florida: Could you live in a tiny house? - 08/25/16 12:32 AM
Could you live in a tiny house?  I know I could.  
And judging by the price of housing today and in America's  major cities I think a lot of others may be willing to settle.  A tiny house in San Francisco just recently sold for$400K. That has to tell you something about the state of housing there.  Actually, you have to earn six figures just to even think about buying a bone there, one of highest in the nation.  
The South Florida area is almost as bad with one caveat, however.  I don't think the city of Miami or any other … (4 comments)

florida: Don't forget the closing costs - 07/06/16 11:31 PM
Buying a new home in South Florida?  Better not forget the closing costs.  I know when I first moved here 22 years ago I almost had a heart attack when I saw them.  South Carolina's closing costs are in the hundreds, but Florida's is in the thousands! 
If you think you have enough for a down payment of say 20% then you better add $10,000 to that figure in order to close.  If you're not getting a mortgage then the closing costs do go down quite a bit, but there are some things you should be aware of.  Part of your closing … (0 comments)

florida: Don't forget about Ft. Lauderdale! - 07/06/16 11:16 PM
Miami and Miami Beach may be the center of the tourist universe, but I would not discount the beauty and liveliness of Ft. Lauderdale either.  Vacationers often touch down at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and make a beeline for I-95 South when some of the best tourist destinations are right under their noses.  
Aside from the fact that Ft. Lauderdale is on the whole cheaper than almost anything down south it has plenty to do and see with a heck of a lot less traffic.  The beach is obvious.  It's completely different than South Beach because it is more family oriented … (0 comments)

florida: Be careful as a landlord with Airbnb - 07/06/16 12:10 PM
I know a lot of you entrepreneurs out there do not want to hear this, but it's only fair that I tell you.  Although Airbnb is a very nice alternative to hiring a real person; i. e., a realtor, it may not always be the safest route for making money legally.  
I am certain that there are many landlords out there who try and successfully skirt around the rules and regulations of your HOA, but rest assured that if and when you get caught the consequences can be quite severe.  Before you get into this read your homeowner's docs to see … (3 comments)

florida: How high is your housing cost burden? - 07/04/16 10:58 AM
Your housing cost burden is the percentage of your income you spend on housing.  Bottom line, if it is more than 30% you are in big trouble.  That number is supposed to be the national average, but South Florida stands way above that national average at a whopping 50% for 25% of residents.  As a matter of fact, South Florida is the worst in the country for housing cost burden according to Harvard University researchers.  
Part of the reason for this is simply the fact that housing in South Florida is severely overpriced.  An executive for a housing builder actually blames … (0 comments)

florida: Our Battle With Dangerous, Invasive Critters of Florida - 08/21/15 03:21 AM
I recently read an blog on why nobody should move to Australia.  The reasoning behind the blog is all of the dangerous animals that inhabit the island from the Tasmanian Devil to the lethal brown snake to name a few.  This got me to thinking that perhaps one would think the same of Florida after reading about all of the dangerous animals and reptiles invading our lovely state.  Here is the difference between Australia and Florida though;  Most of Florida's dangerous and invasive species are not indigenous to the area.  Now we can't get rid of them.  So, without further adieu, … (4 comments)

florida: Pembroke Pines Lakefront, Pool Home For Sale - 08/19/15 02:53 AM
Pembroke Pines lakefront, pool home for sale. 
Offered at $330,000. this lovely 3/2 single family home with two car garage and barrel tile roof is ready for its next lucky occupant.  Boasts tile floors throughout and carpet in bedrooms, screened-in pool overlooking large lake, updated kitchen, and a beautiful stamped concrete, circular driveway.  Located in Pasadena Lakes section, this area does not include an HOA for those who like their freedom.  Call Morris Massre at 954-214-6014 before this one disappears.  Pembroke Pines is a wonderful family neighborhood with plenty of shopping and schools nearby and just a short jaunt to either … (1 comments)

florida: Prepare your home for sale in advance - 07/21/15 02:03 AM
Prepare your home for sale in advance.
If you have a laundry list of things to do you would usually put together a game plan and tackle them one by one with the important ones at the top.  When selling your home one should do the same, but in this case, everything is important. 
Your best bet is to go through the house with a fine tooth comb, moving furniture and pulling out appliances that you haven't for years and checking out what lurks behind and under them.  Inspect every detail of all the appliances and air conditioning to make sure … (1 comments)

florida: Unreliable Real Estate Websites Very Misleading - 07/15/15 03:28 AM
Unreliable real estate websites very misleading.
When I take a listing part of my attraction to potential clients is the fact that their listing will be advertised on the web.  We start with the reputable websites like realtor.com or the company's site, but somehow without our aid the listing takes on a life of its own like the blob and continues to grow and grow until it is on over 100 websites. 
And though this may sound fantastic to the owner of the property because his property is circulating around the web big time, the reality is that we as realtors have … (0 comments)

florida: Mill Creek New Construction in Cooper City, Florida - 06/19/15 03:31 AM

New luxury estate homes featuring 5 bedrooms, 4-4.5 baths,
up to 4,300 sq. ft. plus all with 3-car garages from the mid $700s
Available now in Cooper City, Florida! 
Call me to arrange a viewing or for more information on this remaining closeout new construction opportunity in Broward County's premiere area.  You won't want to miss this or the county's best schools. 
Contact Morris Massre of BHHS Florida Realty at 954-214-6014
or email me at AgentSunState@gmail.com

florida: Open houses - What are they good for? Absolutely nothing - 06/19/15 02:04 AM
Open houses -  What are they good for?  Absolutely nothing. 
Say it again!  Have I gotten my point across now?  The general concensus among realtors is that open houses almost never sell that house.  Think about that for a minute and whether or not you, as a realtor or FSBO, have ever sold your home or listing.  So why do realtors do it?  Because their sellers insist on it and are forced to please them.  Why do FSBOs do it?  Because they have no choice.  They are too cheap to advertise or hire a professional realtor. 
My best friend is a … (0 comments)

florida: Venezuela & Quatar have little in common for all their oil riches - 06/09/15 01:57 AM
Venezuela and Quatar have little in common for all their oil riches.
And that is because that is where all their similarties end.  The difference between the two countries' success and failures is simple.  Whereas Quatar re-invested all of it's oil profits in real estate, Venezuela put all of its trust into the hands of a greedy tyrant who bought his way into power with the promise of Socialist riches for everyone. 
This is what it looks like for hungry Venezuelans every day.  These people are waiting in line for groceries for hours and will be lucky to just walk away … (1 comments)

florida: Dania, Florida condo near the beach for rent - 05/31/15 06:41 AM
Dania, Florida condo near the beach for rent.
Located just minutes from Hollywood Beach this 2/2 renovated 3rd floor condo overlooks a lake and features a screened-in patio and a completely overhauled kitchen and bathrooms.  Entire unit boasts tile throughout as well.  Although the unit draws a remarkably nice breeze with open doors it still has a brand new central AC unit.  
Meadowbrook of Dania also includes a wonderful pool and clubhouse for use by its tenants.  This is one of the few units in Meadowbrook that allows leasing, so take advantage of it now.  This unit is vacant and ready for … (1 comments)

florida: What is a CDD and why should I care? - 05/15/15 03:40 AM
What is a CDD and why should I care?
A lot of new home buyers have no idea what a CDD is and why they should even care when they purchase a new construction home and that is a shame because it is actually quite important.  A CDD is a Community Development District.  It is a governmental unit created to serve the long-term needs of its community.  It's main objective is to plan, finance, construct, operate, and maintain community infrastructure for the benefits of residents. 
In laymans terms a CDD is essentially nothing more than an assessment that appears for a negotiated … (0 comments)

florida: Are your blogs pretty or substantive? - 04/15/15 04:44 AM
Are your blogs pretty or substantive?
Everyday I scroll through the limitless piles of blogs on ActiveRain searching for something worthy of a comment or re-blog and most of time I find myself out of luck.  Do not be offended ActiveRain bloggers because what you write probably works for many.  It's just that not all of it works for me. 
Blogs shouldn't have to come with pretty colors and amazing picutures to get your point across.  One should also read for substance.  Afterall, the purpose of a blog is to inform I would suppose, so make your blogs worth reading.  It seems … (0 comments)

florida: South Florida millennials are becoming a rental society - 04/15/15 03:44 AM
South Florida millennials are quickly becoming a rental society.
There is a lot of blame to go around.  We always ask ourselves why millennials aren't buying now when it's a very good time to do so.  There are many reasons for that.  So without further ado;
Millennials have been completely priced out of the market.  They are just starting out in the world, the workforce, and in relationships, so money is tight.  There was a time when $200K would get you a fine home here, but now there is nothing out there in a three bedroom less than $300K.  You really have to … (2 comments)

florida: Estoppel Letters; An HOA Screwjob - 03/23/15 02:29 AM
Estoppel letters; An HOA screwjob.
Every time you sell a home that is part of an association in this country an estoppel letter is required in order to close.  Essentially it is a short letter stating the following: 
Name of the association Name of the unit/parcel owner Description of the property (legal description is not required but at least the parcel address or unit number.  Total amount owed to the association Date through which that total amount is owed Instructions on where to sent payment Signature of an officer of the association or authorized agent.
Now, with the exception … (1 comments)

florida: Let's Get Real About ForSaleByOwner. com - 02/23/15 12:49 AM
Let's get real about forsalebyowner.com people.
After a considerable amount of studying how this for sale by owner system works two things stand out to me - they supposedly hate realtors, yet their entire philosophy is based on what we do as professionals and all the tools they provide you are the same things you can get in any store or online yourself. 
The fact that this site actually tells its consumers to stop wasting money on realtors offends me.  When they say you can save thousands by selling your home on your own they conveniently leave out a … (4 comments)

florida: "I am not satisfied, you're fired" - 01/15/15 02:24 AM
What does Kiplinger know about real estate?  Nothing. 
After reading an article in Kiplinger titled "What you should know about hiring a real estate agent" I have come to the conclusion that the author probably never sold a damned thing in his or her life and has probably also been watching way to much reality television. 
This link will take you to this ridiculous article.  http://www.kiplinger.com/article/real-estate/T010-C000-S001-hire-a-pro.html
However, what bothered me in particular, and this goes for those who are also entertaining the thought of selling their home as well, is that this writer suggest writing in the following phrase … (0 comments)

florida: Weston Hills of Florida Home Values - 11/18/14 02:09 AM
Weston Hills of Florida Home Values.
Thus far, Weston Hills in Weston has been has been holding steady with home values over the last ten years, even with the recession.  Although the median home value for the zip code in Weston is at about $400,000., Weston Hills is above the norm at $742,000.

Home appreciation over the last ten years is also doing quite well at 16.3% for Weston Hills.  This is a very good community for families and is close to all of Broward county's best schools.  If you are looking to sell or rent in Weston please … (0 comments)

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