miamidade: Miami Beach Condo Market Looking Gloomy - 01/19/17 07:15 AM
Miami Beach's condo market, and Miami in general for that matter, is not looking so good.  That may depend on who you ask, but strictly from a numbers standpoint supply is beginning to outstript demand.  I realize some may lead you to believe that sale prices are still the same.  In fact, most are still going up.  But remember, a lot of them have not closed yet.  Closed prices tell the real tale here.  
Sales are down over 20% and that is a big number.  The luxury condo market is taking a big hit too.  But, hey, a monkey could have … (0 comments)

miamidade: Lincoln Road Miami Beach causing it's own demise - 11/16/16 11:10 PM
Lincoln Road Miami causing it's own demise.
Lincoln Road on Miami Beach has long been known as a wonderful closed outdoor street to stroll, shop, and eat.  But like everything else in real estate life it got way too popular.  So, out with the old and in with the new retailers by way of raised rent.  Today it costs a whopping $325. per square foot to rent retail space there.  At that price it's darn near impossible to make any of profit.  
Once upon a time all of the retailers and restaurants there were local mom and pop stores that paid good … (0 comments)

miamidade: Miami is ripe for a riot - 09/22/16 11:54 PM
Miami is ripe for a riot.
I don't say this lightly either.  But in light of recent riots around the country and the slow pushing out of Blacks in the inner city by greedy developers can only lead to one thing.  However, riots need a trigger and it's just a matter of time before some racist, corrupt cop kills another Black man in Miami this time.  
In case you haven't heard this has happened before in the 1980s and it wasn't pretty.  The Liberty City and Overtown were in flames.  Sadly, nothing has changed for these people here.  These two areas remain … (3 comments)

miamidade: Could you live in a tiny house? - 08/25/16 12:32 AM
Could you live in a tiny house?  I know I could.  
And judging by the price of housing today and in America's  major cities I think a lot of others may be willing to settle.  A tiny house in San Francisco just recently sold for$400K. That has to tell you something about the state of housing there.  Actually, you have to earn six figures just to even think about buying a bone there, one of highest in the nation.  
The South Florida area is almost as bad with one caveat, however.  I don't think the city of Miami or any other … (4 comments)

miamidade: An international city needs first class public transportation - 07/28/16 12:12 AM
The city of Miami claims it wants to be an international city. That probably explains the reason for all of the building downtown and remodeling on the beach.  It may even explain all of the festivals.  But in order to be a truly international city you need the best public transporation possible, and what we have now is embarrassing.  
The Tri-Rail is nice, but developed more for commuters. It travels north-south and pretty much takes people to work.  The Metro, on the other hand, runs east-west and pretty much runs from the airport and points in between and downtown.  The buses … (0 comments)

miamidade: Top 10 rules for driving in Miami - 07/06/16 03:34 AM
Top 10 rules for driving in Miami.
1. Never use a a blinker.  That would be way too courteous.
2. Cut off as many people as possible before an exit or at a bottleneck.
3. Drive extremely slow in the left lane.
4. Wear your earbuds while driving.  You wouldn't want to hear anything like an ambulance behind you.
5. Always back in when parking, but don't let anyone behind you know what you are doing.
6. Honk as much as possible.  
7. Never keep up with the maintenance of your car so that it breaks down in the middle lane of I-95.
8. Run every stop light … (3 comments)

miamidade: How high is your housing cost burden? - 07/04/16 10:58 AM
Your housing cost burden is the percentage of your income you spend on housing.  Bottom line, if it is more than 30% you are in big trouble.  That number is supposed to be the national average, but South Florida stands way above that national average at a whopping 50% for 25% of residents.  As a matter of fact, South Florida is the worst in the country for housing cost burden according to Harvard University researchers.  
Part of the reason for this is simply the fact that housing in South Florida is severely overpriced.  An executive for a housing builder actually blames … (0 comments)

miamidade: Here's what we can do about climate change in South Florida - 07/03/16 02:33 AM
I am worried about climate change and you should be too if you live in South Florida.  Experts have been painting a very ugly picture of Florida's future if we don't start to change as human beings now because climate change is essentially caused by us. We have the power to make things right, but it will certainly take more than just a village. We now know that like New Orleans, South Florida is sinking at an alarming rate. And unlike Miami, New Orleans has always been sinking. Their problem is soft soil and erosion, not pollution. The city continues to … (21 comments)

miamidade: Huge income gap in Miami - 07/02/16 12:14 AM
There is a huge income gap in Miami and the entire South Florida area for that matter.  Yesterday two article appeared in the papers.  The first, which is national, stated that Miami is the worst place in the country to live and the second, a local paper, rebutted with sarcasm.
What the first was talking about is the income gap.  Miami has gotten to the point of haves and have nots.  Of course, it is a beautiful city with lots to do.  Nobody disputes that.  The problem stems from the fact that the majority of people that live here can't even afford … (0 comments)

miamidade: Climate change is real in South Florida - 06/26/16 11:47 PM
There's been a lot of talk about climate change lately, especially here in Miami.   But I wonder what is being done about it and how we as a people can do.  I have already seen what happens to Miami-Dade and Miami Beach after an afternoon shower, so I can't even imagine what a hurricane would do with a direct hit.  
Miami Beach officials have already started with new water run off pipes under the ground on Alton Rd.  But that was only one road and came at a cost to my understanding of over $400 million!  At this pace it … (2 comments)

miamidade: Our Battle With Dangerous, Invasive Critters of Florida - 08/21/15 03:21 AM
I recently read an blog on why nobody should move to Australia.  The reasoning behind the blog is all of the dangerous animals that inhabit the island from the Tasmanian Devil to the lethal brown snake to name a few.  This got me to thinking that perhaps one would think the same of Florida after reading about all of the dangerous animals and reptiles invading our lovely state.  Here is the difference between Australia and Florida though;  Most of Florida's dangerous and invasive species are not indigenous to the area.  Now we can't get rid of them.  So, without further adieu, … (4 comments)

miamidade: Prepare your home for sale in advance - 07/21/15 02:03 AM
Prepare your home for sale in advance.
If you have a laundry list of things to do you would usually put together a game plan and tackle them one by one with the important ones at the top.  When selling your home one should do the same, but in this case, everything is important. 
Your best bet is to go through the house with a fine tooth comb, moving furniture and pulling out appliances that you haven't for years and checking out what lurks behind and under them.  Inspect every detail of all the appliances and air conditioning to make sure … (1 comments)

miamidade: Unreliable Real Estate Websites Very Misleading - 07/15/15 03:28 AM
Unreliable real estate websites very misleading.
When I take a listing part of my attraction to potential clients is the fact that their listing will be advertised on the web.  We start with the reputable websites like or the company's site, but somehow without our aid the listing takes on a life of its own like the blob and continues to grow and grow until it is on over 100 websites. 
And though this may sound fantastic to the owner of the property because his property is circulating around the web big time, the reality is that we as realtors have … (0 comments)

miamidade: South Florida millennials are becoming a rental society - 04/15/15 03:44 AM
South Florida millennials are quickly becoming a rental society.
There is a lot of blame to go around.  We always ask ourselves why millennials aren't buying now when it's a very good time to do so.  There are many reasons for that.  So without further ado;
Millennials have been completely priced out of the market.  They are just starting out in the world, the workforce, and in relationships, so money is tight.  There was a time when $200K would get you a fine home here, but now there is nothing out there in a three bedroom less than $300K.  You really have to … (2 comments)

miamidade: Miami developer wants to build on top of historic Tequesta site - 02/14/14 03:00 AM
Miami developer wants to build on top of historic Tequesta site. 
You may think I am a sentimentalist or anti-development when it comes to preserving Miami's historic sites, but if we allow developers to build over everything there will nothing left to show the world of our history.  There were others here in Miami long before us and we have almost nothing to show for it. 
I do not think we need another Mexico City where the Spanish built their empire and capital over the Aztec empire. Recently, a Tequesta Indian village was found as developers were breaking ground … (0 comments)

miamidade: Why do builders in South Florida ask for such high deposits? - 11/14/13 03:40 AM
Why do builders in South Florida ask for such high deposits? 
Due to the recent housing bust where buyers were walking away from deposits at alarming rates builders in South Florida, especially new construction condos, are asking for higher deposits in order to insure they are able to complete what they started.  This essentially means that if you do not have a large cash reserve to buy then you will be left out in the cold.  It also explains why most buyers are foreigners.  Will this help prevent another housing crash in South Florida?  Only time will tell.  However, taking large … (2 comments)

miamidade: Miami Condo Boom and Bust is Cyclical - 10/30/13 05:28 AM
I do not wish this on the city of Miami, but one has to wonder if the recent condo sale developments will change for the worst in the near future.  Miami-Dade County foreign investors are probably living in a state of denial right now because they just keep on coming from as far away countries as Brazil and Venezuela to name a few. 

Just a few years ago the city went through this same boom and bust cycle and it appears that nobody has learned a thing from it.  The real estate market in the US, especially places like Miami, … (0 comments)

miamidade: The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Nothing! - 12/08/11 08:33 AM
After viewing so many people in South Florida simply allowing themselves to go into foreclosure I have come to conclusion that many of these people that are underwater ignore what is happening to them and hope that it just goes away.  Well, I got news for you all that think this way, it doesn't.  Sooner or later it all catches up with you and it's not worth it. 
By simply hiring an experienced realtor and attorney you can get yourself out of the hole with little or no money out of pocket.  Yes, it's a short sale and they are painful, … (3 comments)

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