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How to calculate a net sheet.  Most states differ in closing costs, but here is what I use for Florida. Everyone who is selling thieir property should know in advance what their net profit is going to be after closing on their home.  Calculating the figure is easier than you think too.  Preparing...
Duct cleaning is totally unnecessary, but I am amazed at how many people fall for the scam anyway as if they are really doing themselves a service.  I have a service that is necessary for you though;  Change your AC filters! Now that another heating season is here, it seems the airwaves of both R...
Why do builders in South Florida ask for such high deposits?  Due to the recent housing bust where buyers were walking away from deposits at alarming rates builders in South Florida, especially new construction condos, are asking for higher deposits in order to insure they are able to complete wh...
Motivational and inspirational words to live by. No matter how bad you may thnk you have it take solace in the fact that it could be worse. I Will Be Happy When...I will be happy when; -I have a million dollars in the bank-I meet my soulmate-I have enough money to buy my dream home-I can travel t...
The ultimate in home staging technique.  This, as performed by Chevy Chase in the movie Funny Farm, is probably as over the top as one can get when it comes to staging your home for sale.  In this case, Chase and his wife were desperate enough to bribe the entire town they were living in to parti...


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