.  According to Lenz, trend is your friend, but one shou...
Mark Ragan of the website PR Daily your question as to how to engage people on Facebook in this short video.  His advice is crucial to all who use social media as a tool for real estate and other businesses.  Just one look at his website and you will understand the importance of how to correctly ...
I first got wind of the TED series at a real estate seminar.  TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design.  The website hosts different people from different fields at seminars and records them for the public to view so that they can get motivated, and I think this is something the real ...
Here is some practical advice from Stacy Johnson of Money Talks on what to look for as signs that the housing market has turned the corner.  Most realtors already know this, but for the general public, who rely on the media for answers, this may give you a better idea in simple terms.  You local,...

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