miami: Miami Beach Condo Market Looking Gloomy - 01/19/17 07:15 AM
Miami Beach's condo market, and Miami in general for that matter, is not looking so good.  That may depend on who you ask, but strictly from a numbers standpoint supply is beginning to outstript demand.  I realize some may lead you to believe that sale prices are still the same.  In fact, most are still going up.  But remember, a lot of them have not closed yet.  Closed prices tell the real tale here.  
Sales are down over 20% and that is a big number.  The luxury condo market is taking a big hit too.  But, hey, a monkey could have … (0 comments)

miami: Miami is ripe for a riot - 09/22/16 11:54 PM
Miami is ripe for a riot.
I don't say this lightly either.  But in light of recent riots around the country and the slow pushing out of Blacks in the inner city by greedy developers can only lead to one thing.  However, riots need a trigger and it's just a matter of time before some racist, corrupt cop kills another Black man in Miami this time.  
In case you haven't heard this has happened before in the 1980s and it wasn't pretty.  The Liberty City and Overtown were in flames.  Sadly, nothing has changed for these people here.  These two areas remain … (3 comments)

miami: Could you live in a tiny house? - 08/25/16 12:32 AM
Could you live in a tiny house?  I know I could.  
And judging by the price of housing today and in America's  major cities I think a lot of others may be willing to settle.  A tiny house in San Francisco just recently sold for$400K. That has to tell you something about the state of housing there.  Actually, you have to earn six figures just to even think about buying a bone there, one of highest in the nation.  
The South Florida area is almost as bad with one caveat, however.  I don't think the city of Miami or any other … (4 comments)

miami: An international city needs first class public transportation - 07/28/16 12:12 AM
The city of Miami claims it wants to be an international city. That probably explains the reason for all of the building downtown and remodeling on the beach.  It may even explain all of the festivals.  But in order to be a truly international city you need the best public transporation possible, and what we have now is embarrassing.  
The Tri-Rail is nice, but developed more for commuters. It travels north-south and pretty much takes people to work.  The Metro, on the other hand, runs east-west and pretty much runs from the airport and points in between and downtown.  The buses … (0 comments)

miami: Still don't believe in climate change? - 07/13/16 12:44 AM
Everyone wants to move to Florida, especially Miami, because of the weather.  I get it.  I can see how one would get sick of the extreme cold up north, but remember that what you have in extreme cold up there we have in extreme heat down here.  And it's about to get worse.  Climate change is not only flooding this place as I have said before, but it's making it a lot warmer and more humid.  It's no wonder my air conditioning bill hovers around $250. a month.  
You may say that you don't mind, but take into account the fact … (0 comments)

miami: We haven't been this divided since the 1960s - 07/11/16 01:12 AM
I thought for a while there that we as a people have turned a corner in this country and have become more accepting and tolerant of others.  But I guess I was wrong.  I am troubled by what I see now on the news almost every day.  If someone isn't killing a black man then they are killing a blue man and vice versa.  Indians still live on reservations for crying out loud!  Have any of you even met one I wonder?  Jews are still to blame for everything that goes wrong.  Hispanics have been blamed for all of our immigration … (1 comments)

miami: Be careful as a landlord with Airbnb - 07/06/16 12:10 PM
I know a lot of you entrepreneurs out there do not want to hear this, but it's only fair that I tell you.  Although Airbnb is a very nice alternative to hiring a real person; i. e., a realtor, it may not always be the safest route for making money legally.  
I am certain that there are many landlords out there who try and successfully skirt around the rules and regulations of your HOA, but rest assured that if and when you get caught the consequences can be quite severe.  Before you get into this read your homeowner's docs to see … (3 comments)

miami: Yes, a deep cleaning does make a difference - 07/05/16 12:18 AM
There is a difference between a cleaning and a deep cleaning.  If you want your home sold quickly and to appraise for a bit more it is best if you go as deep cleaning as possible.  I would even argue that this is even more important than staging.  
One should attack the job like a spring cleaning and do the things that are probably ignored all year.  I will include in this list the top of your refrigerator, dusty blinds, moldy tubs, filthy grout, stained carpet, window ledges, under the beds, and the water faucets just to name a few.  I … (1 comments)

miami: How high is your housing cost burden? - 07/04/16 10:58 AM
Your housing cost burden is the percentage of your income you spend on housing.  Bottom line, if it is more than 30% you are in big trouble.  That number is supposed to be the national average, but South Florida stands way above that national average at a whopping 50% for 25% of residents.  As a matter of fact, South Florida is the worst in the country for housing cost burden according to Harvard University researchers.  
Part of the reason for this is simply the fact that housing in South Florida is severely overpriced.  An executive for a housing builder actually blames … (0 comments)

miami: Here's what we can do about climate change in South Florida - 07/03/16 02:33 AM
I am worried about climate change and you should be too if you live in South Florida.  Experts have been painting a very ugly picture of Florida's future if we don't start to change as human beings now because climate change is essentially caused by us. We have the power to make things right, but it will certainly take more than just a village. We now know that like New Orleans, South Florida is sinking at an alarming rate. And unlike Miami, New Orleans has always been sinking. Their problem is soft soil and erosion, not pollution. The city continues to … (21 comments)

miami: Huge income gap in Miami - 07/02/16 12:14 AM
There is a huge income gap in Miami and the entire South Florida area for that matter.  Yesterday two article appeared in the papers.  The first, which is national, stated that Miami is the worst place in the country to live and the second, a local paper, rebutted with sarcasm.
What the first was talking about is the income gap.  Miami has gotten to the point of haves and have nots.  Of course, it is a beautiful city with lots to do.  Nobody disputes that.  The problem stems from the fact that the majority of people that live here can't even afford … (0 comments)

miami: Climate change is real in South Florida - 06/26/16 11:47 PM
There's been a lot of talk about climate change lately, especially here in Miami.   But I wonder what is being done about it and how we as a people can do.  I have already seen what happens to Miami-Dade and Miami Beach after an afternoon shower, so I can't even imagine what a hurricane would do with a direct hit.  
Miami Beach officials have already started with new water run off pipes under the ground on Alton Rd.  But that was only one road and came at a cost to my understanding of over $400 million!  At this pace it … (2 comments)

miami: A hotel is not just a place to sleep - 06/24/16 09:17 AM
A hotel is not just a place to sleep.
Unless you're just plain cheap.  I was thinking about this recently as over the years I have come to find that not all hotels are the same and you certainly get what you pay for.  A hotel should be warm, inviting to the soul, appealing to the eye, nd make you feel good about your stay in the area.  You should actually want to go back there after a day out sightseeing or working.  If you get depressed in a hotel then you're certainly in the wrong place. 
Staying in a Hilton or Marriott, … (1 comments)

miami: So you still think you can afford to live in Miami? - 06/24/16 08:52 AM
So you still think you can afford to live in Miami?
I have been called a lot of things in my lifetime as a realtor, but a realist is not one of them.  I write about what is truthful concerning South Florida real estate and I am not about to mince word now.  When I first started in the business in 1997 you could buy a three bedroom home for well under $200,000. stocked to the gills.  Finding a home to buy or to rent was really quite easy too.  Rentals were plentiful, buyers didn't lie on their mortgage applications, mortgage brokers … (1 comments)

miami: Our Battle With Dangerous, Invasive Critters of Florida - 08/21/15 03:21 AM
I recently read an blog on why nobody should move to Australia.  The reasoning behind the blog is all of the dangerous animals that inhabit the island from the Tasmanian Devil to the lethal brown snake to name a few.  This got me to thinking that perhaps one would think the same of Florida after reading about all of the dangerous animals and reptiles invading our lovely state.  Here is the difference between Australia and Florida though;  Most of Florida's dangerous and invasive species are not indigenous to the area.  Now we can't get rid of them.  So, without further adieu, … (4 comments)

miami: Must see sites of South Florida - 07/06/15 09:35 AM
I have compiled a list of the most important sites every tourist and local alike must see while in South Florida.  And while most people will insist on the obvious like South Beach and the water taxi tours,  my list is a lot more eclectic, cultural, local, and different.  Here is my list in order of importance and how much time you will need to visit each.  Keep in mind that all are my opinions only and there are many other places and attractions, but these are the ones that I feel are off the beaten path and a little less … (2 comments)

miami: What is a CDD and why should I care? - 05/15/15 03:40 AM
What is a CDD and why should I care?
A lot of new home buyers have no idea what a CDD is and why they should even care when they purchase a new construction home and that is a shame because it is actually quite important.  A CDD is a Community Development District.  It is a governmental unit created to serve the long-term needs of its community.  It's main objective is to plan, finance, construct, operate, and maintain community infrastructure for the benefits of residents. 
In laymans terms a CDD is essentially nothing more than an assessment that appears for a negotiated … (0 comments)

miami: South Florida millennials are becoming a rental society - 04/15/15 03:44 AM
South Florida millennials are quickly becoming a rental society.
There is a lot of blame to go around.  We always ask ourselves why millennials aren't buying now when it's a very good time to do so.  There are many reasons for that.  So without further ado;
Millennials have been completely priced out of the market.  They are just starting out in the world, the workforce, and in relationships, so money is tight.  There was a time when $200K would get you a fine home here, but now there is nothing out there in a three bedroom less than $300K.  You really have to … (2 comments)

miami: Another Reason to Drive a Hybrid in South Florida - 03/17/15 03:02 AM
Another reason to drive a hybrid in South Florida. 
As a realtor it is, in my opinion, more important to drive a car that is more sensable than flashy.  However, in South Florida most would think the opposite.  And I get it.  You want to live the image.  If that is who you are then so be it.  But for me, saving gas, leaving a smaller footprint on the environment, and now driving toll lanes for free is reason enough. 
Just call me the green realtor.  I'm all about saving the earth.  But driving free through toll lanes in … (2 comments)

miami: Convince me that a condo is a good investment - 11/11/14 03:32 AM
Convince me that a condo is a good investment. 
I dare you.  I am not going to cite any fancy graphs or experts to convince you that it is not because my better judgment tells me that at least in the Miami area you are flirting with disaster.  Don't get me wrong.  I want to sell you one or sell your condo.  That is what I am in business for, but I would be remiss if I did not present you with the proper idealogy behind the whole condo boom. 
Here are the facts in a nutshell;  Condos are … (0 comments)

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