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I was hired to take photos of is home. It is listing by a great agent from our office. She took some photos 2 months ago and they not interest buyers I guess. So, home didn't get an attention it deserves. I am sharing with you photos of the same house taken by a listing agent and me, two months l...
No, I will not tell you why it is so stinky when you drive around the port area...just a couple advises on the other matter.   Do you need to dispose of large household items that won't fit in your garbage container? Consider using Call-2-Haul. Available by appointment twice a year. It is a free ...
I always loved cats; I had my own had when I was 8 years old. I did bring it home from my friend's house. It was 4 weeks old tabby. He was my friend, he even eat pickles if I wanted him too. We called him Kis-kis. Then I had Nika, who was female and she was the biggest thief in the world. If anyt...
North East Tacoma, WA 98422. Browns Point and Dash Point. April 2008. In February 2008 the Real Estate market in NE Tacoma started with 204 homes for sale. During this month 23 sales were pending, 19 homes were sold, 11 listings were cancelled and 9 expired. At the end of April, we had 10.7 month...
Since the last photo related blog was so popular, I decided to share some more stories about real estate photography. Last week I showed a very nice home, which is listed by the owner on MLS for owner, to my buyer. A day before the actual showing, I went to preview the property myself. The owner ...
Если у вас достаточно заложенного имущества в вашем доме, вы всё ещё можете получить солидную сумму денег от продажи в нынешнем, медленном рынке недвижимости. До тех пор пока продажа дома не идёт вопреки вашему финансовому состоянию, это всегда безопасно.Рынок недвижимости всегда имеет свои циклы...

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