denver real estate: Uptown Homes for Sale in Denver - 12/16/13 02:42 AM
Uptown Homes for Sale in Denver
Why Do People Choose Uptown?
Homes in Uptown are a mixture of older brick row homes and newer condo's with a splattering of popular bar's, shops and restaurants. It gives easy access to downtown activities and the urban lifestyle. 
Looking for a Home in Uptown?
Get full access to the hottest Uptown Homes for Sale with this comprehensive list that is updated real time to get you the latest information first.
What's Uptown Like?
The nieghborhood provides a variety of excellent dining and entertainment options. The anchor of the community is known as "Restaurant … (0 comments)

denver real estate: University Park Homes for Sale in Denver - 12/16/13 02:35 AM
University Park Homes for Sale in Denver
Why Do People Choose University Park?
University Park is a bustling neighborhood that surrounds the University of Denver. People live here for the close proximity to the University, easy commute to downtown, amenities and nearby activities.
Looking for a Home in University Park?
See what University Park has to offer with this comprehensive list of University Park Homes for Sale in Denver. This list is updated real time to get you full access to the hottest listings on the market.
What's University Park Like?
University Park offers home buyers a range of options … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Sunnyside Homes for Sale in Denver - 12/16/13 02:25 AM
Sunnyside Homes for Sale in Denver
Why Do People Choose Sunnyside in Denver?
Over the past few years Sunnyside in Denver has experienced a revival with new residents moving into the neighborhood due to its nearness to downtown, affordable pricing and larger than average lots. Its location makes for a convenient commute and young families looking for vibrant, edgy locations are finding a home in Sunnyside.
Looking for a Home in Sunnyside?
Full access to the comprehensive list of Sunnyside Homes for Sale is only a click away. The list is updated real time to get you access to the … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Stapleton Homes for Sale in Denver - 12/16/13 02:17 AM
Stapleton Homes for Sale in Denver
Why Do People Live in Stapleton?
Stapleton is a community of diversity that offers distinctive homes in unique neighborhoods, each with its own lifestyle and character. In short, there is something for everyone in Stapleton and its location makes it easy for residents to quickly get downtown or out of town via Denver International Airport.
Looking for a Home in Stapleton?
If a Stapleton Home is what you seek you can easily view all of the Stapleton Homes for Sale in Denver on this all inclusive list of the hottest listings available.
What's Stapleton … (2 comments)

denver real estate: Denver Real Estate - 12/05/13 02:30 AM
Denver Real Estate

Why Do People Live in Denver?
Denver is an uncommonly interesting place to live due to its diverse network of neighborhoods which create a feeling of community and belonging for residents. From the trendy urban scenes that are happening such as the LoDo Museum of Contemporary Art, to the dining experiences along 17th Ave in UpTown, to the tree lined streets of Park Hill. There are dozen of neighborhoods, each with their own unique characteristics and charm.
Looking for a Home in Denver?
Who can blame you? Use the link to find all … (1 comments)

denver real estate: The Denver Housing Market is Stabilizing - 08/05/13 05:53 AM
The home inventory levels throughout the metro Denver regions have increased month over month in July as which indicates a strong and stable housing market locally.    There was a ten percent increase in home closed from the June numbers with more than six thousand home closings in July. These numbers indicate a strong thirty two percent increase from July 2012 when the number of closed homes was 4,618.    The increasing number of homes sold in year over year and month over month numbers indicates a strong demand for homes throughout the metro Denver areas.    There was also a … (1 comments)

denver real estate: Selling Your Real Estate - 05/17/11 10:32 AM
Deciding to sell your real estate is a daunting task, especially in these trying economic times. Many questions have to be answered prior to making the decision. Should you go through a Realtor? What is the fair market value? How will this affect you financially? Is this the best time?
The choice to go through a Realtor is the first decision that must be made. Some property owners have made the choice to sell on their own; FSBO (For Sale By Owner). This is done in an effort to leave out the "middle man" and thus retain more of the profits … (1 comments)

denver real estate: Snapshot of Denver Real Estate - September 2010 Sales - 10/08/10 10:28 AM
The monthly sales data for the Denver Real Estate market can help both home buyers and home sellers in seeing where the market has been, where it currently is and where trends may take it in the future. The numbers here combine residential, condos, land and income properties.
August 2010
Active 27676 Pending 480 Under Contract 4086 Sold 3156 Expired 1265 September 2010 Active 27433 Pending 465 Under Contract 3727 Sold 3039 Expired 1481 We can see that though some numbers increased and some decreased that there were really no major shifts from August to September which can't be attributed to … (2 comments)

denver real estate: Opportunity Knocks In Real Estate Market - 09/13/07 08:30 AM
Right now the Denver Real Estate market is offering up a bevy of investment opportunities for people willing to take advantage of the market. 
There are a few conditions at play in the real estate market that are making it a ripe time to buy an investment property.  Those conditions are listed briefly below
The mortgage situation has caused many first time home buyers to be excluded from the market due to an inability to get financing.The sub prime adjustable rate mortgages issued over previous years and now adjusting are causing foreclosures to increase.  The inability for home owners to get refinanced … (1 comments)

denver real estate: Ghosts of the Abyss! - 09/09/07 04:14 AM
This months giveaway from your Denver Real Estate professional is fantastic!
As a gift enjoy $4 off up to two tickets to this IMAX feature at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Travel deep below the surface of the ocean and far inside Titanic's ghostly remnants in the first documentary film by Academy Award - winning directory James Cameron.  The film is a perfect complement to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.
This offer expires October 4, 2007 and only while supplies last.  One per request.
Location is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
To receive yours just visit my website.  My contact information is there … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Highlands Ranch Colorado Real Estate - 08/08/07 05:20 PM
Denver Real Estate - Highlands Ranch Colorado's beautiful settings offer hiking, biking, parks and recreation within minutes of downtown Denver. Outdoor lovers will quickly appreciate the bountiful recreation opportunities in Highlands Ranch.
Visitors are greeted by warm sunny days followed by refreshing, cool evenings. At night, Denver's big city culture comes to life with concerts and festivals. Enjoy unexpected entertainment on the 6th Street Mall in historic Downtown Denver. Dine at one of the malls quaint sidewalk cafes, browse through its many boutiques and galleries or enjoy free entertainment watching the quirky street performers.  Highlands Ranch is a unique fusion a modern community and … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Another Free Offer From Your Denver Realtor - 08/03/07 05:45 AM
This months giveaway from your Denver Real Estate professional is a
Free Day of Fun for Your Furry Friend!
Canine Campus is is a pioneer in the world of dog daycare!  Your best friend's day will be full of group games, activities and professionally trained supervision by true dog lovers! 
I have a limited number of coupons available for anyone interested that I can send you.
Once you receive it you bring in the card for one free day of daycare for new customers, or a free Campus Shower for existing customers as a gift from me.  Your Firelight Real Estate professional serving all … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Which Home is Best for Me? - 07/18/07 04:56 PM
There are a number of things to consider when you're buying a home. Where do you want to live?  Do you want to live in the suburbs? This can obviously affect your commute. Is this a neighborhood where you want to live? Don't forget to consider the investment value of where you want to live. Make sure the area has seen consistent price appreciation.
I addition, there's the question of what type of home should you buy. This will depend on your lifestyle, but be sure you are buying the right type of home, in the right area, based on investment value. … (0 comments)

denver real estate: 6 Reasons Why Homes Should have Home Warranties - 07/17/07 05:12 AM
There are several good reasons for Denver home sellers to provide a warranty and for Denver home buyers to request one.  Here are just a few.
Should there be a failure of a covered item during the listing period the seller pays a small service call for repair and/or replacement on each occurrence.
Unknown pre-existing defects of covered items are included so long as the defect could not be detected through normal operation, maintenance or inspection.
It protects the seller from potential liabilities after the closing on some of the most frequent reasons for disputes by a purchaser.
A home with a warranty can remove a … (0 comments)

denver real estate: 5 Deadly Trade Up Mistakes - 07/02/07 03:41 PM
So you're thinking of trading up.  This time when you buy there is a new wrinkle.  It's not like the last time when you didn't already own a home, this time you already own a home.  Not only are there additional considerations for financing your next home, there is the timing issue.  Would you rather have the possibility of owning two homes or the dilemma of having to find temporary housing between homes?
Here are 5 strategies to avoid the most common mistakes that homeowners make when moving up.  Knowing about them beforehand will give you the opportunity to overcome them by … (0 comments)

denver real estate: Create A Free Dream Dinner from Bruce Swedal - Highlands Ranch Real Estate - 06/28/07 09:39 AM
Because Meal Time is Family Time!
As a gift from Bruce Swedal at ReMax Professionals you can attend a Dream Dinners free "sneak peak" and prepare a FREE dinner for two from a select gourmet menu.
Dream Dinners is an innovative concept in meal preparation that eliminates menu planning, shopping and clean up!  Dream Dinners provides everything you need to assemble delicious dinners for your family, including great menus, easy-to-follow instructions and fresh-cut ingredients.   With four convenient locations it is time to try something new!
I will send these valuable coupons right away with no cost or obligation.  To get yours just email with your name, address … (1 comments)

denver real estate: New Tree Watering this Summer - 06/27/07 01:39 PM
If you were one of the many people who planted a new tree this year here are a few tips.
When your tree was dug from the nursery field about 90% of its roots were severed.  That would traumatize you and it traumatizes the tree.  It becomes much harder for your new tree to get the moisture it needs to sustain itself.
The question then becomes how much rain does my tree need?  About one inch per week, which can be measured with a rain gauge.  The local weather station can also keep you informed.
If there is a draught and you fall behind that … (1 comments)

denver real estate: Highlands Ranch - Lawn Watering Tips - 06/25/07 07:38 AM
Just in case you didn't notice, it has been hot!  Because of that you have probably been noticing that those plants in your yard are looking thirsty.  Here are some great tips on how to water them.
If you are trying to use water saving practices for your lawn, don't water on a set schedule.  Water only when the grass or plants show signs of thirst.  To test whether or not your lawn needs a soaking, step on the grass; if it springs back up, you don't need to water.  Watering your lawn and plants in the morning can save over fifty gallons … (0 comments)

denver real estate: How Much Will That Mortgage Be? - 06/25/07 06:23 AM

Isn't the first thing you wonder about when you are making the home buying decision, how much will my payment be?  Well now there is an easy tool to find out.  Just a few clicks on the keyboard and it will spit out your expected monthly principal and interest payment.  Fast, easy and free access Highlands Ranch Real Estate.

denver real estate: 9 Tips to Get Your Home Sold Fast - 06/21/07 04:43 PM
The housing market has changed. Not too long ago you could put a home on the market and it would sell in a reasonably quick time. This is no longer the case. Now more than ever, you must follow these steps to understand the market if you want your home to sell. You need to do your homework.
Understand your reasons for selling: Your reasons for selling affect everything from setting a price to how much time and effort you will invest in preparing your home for sale. You need to understand what is more important: the length of time … (0 comments)