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How can I get higher priced listings??? High-impact marketing methodsYou will naturally get there in timeDon't drop what you're doingResearch what is sellingExpiredsFSBO'sFarming The best way to target market is through Expireds, FSBO's & farming. I would do some research to see what has expired ...
What are the best top 4 areas to prospect for listings? I think the most important aspect of marketing is marketing to the right target. Advertisers know this that is why we see athletes endorse products, that is why the industry of selling targeted lists is so important. We are very fortunate as...
Q: What is the best method to move a seller from an unrealistic price to a realistic price?     Be honest alwaysLet them make their decision based on factsIf there are no comps get a second opinion from an appraiser.Pre-qualify them before you go out to try and get a feel for how much they want f...
Understanding your options during a foreclosure   For anyone facing foreclosure the process can be exhausting and even distressing. Many of those in the midst of foreclosure lose their credit simply because they don’t know what their options are. A foreclosure is not only exhausting but can actu...
Understanding the foreclosure process   In recent years a foreclosure boom has been slowly sweeping the nation. In some US cities the foreclosure rate is so high that many otherwise affluent areas have erected tent cities to accommodate those who have lost their homes to foreclosure. Many expert...
Question: What script or marketing communication is best to get my foot in the door and beat other agents.     First you have to market to the right target.Have a strong, consistent follow-up system in place. "The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up"A person has to see us an average of eight times.Very ...
This is the first in a series of responses I have made to many Realtors who have asked me questions about the best ways to list properties and being a high volume listing agent in general. They will be posted in no particular order.  1. What Do I say To A Seller Who Wants To Go With A Large Compa...
Hey Everyone, Well, I am snowed in down at my lakehouse in Branson, we are getting absolutely pummeled with snow right now, not even sure how much longer I will have an Internet Connection. Anyway, just a few minutes ago, I came across a perfect example of using your list of customers to generat...
In surveys we’ve done the overwhelming reason customers say they call you back is because of the way you treat them.Honesty and professionalism was the #1 reason they gave.This is very, very important. You should always, always make all your clients feel like they are your most important client. ...
Hey Everyone, I just answered this question in depth so I thought I would post it here for all of you. This is exactly the process and what is needed to make walk on the screen videos for your sites: This is actually very easy if you have the right equipment and software. Here is a list of thing...

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