littleton: Opportunity Knocks In Real Estate Market - 09/13/07 08:30 AM
Right now the Denver Real Estate market is offering up a bevy of investment opportunities for people willing to take advantage of the market. 
There are a few conditions at play in the real estate market that are making it a ripe time to buy an investment property.  Those conditions are listed briefly below
The mortgage situation has caused many first time home buyers to be excluded from the market due to an inability to get financing.The sub prime adjustable rate mortgages issued over previous years and now adjusting are causing foreclosures to increase.  The inability for home owners to get refinanced … (1 comments)

littleton: Ghosts of the Abyss! - 09/09/07 04:14 AM
This months giveaway from your Denver Real Estate professional is fantastic!
As a gift enjoy $4 off up to two tickets to this IMAX feature at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Travel deep below the surface of the ocean and far inside Titanic's ghostly remnants in the first documentary film by Academy Award - winning directory James Cameron.  The film is a perfect complement to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.
This offer expires October 4, 2007 and only while supplies last.  One per request.
Location is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
To receive yours just visit my website.  My contact information is there … (0 comments)

littleton: Highlands Ranch Colorado Real Estate - 08/08/07 05:20 PM
Denver Real Estate - Highlands Ranch Colorado's beautiful settings offer hiking, biking, parks and recreation within minutes of downtown Denver. Outdoor lovers will quickly appreciate the bountiful recreation opportunities in Highlands Ranch.
Visitors are greeted by warm sunny days followed by refreshing, cool evenings. At night, Denver's big city culture comes to life with concerts and festivals. Enjoy unexpected entertainment on the 6th Street Mall in historic Downtown Denver. Dine at one of the malls quaint sidewalk cafes, browse through its many boutiques and galleries or enjoy free entertainment watching the quirky street performers.  Highlands Ranch is a unique fusion a modern community and … (0 comments)

littleton: Another Free Offer From Your Denver Realtor - 08/03/07 05:45 AM
This months giveaway from your Denver Real Estate professional is a
Free Day of Fun for Your Furry Friend!
Canine Campus is is a pioneer in the world of dog daycare!  Your best friend's day will be full of group games, activities and professionally trained supervision by true dog lovers! 
I have a limited number of coupons available for anyone interested that I can send you.
Once you receive it you bring in the card for one free day of daycare for new customers, or a free Campus Shower for existing customers as a gift from me.  Your Firelight Real Estate professional serving all … (0 comments)

littleton: Castle Rock Colorado Real Estate Market - 07/25/07 09:50 AM
Castle Rocks' population in 2007 was 34,393 which is a growth rate of  70.40% since 2000.  This rate of growth makes Castle Rock one of the fastest growing real estate markets in Colorado.
Median home cost in Castle Rock is $287,500 with home appreciation last year at 4.4%.  This in a year which most industry experts would say was a down year in real estate.  Where many markets saw declines in home prices.  The rapid expansion that Castle Rock is experiencing is making for a strong real estate market for the foreseeable future.  The Castle Pines real estate market will also feel … (0 comments)

littleton: Which Home is Best for Me? - 07/18/07 04:56 PM
There are a number of things to consider when you're buying a home. Where do you want to live?  Do you want to live in the suburbs? This can obviously affect your commute. Is this a neighborhood where you want to live? Don't forget to consider the investment value of where you want to live. Make sure the area has seen consistent price appreciation.
I addition, there's the question of what type of home should you buy. This will depend on your lifestyle, but be sure you are buying the right type of home, in the right area, based on investment value. … (0 comments)

littleton: 6 Reasons Why Homes Should have Home Warranties - 07/17/07 05:12 AM
There are several good reasons for Denver home sellers to provide a warranty and for Denver home buyers to request one.  Here are just a few.
Should there be a failure of a covered item during the listing period the seller pays a small service call for repair and/or replacement on each occurrence.
Unknown pre-existing defects of covered items are included so long as the defect could not be detected through normal operation, maintenance or inspection.
It protects the seller from potential liabilities after the closing on some of the most frequent reasons for disputes by a purchaser.
A home with a warranty can remove a … (0 comments)

littleton: 7 Secrets to Successful Real Estate Investing - 07/09/07 05:02 PM
There are typically two types of real estate investors.  Let's call the first type a "true investor" and the second type the "expert investor".  The true investor will typically have several completed transactions and no matter how many deals they have completed, they are still listening, learning and trying to gain knowledge.  Your expert investor has yet to purchase an investment property.  They don't understand the difficulties of making a real estate investment yet attempt to overwhelm others with their vast knowledge attained at last weekends' seminar.  When what they need to do is listen and learn.
Being a successful real estate … (0 comments)

littleton: 5 Deadly Trade Up Mistakes - 07/02/07 03:41 PM
So you're thinking of trading up.  This time when you buy there is a new wrinkle.  It's not like the last time when you didn't already own a home, this time you already own a home.  Not only are there additional considerations for financing your next home, there is the timing issue.  Would you rather have the possibility of owning two homes or the dilemma of having to find temporary housing between homes?
Here are 5 strategies to avoid the most common mistakes that homeowners make when moving up.  Knowing about them beforehand will give you the opportunity to overcome them by … (0 comments)

littleton: Create A Free Dream Dinner from Bruce Swedal - Highlands Ranch Real Estate - 06/28/07 09:39 AM
Because Meal Time is Family Time!
As a gift from Bruce Swedal at ReMax Professionals you can attend a Dream Dinners free "sneak peak" and prepare a FREE dinner for two from a select gourmet menu.
Dream Dinners is an innovative concept in meal preparation that eliminates menu planning, shopping and clean up!  Dream Dinners provides everything you need to assemble delicious dinners for your family, including great menus, easy-to-follow instructions and fresh-cut ingredients.   With four convenient locations it is time to try something new!
I will send these valuable coupons right away with no cost or obligation.  To get yours just email with your name, address … (1 comments)

littleton: New Tree Watering this Summer - 06/27/07 01:39 PM
If you were one of the many people who planted a new tree this year here are a few tips.
When your tree was dug from the nursery field about 90% of its roots were severed.  That would traumatize you and it traumatizes the tree.  It becomes much harder for your new tree to get the moisture it needs to sustain itself.
The question then becomes how much rain does my tree need?  About one inch per week, which can be measured with a rain gauge.  The local weather station can also keep you informed.
If there is a draught and you fall behind that … (1 comments)

littleton: Highlands Ranch - Lawn Watering Tips - 06/25/07 07:38 AM
Just in case you didn't notice, it has been hot!  Because of that you have probably been noticing that those plants in your yard are looking thirsty.  Here are some great tips on how to water them.
If you are trying to use water saving practices for your lawn, don't water on a set schedule.  Water only when the grass or plants show signs of thirst.  To test whether or not your lawn needs a soaking, step on the grass; if it springs back up, you don't need to water.  Watering your lawn and plants in the morning can save over fifty gallons … (0 comments)

littleton: How Much Will That Mortgage Be? - 06/25/07 06:23 AM

Isn't the first thing you wonder about when you are making the home buying decision, how much will my payment be?  Well now there is an easy tool to find out.  Just a few clicks on the keyboard and it will spit out your expected monthly principal and interest payment.  Fast, easy and free access Highlands Ranch Real Estate.

littleton: 9 Tips to Get Your Home Sold Fast - 06/21/07 04:43 PM
The housing market has changed. Not too long ago you could put a home on the market and it would sell in a reasonably quick time. This is no longer the case. Now more than ever, you must follow these steps to understand the market if you want your home to sell. You need to do your homework.
Understand your reasons for selling: Your reasons for selling affect everything from setting a price to how much time and effort you will invest in preparing your home for sale. You need to understand what is more important: the length of time … (0 comments)

littleton: Five Reasons To Buy A Home Now - 06/20/07 01:34 PM
Most first time home buyers have listened to the advice from friends and family. Many encouraging you to buy a home. Often you still wonder if it is the right thing to do. The more you think about it the scarier it becomes, but reservations are normal. Here are five huge reasons that you should buy a home now.
Income Tax Savings: The government subsidizes your home purchase. It allows you to fully deduct all of the mortgage interest and property taxes paid through the year on your tax return. Home ownership is an incredible tax shelter that can save you … (0 comments)

littleton: Seven Deadly Home Buying Mistakes - 06/20/07 06:16 AM
Use A Professional that Knows the Market.
The most important aspect of purchasing a home is having an expert on your side. The average home owner may purchase two or three homes in their lifetime. Real estate professionals know how to navigate through the potential pitfalls of purchasing a home. They can help you avoid costly mistakes such as: choosing the wrong lender, the wrong type of home, failing to get a thorough home inspection and problems with the title. Any of these problems can cause you a lot of money and grief.
Do not buy a home without a … (1 comments)

littleton: 10 Deadly Mortgage Mistakes - 06/17/07 05:19 PM
Avoid disappointment and SAVE thousands by reading this article.
Everyday there are people just like you that have their mortgage loan turned down because of any one of these mistakes.  By acquainting yourself with 10 Deadly Mortgage Mistakes you can save thousands on your mortgage.
1. Using An Interest Only Or Payment Option Adjustable Rate Loan:  If you are using these types of loans to qualify for a more expensive home.  A home that you could not normally afford, you may be going down the wrong path.  There are some circumstances where these loans are useful, but care should be taken in this … (0 comments)

littleton: Instacall Me! - 06/15/07 11:09 AM
I had this feature added to my Denver Real Estate website a few months back.  When I first got it I thought it was just about the most amazing thing since Starbucks.  It does not take much to amuse me sometimes.
No I am not kidding.  First I had to show my wife the cool icon at my Denver Real Estate site and she just sort of gave me a look.  You know the one.
Well that was not even close to the reaction I wanted so I brought in the reserves.  My nine year old daughter would like it.  So now both … (2 comments)

littleton: Curb Appeal! Your Homes First Impression! - 06/14/07 04:40 AM
When it comes to selling your Denver area home, first impressions are a big factor.  If your home is missing out on Curb Appeal, you are fighting an uphill battle with getting your home sold.  Over 80% of today's home buyers start their home search on the internet.  Based on what they find, they may drive by before they contact their agent to see the home.
It is the first impression and curb appeal that will lure potential home buyers into your home.  If you are missing the Curb Appeal, you are missing the mark.  Do you want your home to be eliminated before the … (0 comments)

littleton: Denver Colorado - The Comedy Works! - 06/13/07 08:10 AM
My wife and I recently visited Comedy Works.  What a great experience.  It has been around for 25 years and is one of the country's hottest comedy clubs.
You can treat yourself to an evening of giggles, guffaws and downright side splitting laughter, because I have some coupons for Free Admission.  Best of all I am willing to share.
I have 5 coupons to the Comedy Works in Larimer Square.  Each of these are good for two free admissions from Sunday-Wednesday only.  These expire on Sep 5, 2007.  If you would like to receive one of these FREE coupons just leave your name, address and email address in a … (0 comments)