brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips - How to Buy Your First Home The Easy Way - Tip # 2 - 12/20/07 10:52 PM
1.     Sell First, Then Buy
If you have a house to sell, sell it before selecting a house to buy! We haven’t seen many contingent sales work in the last 3 years, unless it’s with a new home builder who has other houses to sell and can afford to put one on a contingency.  Let’s pretend that we go out looking for the perfect house for you. We find it and you love it! Now you have to go make an offer to the seller. You want the seller to reduce the price and wait until you sell your house. The … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips Series From Brian Rodgers - Tip # 2 - 12/20/07 01:17 AM
Play the Game of Nines When Buying Your Next Home Before house hunting, make a list of nine things you want in the new place.  Then make a list of the nine things you don’t want. I call this “NINE OF THIS AND NONE OF THAT”. You can use this list as a scorecard to rate each property that you see. The one with the biggest score wins! This helps avoid confusion and keeps things in perspective when you’re comparing dozens of homes.
When house hunting, keep in mind the difference between “SKIN AND BONES”.  The BONES are things that … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips - How to Buy Your First Home The Easy Way - 7 Part Series - 12/19/07 11:58 AM
How to Buy Your First Home... the Easy Way! Avoid the 7 Most Common, Painful, Frustrating Mistakes First-Time Home-Buyers Make.
Buying a residence can be a hair raising experience. You will experience a roller coaster of emotions while finding the right place, securing the loan and finally moving in.
For most of us, the first time home purchase is the largest investment we’ve ever considered. The emotions of purchasing something so expensive and personal can often cloud our business judgment.
Most home purchasers do little or no research before they invest their nest egg. Doesn’t it make sense to become … (2 comments)

brian rodgers: Hutchinson Kansas Real Estate Tips - Baby Boomers' Impact - 12/19/07 04:43 AM
Baby Boomers’ Impact
By Brian Rodgers, Realtor® Hutchinson, Kansas
The majority of people moving into retirement these days aren’t content to sit on the front porch and watch the world go by. They intend to stay as much a part of it as they can be, even moving to get closer. Second homes are selling fast and furious as the Baby Boomers head into their golden years, and it might surprise some to find that the quiet, serene homes of the past just aren’t it for the new generation of seniors moving in.
With an eye toward investments, Boomers … (0 comments)

brian rodgers: Real Estate Marketing Tips Series - Working Expired Listings - 12/18/07 05:16 PM
Expired listing Tips Part 1 by Brian Rodgers * The number one key to the success of listing expired listings is the follow up. It takes an average of six contacts to get an expired listing.
* 50% of the expired listings that come up daily are either already re-listed, under contract or sold. If you know this going in you won’t be discouraged when you find this out.
* The biggest obstacle in trying to take an expired listing is the fact that many will want to re-list with the same agent even though the agent didn’t do anything to … (1 comments)


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