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  It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow.  The real estate market cannot always be about rainbows, cotton candy, and cute bunny rabbits.  Conversely, it cannot always be about doom and gloom either.  What we have occurring in today's market is about as close to both as you can get, and that...
Fire your agent immediately. I love it.  The only time I  can think of raising a price is if your property is an unapproved short sale and the bank has approved it at a higher price. Here's a new technique if your home has not sold ... how about raising the price! Anybody who has followed the Tal...
Short sale investors are not always the most reliable real estate buyers. Why do real estate investors always insist on coming in as low as possible on a short sale offer?  Do they not realize that there are usually plenty of other offers that will be full price or higher?  Do they not realize th...
Online real estate searches should begin and end with one agent.  If you insist on doing your own searches for property online and had the fortune of locating a good real estate agent in the process then stick with that agent, but discontinue your search.    If you continue as a consumer to searc...
Do you read your HOA or Condo docs before buying.  Why do people only read condo or homeowner's association documents when there is a problem? And that problem usually occurs years after move in after a homeowner has decided to bring in a dog to a condo that doesn't allow pets, or paint a home gr...


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