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It's not surprising how many people strictly look at and accept a realtor's numbers over everything else when hiring them, but this blog will introduce you to what you should be looking out for.  I know a Realtor who works in Texas and sells almost 400 homes a year (based on reports to the local ...
I can't take the credit for this rant, but it sure is worth noting.  Good luck to all those trying to get health insurance today.  You're going to need it!  I've been trying for days to no avail and have come to the conclusion that A. I have better things to do, B. It just doesn't work, and C. I'...
This is interesting, but for those who really want to learn more about Christmas' origins pick up a copy of Stephen Nissenbaum's 'The Battle For Christmas' at your local bookstore.  You would be surprised to know that the use of the tree began in Germany with candles for lights and was adopted by...
If you are not using Pinterest then as a realtor you are missing out.  The best part about this site is the fact that you are mostly just using pictures with very little, if any, verbage, so there is no excuse. Pinterest For Real Estate Are you using Pinterest as one of your social media platform...
The renters checklist. Prior to going out and searching for your ideal rental property with your realtor here is a list of items you will need first.  Call it a homework assignment, but in the end it will not only speed up the rental process, but probably get you at the head of the list of even t...
Every realtor should read this!  The last time I wrote a blog about this nobody seemed to care, and one bonehead actually poked fun at it, but grammar is important because millions of people are reading your blogs and MLS listings every day. And if you need help or are too lazy to open a dictiona...
The old saying goes, 'If you can't screw your own family who can you screw?'  Nowhere is it more evident than in the real estate world. My Sister-in-law Betrayed Me!   A few years ago, it was a gut wrenching call.  My own sister in law had betrayed me!  Not really, but it did sting a little.  The...
Whoever writes your lease controls your destiny. There are so many lessors and lessees out there today that have no idea why it is so important for your attorney or realtor to write your lease.  Before you sign anything in a lease at the very least have your attorney or realtor read it over if th...
Of course I would recommend buying a home without seeing it so long as you have absolute trust and confidence in your realtors honesty and capability.   Would You Buy a Home Without Physically Seeing It?   The blog I wrote yesterday about agents previewing homes reminded me of an out of state buy...
Read this blog now if all you realtors out there want to learn anything about industry standards, especially all of you greenhorns who seem to always want to find the fastest and easiest way to a buck. I've heard several people describe real estate as the last industry of pure capitalism.  It's a...

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