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 Here is the harsh reality of our industry. There are over a million NAR members. Eighty to ninety percent of all new licensees leave after 1-3 years in business. The average work week according to several studies conducted by NAR and a few other organizations for the average Realtor is 60 hours...
Question: What would be the most significant, least expensive TIME SAVING thing I could do to expand my BUSINESS - without the help of an assistant? What would be the first step you would suggest? Or, is an assistant essential for success? When you are starting off the last thing that I think an...
Question: What can I say if I don't have a ton of LISTINGS to brag about on the listing appt? I do the "hands-on" approach, personal service, etc., but keep losing to agents who carry 20-30 LISTINGS I suggest developing a specific plan of action, and have at least one or two unique factors. Like...
Well, the day finally came, we moved into our dream home.  Although  many people, especially real estate people move quite often, I don't. I have been in the same house for over 12 years because I refused to move because of the process for so many years.  But, I finally gave into my wife and agre...
The past few tips I have talked about prospecting over the phone and at the door after a lead is generated using many offline and online lead generation and prospecting techniques. It will do you no good to go through the pain of prospecting if you do not follow up on the leads you generate so th...
This week I want to talk a little more about negotiating. Although it isn't a specific listing strategy I felt it would be a good place to insert something about negotiation:) Do you consider yourself a negotiator? If you want to make a lot of money in real estate I sure hope so! I believe learni...
Question: I have lost many LISTINGS to lesser qualified co-brokers because they "buy" the listing. How do you then ask for a price drop especially if you didn't tell them it was overpriced or not what you recommended in the first place. Be honest with themit is okay to not get an overpriced listi...
Question: I have been primarily a Buyers Agent and wanted very much to make the change to becoming a LISTING Agent this year. In doing so, I have hurt my income tremendously and have not thus far produced but one LISTING Don't shut down what you're doing until you have cash flowBuyers may not be ...


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This blog is a semi-daily blog written by long time top agent and co-founder of Brian Rodgers. Brian is probably most well known for having sold 318 homes in a single year with just one assistant by leveraging time, people and systems.