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Tonight Teri Ellis, ActiveRain's own "Lady in Red", almost stumped me.  She posted this question, "Bruce, so why aren't you posting much?"    After pondering Teri's question, for at least 20 seconds, here are my Top Ten reasons.   I'm not Jason Crouch. I don't care about points.  (Please don't te...
Sometimes we fail to appreciate our good health, until it's gone. One of our fellow ActiveRainers is in the hospital. Please pray for Liz Carter. Thanks! I spoke awhile last night with my good friend Liz Carter from Katy, Texas (near Houston).  Liz has struggled with a number of health issues th...
Hey ActiveRainers! Jonathan Washburn needs your help!   Jonathan Washburn   He wants to have an ActiveRain Mission Statement. I'm a man of few words.  So I guess it's no surprise that I believe in short, memorable mission statements.  :) In fact, I like this quote:  "A mission statement should fi...
Referrals can put extra money into your pocket every year!  Sometimes thousands of dollars. Jason Crouch changed his perspective on referrals, because of ActiveRain. Shouldn't you start thinking more about referrals too?   I have been playing here in the Rain for just over a year now, and I have...
After doing some research on blogs in my county, I had an LOL moment at what I found.  I was immediately reminded of this true ActiveRain classic - from Russell Lewis in Austin, Texas.  I tried to "bump" this post back up into the Groups, so our new posters can have a chuckle and learn the ropes...
This idea might have been suggested here before. There could even be an Agent Advisory Board that I haven't discovered. However, if we don't have an advisory board, maybe it's time. The combined brain power on this network is staggering!  Take advantage of it. I've been thinking about the most re...
It's time to review this great post from that great Texan, Russell Lewis! For all you new bloggers, ActiveRain offers an amazing opportunity for you to build trust and get referrals from agents you would probably never meet in any other way. Enjoy this lesson from Russell.  :)Few things help an i...
With this post, I'm shattering the 10,000 point barrier! Well.... Maybe 10,001 points isn't exactly shattering.  :) Anyway, Jason, I'm putting you on notice. I might be 433,695 points down. But I have momentum!   Well, that sure didn't work out the way I planned it! I forgot that you get 200 poin...
2009 will be a year to think outside the box. Do you have a Starbucks Strategy? If not, now could be the time to start.  At least for all you Starbucks addicts!  :) Why do I bring up Starbucks in connection with real estate? 1.  Because EVERYONE you meet either has an interest in real estate, or ...
Our 30th President, Calvin Coolidge,  was born on July 4th, 1872.  He was a man of few words. One of the most famous stories about "Silent Cal" was a dinner at the White House.  Cal was seated next to a lady.  She told him, "You must talk to me, Mr. Coolidge. I made a bet today that I could get m...

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