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How will global climate change affect Florida? I got news for you.  It is more real than you think.  Experts have predicted, and by the way, warned us for years that this was coming.  Now they have all come to the conclusion that South Florida will be underwater by ten to thirteen feet within my ...
These are tough times for South Florida's first time homebuyers.  These buyers who were scared off from buying during the recession have now come back with a vengence.  They eagerly want to buy a home and are credit worthy.  Only problem is they are competing in a market that is inundated with fo...
Keep it conversational. Ask questions from your audience, present challenges and offer solutions. Never make the same pitch twice. Each sales pitch should be tailored specifically to each audience. Everyone loves stories. Telling good stories in your sales pitch requires gathering as much intell...
Those real estate agents in Florida who are racking up points on Activerain by advertising other realtors' listings as blogs are soon up for a rude awakening.  Now you will actually have to write a real blog. The Florida board of realtors has made it illegal for agents to advertise other agents' ...
Pembroke Falls food truck rally. This is always a big hit with the residents of Pembroke Falls.  More communities should be doing this in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  It brings residents together and supports the local food trucks.  I am a big fan as evidenced in this picture.  The quality and selec...
So you want to go wiht a by owner company?  I get it.  Perhaps you have been wronged in the past by some unscrupulous agent and now you figure you're better off on your own?  Or perhaps you're just cheap?  Or perhaps you just think that you know everything there is to know about real estate, and ...
Activerain brings out the best in realtors.  Unlike other real estate websites Activerain members tend to go out of there way to help one another.  You could argue that it is the point system that drives agents, but I don't buy it.  I have had numerous occasions when I needed help and someone out...


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