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When a veteran or current military member applies for a VA mortgage loan, income verification is one thing that must happen as a part of the VA loan application process. The VA can’t determine a borrower’s debt-to-income ratio without properly documenting what the Department of Veterans Affairs d...
Many VA borrowers apply for their first VA mortgage not thinking about what they might want or need years down the line. That first home may seem perfect when it’s first purchased, but many first time home owners outgrow that home at some point. Others may need to sell to relocate for a new job, ...
In my last post I discussed VA loan limits and down payment issues. One thing I mentioned specifically was about the VA’s policy on approving VA-insured loans based on the lower of two amounts–the VA maximum loan guaranty and the appraised value of the property. The VA only approves a loan amount...
Everyone who wants a VA guaranteed loan is curious about the maximum amount they can borrow with a VA home loan. But there’s no fixed maximum amount that applies to borrowers across the board–the Department of Veterans Affairs insures loans based on market conditions by state and county and the a...
The paper application form is going the way of the Dodo. While pen-and-ink applications aren’t likely to disappear completely anytime soon, many government programs are making the switch to online applications to save money on printing and mailing costs. In an age where some still haven’t quite m...
Borrowers who have never applied for a VA home loan before may wonder how to apply for a VA certificate of eligibility or COE. There are many ways to apply, including by regular postal mail, but the Department of Veterans Affairs encourages new VA borrowers to request the for electronically using...
VA home loans require the borrower to apply for a VA certificate of eligibility–the official document from the Department of Veterans Affairs stating the borrower has served enough time in the military to qualify for their VA home loan benefits. In the case of retired or separated military member...
There are many benefits and entitlements that come with military service. Veterans have a wide range of programs, services, discounts and benefits including the VA loan program. But just because someone joins the military and volunteers to serve their country doesn’t mean they are automatically e...
One thing many veterans hear in connection with their VA home loan benefits is how flexible the VA loan system is. Vets also hear a lot of people saying how much more lenient VA loans are compared to conventional mortgages. But how flexible is the Department of Veterans Affairs when it comes to a...
In our last blog post we listed some recommended reading for VA home loan applicants including the Fair Housing Act, and the Consumer Credit Protection Act . A lot of the resources we listed in the last blog post had to do with anti-discrimination laws, but there are also some regulations house h...

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