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What's the scariest part of being a realtor?  If you are in the business you already know the answer to this one.  For the rest of us it's simply not knowing when your next check is coming in during downtime. This business has so many highs and lows that eventually, if you hang in there long enou...
Approved short sale price means full price.  I just summed up an approved short sale in one sentence, but you would be surprised at how many buyers and their agents seem to think that these are like foreclosures and they can come in with a low ball offer.  When a bank approves a price that they a...
I do not wish this on the city of Miami, but one has to wonder if the recent condo sale developments will change for the worst in the near future.  Miami-Dade County foreign investors are probably living in a state of denial right now because they just keep on coming from as far away countries as...
Online auctions just trying to reinvent the wheel.  Why is is that every so often when the market starts to pick up again that some aggressive start up real estate company tries to reinvent the wheel?  This time around it's online auctions.  As if they did not already exist.  Only in the past the...
  Horoscope of a Purchase I wish I could take credit for this, but a realtor friend of mine actually wrote it and I have to share it. Disclaimer:  Each sign has its own characteristics, and at the time of the purchase of a home, they react in a singular form. Do you want to see how? There is noth...
Grow houses all the rage in South Florida.  If you have never seen or been in one either as a neighbor or realtor you are in for a real surprise.  Since demand for marijuana is greater than ever criminals have come up with some very clever ways to get around the system.  Unlike California where g...
First its zombies, now its vampires in the real estate market. Now we have to deal with vampires too? You may have heard of zombie real estate, those homes pertaining to the foreclosed persuasion just sitting there in perpetual anonymity waiting for the bank to release them from their "living" he...
State Population # Realtors Realtor Density Arizona 6,482,505 38,697         1 in every 168 Residents Hawaii 1,374,810 7,946         1 in every 173 Residents Florida 19,057,542 108,616         1 in every 175 Residents D.C. 617,996 3,205         1 in every 193 Residents Neveda 2,723,322 13,587   ...
To list or not to list a terribly overpriced home.  That is not just a question for every realtor, but any seller debating whether or not to put their home on the market.  Accepting a listing that you know is overpriced can only lead to disaster for everyone involved, but especially the agent inv...


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