real estate training: Every Client May be Worth $3,000, $10,000 or more! - 01/10/08 02:34 AM
This is so critical that it’s important you master this. The marginal net worth and consequent lifetime value of a customer is the total combined profit you make, over the life of an average customer — including all repeat sales and referrals — less all advertising, marketing, and product or service fulfillment costs.
Let me explain and I am going to use simple round numbers to illustrate the point.
For example, let’s say that the first time your average new client does business with you your commission averages $1000.00.
Next, they refer 1 person to you … (3 comments)

real estate training: The 5 Real Estate Business Secrets That Could Pay You Commissions For Years To Come - 01/09/08 09:38 AM
Ok,  I will admit right off the bat that there really aren't many secrets left that haven't been tried in this business and the following list really aren't "secrets" per se as the title suggested. But, if I would have entitled this post "5 Things You Already Know", you wouldn't have taken the time to read this very important post. So they aren't secrets but they really do seem to be somewhat secretive as so few of us remember to implement them regularly and consistently.   It doesn't matter where you are currently at in your real estate business. , these … (8 comments)

real estate training: Deciding which lender to use or vice versa...................................... - 01/09/08 09:02 AM
I get asked the question all the time, "How did you decide what lender to use and recommend most often in your business"?Now, before answering that question, it is important to understand that I firmly believe that the Realtor/Lender relationship is one of the most important relationships you can have in your business.  It boggles my mind why so many Realtors and mortgage brokers have an adverserial relationship. Below is how I chose my lender, but if I were a lender this is exactly how I would have chosen a Realtor to work with. 
In Hutchinson, I have used the same lender … (1 comments)

real estate training: How To Catch a Wild Animal or Converting Prospects - 01/08/08 09:33 AM
How to Convert Your Prospects into Customers
How to Catch a Wild Animal!
Every one wants more prospects for their real estate business. There are all kinds of marketing tools for capturing prospects, but how do you really convert them into clients or customers?
In the past 14 years I have been involved in just about every aspect of the real estate business from residential and commercial sales, development, personal investing,office management and presently on the training side of the business. Being directly involved in so many aspects of the real estate business over the years, there is one … (0 comments)

real estate training: Asking Questions - The key to getting the sale - 01/05/08 06:52 AM
This is probably the most important part of your buyer/lisitng appointment preparation, and the key to improved sales conversion! It is also the weakest element of many people’s sales appointment. At this stage I’d like to point out a very common mistake Realtors make when meeting a prospect for the first time. They greet the prospect and then start to run through their presentation. STOP. STOP. STOP! How on earth can you tell the prospect what they need and want if you don’t know what’s important to them in the first place? This is why you must ask questions. Having just said … (8 comments)

real estate training: Using Your Buyer Pool to Obtain Listings - 01/05/08 04:05 AM
"I want to be a listing Agent"   I hear this all the time from Realtors both new and old in my business.  It is pounded into their heads that to be a succesful agent you must be a Listing Only agent. To be a succesful listing agent you have to convince sellers that for some reason YOU are the agent that they NEED to sell their home.  You have to convince them that you will provide the maximum exposure, expert advice on valuation, and will make them the most profit in the least amount of time.  The problem is that … (6 comments)

real estate training: Real Estate Marketing Tips Series - Working Expired Listings With Brian Rodgers - 01/02/08 08:39 AM
Expired listing Tips Part 1 by Brian Rodgers
* The number one key to the success of listing expired listings is the follow up. It takes an average of six contacts to get an expired listing.
* 50% of the expired listings that come up daily are either already re-listed, under contract or sold. If you know this going in you won’t be discouraged when you find this out.
* The biggest obstacle in trying to take an expired listing is the fact that many will want to re-list with the same agent even though the agent didn’t do anything to … (2 comments)

real estate training: Real Estate Marketing: What Exactly is it and How Does it Apply To You? - 12/24/07 07:16 AM
Marketing your real estate business is probably the single most important aspect and certainly the difference between huge success in the real estate business and mediocrity or worse yet, complete failure.  I know that sounds harsh, but it is the reality and the sooner you realize this truth, the sooner you can develop a solid real estate marketing plan for your own real estate business. So what exactly is a real estate marketing plan? To answer this question you must simply define what marketing means and develop a real estate marketing strategy and plan based on that definition. The really good … (7 comments)

real estate training: Santa Claus: A Marketing Genius **Long Post But Well Worth The Read** - 12/20/07 01:29 AM
Santa Claus: A Marketing Genius ART-Z101 Note: This is an update on an article I helped write many years ago and I update it each year as sort of a Christmas Tradition.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.Now, on to the article. Marketing 'gurus' comes in all shapes and sizes. This one wears a red jacket, black boots, and flies a fuel efficient sleigh. Find out how you can model this merry gentleman and take your production to the next level... Merry, Merry Christmas to you all. It is my sincerest desire that this … (3 comments)


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