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Beautiful, handmade housewarming gift.  If you are looking for a housewarming gift that screams crafty, different, and personal then take a look at this.  I am making these lovely coasters by hand from real wood, usually oak, and can produce them in any color stain you like or just natural.  I al...
I recently wrote a blog on the importance of claiming your dotREALTOR website for free as NAR was giving away the first 500K to realtors.  So I did so on the first day of availability and received a confirmation that the site was complete and up and running only to test it for myself and find out...
Have you claimed your .realtor domain yet? If you have not you are certainly missing out on a pretty nice freebie from the National association of Realtors.  NAR is offering these websites free of charge with no hitch for one year to the first 500,000 realtors who apply and they look absolutely a...
Rochester, NY is my comeback city.  I  live in South Florida, but make it a point to travel to Rochester and surrounding area every year.  It started out as a friendly visit to a friend's place, but now I actually enjoy going there and exploring.    What I have noticed over the years is that Roch...
If I had a dime for every panicked tenant or homeowner who called me freaking out over a leak I would be a rich man by now.  You treat a leak just like a computer hardware or software breakdown, you troubleshoot it.    First, locate where the water is coming from.  If you are in the house a leak ...
If you are Jewish it is that time of year again when we take a whopping 24 hours to atone for our sins by, among other things, fasting.  Now, I don't enjoy this anymore than anyone other Jew who is doing it, but I have finally come to embrace after all these years of doing it.  And I think it all...
I was under the assumption not so very long ago that print advertising was dead as a door nail.  But I came to the rapid realization over the past year that you cannot abandon print altogether, yet.  The reason is simple.  Millenials are very much into social media and the internet when shopping ...


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