brian rodgers: How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Mortgage Tips Series - 01/09/08 09:25 AM
Here is a good example based on the scenario of an average family. If you are an average family of four making $50,000 a year, let us assume that you are saving annually at the same rate as most Americans. This rate of savings as reported by our government is about 4% of your income every year. This would mean that you are putting $2000.00 in the bank every year for future purposes. This comes out to around $167.00 a month. Right now you are probably receiving less than 1% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on your passbook savings. Why not take … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Deciding which lender to use or vice versa...................................... - 01/09/08 09:02 AM
I get asked the question all the time, "How did you decide what lender to use and recommend most often in your business"?Now, before answering that question, it is important to understand that I firmly believe that the Realtor/Lender relationship is one of the most important relationships you can have in your business.  It boggles my mind why so many Realtors and mortgage brokers have an adverserial relationship. Below is how I chose my lender, but if I were a lender this is exactly how I would have chosen a Realtor to work with. 
In Hutchinson, I have used the same lender … (1 comments)

brian rodgers: How To Catch a Wild Animal or Converting Prospects - 01/08/08 09:33 AM
How to Convert Your Prospects into Customers
How to Catch a Wild Animal!
Every one wants more prospects for their real estate business. There are all kinds of marketing tools for capturing prospects, but how do you really convert them into clients or customers?
In the past 14 years I have been involved in just about every aspect of the real estate business from residential and commercial sales, development, personal investing,office management and presently on the training side of the business. Being directly involved in so many aspects of the real estate business over the years, there is one … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tip Seires - Conclusion - 01/08/08 02:08 AM
Let's Get Together Soon Buying your first home can be one of the most exciting times of your life or it can be a nightmare.  I hope that I have demonstrated throughout this series of messages that I understand what it takes to make the process simple and hassle free.  I stand ready to help make your dream a reality.  Give a call, drop me an e-mail or visit my Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Site today

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips Series - Closing the deal - 01/08/08 02:05 AM
Closing The Deal
It is important to make sure the closing goes smoothly.  There are a lot of people that will be involved in the transaction of buying your house. Any one of these people could possibly make the difference between closing on time or even cosing at all.
Here is a list of who these might include.
Mortgage brokerLoan processorRealtorSellerHome inspectorPest and dry rot inspectorAppraiserHandymanTitle officerInsurance agent  
The list could be smaller but you can see there are a lot of people involved in the purchase of a home.  Picking the right people when purchasing your … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Real Estate Time Management Tips Series from Brian Rodgers - Schedule a Power Hour - 01/08/08 01:55 AM
 It’s very easy to keep track of all your marketing and its progress if you just spend a few minutes each week taking a look at things.
Sunday night or Monday morning works well for me. Put this meeting time down in ink...carve it in stone. Always keep this meeting.
Treat it like it’s with someone very important because it is...YOU.
Check your marketing plan for the week. Check the results from the week before. See how each method is working.
For those Strategies that are working well and progressing, keep doing them. Stop doing the ones … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Taking Time To Reflect And Record Your Daily Successes - 01/07/08 09:41 AM
Most of us have succeeded at many things in our lifetime at some point or another. If you look at the timeline of life, these types of things happened along in our journey: Born ... Learned to walk ... Learned to communicate with others ... Learned to read ... Did a cartwheel or some other type of physical skill like you threw a baseball ... Got a good grade in school ... Went on your first date ... Went to the prom ... Made the basketball team ... Won a ping pong tournament ... Graduated from high school ... Got accepted … (1 comments)

brian rodgers: Looking New Construction in Hutchinson Kansas - Brian Rodgers - 01/07/08 07:21 AM
Looking at New Construction   If you are thinking about new construction, it pays to have me along as your real estate professional. Most reputable builders are happy to work with agents, and when it comes time to looking at a builder contract, you'll be glad you have representation. If you're thinking of looking at new construction, reply to this message or call before you do. I'm confident that I can save you time and money! For more information please visit my Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Website

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips - How Much Home Do I Qualify For? - 01/06/08 03:52 AM
Income. Debt. Down Payment. Closing Costs. Two Years Income Tax Returns. Assets. Liabilities. IRAs. You want WHAT? Just what can I afford?  
Buying a home in today’s marketplace is a bit intimidating, and your new home purchase is likely to be one of the most important decisions you’ve ever had to make. Usually it’s one of the single most valuable assets you’ll own.
Where to Start Before you invest hundreds of hours searching, to avoid any heartbreak, if you find yourself unable to qualify for your dream home, sit down with a lender. Your lender can perform a simple … (1 comments)

brian rodgers: What Else Does A Real Estate Professional do for You? - 01/06/08 03:41 AM
Besides helping you find the house you are looking for, a good buyers agent will be instrumental in helping you negotiate a fair purchase price and will be excellent at managing all the details of the closing process.
The real work comes in helping you to negotiate the best offer for the property and then keeping on top of the loan process as well as coordinating the title company with the lender, your insurance company and the seller or seller’s Realtor.
Let’s look at the process that occurs after the offer is accepted.
Once the offer is accepted … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Don't Tolerate No Shows - 01/06/08 02:24 AM
The customer expects you to be there you should expect and make sure they’re there also. 
 Does this sound familiar?
You have four buyer clients scheduled for the day. You think today is going to be a good day. You need one after last week. You meet with the first buyer clients. Not what you expected but that’s OK, you think to yourself. You still have three clients left.  And then you get to the second appointment and no one is there. You call back to the office but the person can’t be located.
You’ve been stood up.  

brian rodgers: How to Find the Right Professional to Help You Get the Home You Desire. - 01/06/08 02:13 AM
When you are new to the home buying process it can seem a little daunting at first.  There are many questions that arise.  How does the whole process work?  Where is the best neighborhood to buy property?  How do I find the professionals I need to help me through the entire process?  
People want to know what they should look  for in a Realtor and why they should even use a Realtor when looking for home of their own.
First of all it is easy to find houses all over the internet.  So why not just do searches yourself … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Asking Questions - The key to getting the sale - 01/05/08 06:52 AM
This is probably the most important part of your buyer/lisitng appointment preparation, and the key to improved sales conversion! It is also the weakest element of many people’s sales appointment. At this stage I’d like to point out a very common mistake Realtors make when meeting a prospect for the first time. They greet the prospect and then start to run through their presentation. STOP. STOP. STOP! How on earth can you tell the prospect what they need and want if you don’t know what’s important to them in the first place? This is why you must ask questions. Having just said … (8 comments)

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips Series From Brian Rodgers - Tip # 6 - 01/05/08 05:21 AM
Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips Series From Brian Rodgers - Tip # 6 
In addition to choosing a type of loan, you must also consider which lender to use. Once again, several factors of a loan will influence your decision.
Annual Percentage Rate (APR)-This most likely is the best way to make an "apples-to-apples" comparison of lenders. The APR reflects the cost of credit on a yearly rate and includes any points and fees in addition to the interest rate.
Interest Rate-Find out the rate the lender will commit and how long the lender will guarantee it. Get … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips Series From Brian Rodgers - Tip # 5 - 01/05/08 04:26 AM
Which Mortgage Do I Choose?  
Key Questions to Ask Yourself and Lenders When Shopping for a Mortgage!
Traditional Fixed Rate Mortgage? Graduated-Payment Mortgage? Adjustable Rate Mortgage? FHA Mortgage? Two-Step Mortgage?
You are wondering which kind of mortgage is best.
 The answer: There is no one correct answer. Deciding which type of mortgage will best fulfill your needs can be difficult. There are so many types of loans and different term lengths. Your choice is extremely important and can take some time and effort to research.
While often neglected by home-buyers, a little research before choosing your mortgage can … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Market Report For 2007 - 01/04/08 03:50 AM
Hutchinson, KS 67502
Here are the sales numbers primarily for the Hutchinson Kansas real estate market. Last year I reported that total real estate sales increased about 1.2% over 2005.
For 2007, the residential sales in Hutchinson (only) volume dropped 3.1%. However in the outlying cities and towns that we service also, volume dropped by 10.2%. Most of this volume drop occurred in the second half of 2007(sub-prime mortgage meltdown).
The average sales price in Hutchinson for 2006 was $102,000 but that increased to $110,000 in 2007.
Although Hutchinson residential sales dropped 3.1%, commercial sales actually increased by 21% Multifamily sales increased by 16%.
After crunching all … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips Series From Brian Rodgers - Tip # 4 - 01/04/08 03:40 AM
Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips Series From Brian Rodgers - Tip # 4 Stop Calling on Ads
A word of caution - agents create ads solely to make the phone ring! Many of the homes have some drawback that’s not mentioned in the ad, such as traffic noise, power lines, or litigation in the community. What’s not mentioned in the ad is usually more important than what is.
For this reason, we want you to be very careful when reading ads. Remember that the person writing the ad is representing the seller and not you!  The most important thing … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips Series From Brian Rodgers - Tip # 3 - 01/03/08 03:47 AM
Don’t Be Pushed Into Any House
Your agent should show you everything available that meets your requirements.  Don’t make a decision on a house until you feel that you’ve seen enough to pick the best one. Go to the Multiple Listing computer with your agent to make sure that you are getting a COMPLETE list of homes for sale and not just the home that the agent "wants" to show you. In the late 1990’s, homes were selling quickly, usually a few days after listing. In that kind of market, agents advised their clients to make an offer ON THE SPOT … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Real Estate Marketing Tips Series - Working Expired Listings With Brian Rodgers - 01/02/08 08:39 AM
Expired listing Tips Part 1 by Brian Rodgers
* The number one key to the success of listing expired listings is the follow up. It takes an average of six contacts to get an expired listing.
* 50% of the expired listings that come up daily are either already re-listed, under contract or sold. If you know this going in you won’t be discouraged when you find this out.
* The biggest obstacle in trying to take an expired listing is the fact that many will want to re-list with the same agent even though the agent didn’t do anything to … (2 comments)

brian rodgers: Real Estate Marketing: What Exactly is it and How Does it Apply To You? - 12/24/07 07:16 AM
Marketing your real estate business is probably the single most important aspect and certainly the difference between huge success in the real estate business and mediocrity or worse yet, complete failure.  I know that sounds harsh, but it is the reality and the sooner you realize this truth, the sooner you can develop a solid real estate marketing plan for your own real estate business. So what exactly is a real estate marketing plan? To answer this question you must simply define what marketing means and develop a real estate marketing strategy and plan based on that definition. The really good … (7 comments)


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