north carolina: Get Some Exercise With A Modern Scavenger Hunt In Wilmington - 01/25/21 12:16 PM
At one time or another, chances are you have embarked on a scavenger hunt of some sort.  Did you know that scavenger hunts evolved from ancient folk games?  It is true.  The hunt became popular in the modern culture around 1930 when American Gossip Columnist and party hostess extraordinaire, Elsa Maxwell, introduced a series of scavenger hunts at her famed parties.  Maxwell hosted society parties in Paris, New York, Cannes, Venice, and London.  The hunts were so popular among society’s elite that it was even satirized in the 1936 film, My Man Godfrey.
Today our Scavenger Hunts have taken a tech boost and … (1 comments)

north carolina: Warms The Heart And Soul: Winter Soup Recipes - 01/23/21 10:01 AM
They say that nothing warms your tum like a bowl of soup during the colder months of the year, and we are inclined to agree! Soup has traditionally been used as an easy way to provide nourishment throughout the ages. It is easy, filling, and most importantly a delicious way to make use of leftovers. Soups come in a variety of types and can be dependent on the region with varying ingredients. Regardless of what kind of soup is your favorite, Brunswick Forest has a few that will hit the spot!
What is better than coming home after a long day to a hot … (2 comments)

north carolina: The Brunswick Forest 2021 Bucket List: - 01/08/21 10:47 AM
With the new year well underway here, it’s time to start planning out all the fun things you’d like to check off your 2021 bucket list! While the situation with COVID-19 is not completely absent and has still created many new changes to be mindful of, the advantage of the greater Wilmington area is that a good time is often right around the corner. And more importantly, the advantage of living at Brunswick Forest is that our community is only a few minutes away from all the major local areas.
A new year means a new start. So, regardless if you are looking to get in … (0 comments)

north carolina: Being Grateful: 2020 Real Estate Milestones - 12/29/20 01:28 PM
2020 was a year of radical change in the world, to put it mildly. In just a few short months we have seen people’s routines, living habits, and work conditions completely transform into something different. But while there were a lot of challenges to face, the real estate industry had a lot of surprising milestones that brokers like yourself would be pleased to know! Homebuying activity is now at its highest level since 2006 according to Realtor Magazine, and we at Brunswick Forest are happy to announce a few amazing milestones of our own for 2020.
Booming Home Sales:
Realtor Magazine has noted that this … (0 comments)

north carolina: Healthful Holidays With Christie Chadwick - 12/17/20 07:53 AM
The holidays are a time of happiness and cheer, but do not forget that physical and mental well-being go hand in hand! It is said that whatever affects you physically can affect you mentally and vice-versa. You want to make sure you institute the proper amount of self-care for an optimal active lifestyle. Christie Chadwick of CLC Healing Therapies tells us how there are plenty of natural and holistic ways of taking care of yourself outside of a traditional spa day.
Christie Chadwick, owner of CLC Healing Therapies in The Villages Town Center at Brunswick Forest, is the one to ask when it comes to … (0 comments)

north carolina: Climate Controlled And Ready To Go! AA Storage - 11/19/20 09:32 AM
Storage needs are essential for those moving to a new area, remodeling, or consolidating. Some of your items may need a little more specific care than others, so you must be careful where you store them. Luckily for Brunswick Forest residents, The Villages Town Center has a AA Storage that offers them plenty of high-quality storage that is climate controlled for those items that need extra love.
What is climate-controlled storage and why is it important? Simply put, climate-controlled storage spaces have a regulated interior temperature. Basic self-storage is more than adequate for a lot of household items. But sensitive materials like antiques, musical instruments, electronics, fine art, or other … (0 comments)

north carolina: Brunswick Forest: Investing In Your Coastal Lifestyle - 11/19/20 06:28 AM
Do you have clients who are hesitant and indecisive when it comes to relocating? Are they looking for reassurance that their investment will be a wise one? On average property values have increased in the Wilmington area by 6.4% in 2019 alone and are expected to rise another 3.5% this year according to Your client may be interested in knowing that Brunswick Forest has become a haven for thousands of homeowners interested in curating their ideal lifestyle. Already this year, we have welcomed over 350 new families to our community. Because of our location, convenient and active lifestyle, and cost … (0 comments)

north carolina: Wilmington, North Carolina: A Top 100 Place To Live - 11/09/20 11:18 AM
If you are a prospective homebuyer looking for a new place to call your own, you have probably seen “Wilmington, North Carolina,” in your online searches. You might have even heard friends saying they are “moving down South to Wilmington.” Between having multiple beaches, shopping, dining, and a lot of historical charm, the greater Wilmington area was recently ranked number 43 in the top 100 places to live in America by!
Thousands of residents who have found their dream homes in the Wilmington area can not be wrong. There must be a reason that Wilmington, North Carolina, is such a popular relocation destination. … (0 comments)

north carolina: Luxury Is In The Details: The Myrtle By Legacy Homes - 07/27/20 09:07 AM
Legacy Homes by Bill Clark centers their entire homebuilding business around making sure they get the details just right. These details are what separate a good home from a great one. The Myrtle, Brunswick Forest’s model feature for July, is all about showing its luxury in those details.
Though it can be considered petite in size, The Myrtle is one model that you do not want to sleep on as an aspiring homeowner looking to relocate. Part of Legacy Homes’ Laurel Collection, The Myrtle is a home that is fit for royalty and features all the plush accommodations that you would expect from a five-star … (1 comments)

north carolina: Springboard Into Outdoor Activities at Brunswick Forest - 05/20/20 07:06 AM
Spring is such a wonderful time of year, because the mild temperatures allow Wilmington area residents to enjoy nature. With the summer months just around the corner, there is no better time to get out and engage in an active lifestyle!  From biking trails to kayaking opportunities, saying there is a lot of options at Brunswick Forest is quite the understatement. Strap yourself in, here is just a few of the outdoor activities that you can engage in.
Canoeing and Kayaking:
You do not need a massive vessel with large outboard engines to enjoy the local waterways and creeks in Leland and beyond. Sometimes a personal craft and a few paddles is … (0 comments)

north carolina: Coastal Living With A View: Spring Branch At Shelmore - 05/06/20 07:25 AM
Brunswick Forest is full of amazing floor plans provided by 11 reputable builders. We also have a multitude of neighborhoods in which the styles of homes vary. Each model provides several great features that entice aspiring homeowners to call Brunswick Forest home. Spring Branch of Shelmore, this month’s neighborhood highlight, offers a prominent coastal aesthetic and retains some of the best natural views around.
Coastal cottages have become a very likeable style in home architecture, especially in the surrounding Wilmington area. There is an unmistakable charm to it all, but each floor plan still provides you with an abundant amount of space to live. Looking for some more … (1 comments)

north carolina: Paradise: Documented Perfectly For Your Enjoyment. - 05/04/20 08:57 AM
Seeing is believing! There are plenty of reasons why our residents refer to their home in Brunswick Forest as their own little slice of paradise. The most important reason being, they took advantage of all of the options we offer and made their decisions to cultivate their ideal lifestyle here. You, like them, can decide how you want to live, what neighborhood and home you want to live in and embrace our Coastal By Nature® environment. To peruse Brunswick Forest and the sort of options we have available, you’ll want to check out our updated media galleries on our website.
The galleries page simply put, is … (0 comments)

north carolina: Neighborhood Update: Park West and Egret Cove - 04/27/20 11:16 AM
Finding the right neighborhood to live in is kind of like finding the right pair of shoes; you must try a lot of options before you find a nice fit. Having a large pool of choices is part of what the community of Brunswick Forest likes to provide you with. Two of our most rapidly expanding neighborhoods, Park West, and Egret Cove, are two neighborhoods you’ll want to visit for yourself.
What makes these two neighborhoods so appealing to aspiring homeowners who are looking to move down South? Three important qualities create a massive appeal for these two neighborhoods; the styles of home offered, affordability and low maintenance. The third point … (0 comments)

north carolina: Brunswick Forest Digital Home Showcase - 04/17/20 07:11 AM
Spring Homes ShowcaseNo matter the time of year, Brunswick Forest remains one of the most desirable places to live on the East coast. It has a central location that’s close by to shopping, dining and medical services. And, you’re sure to find your dream home amongst the variety of homes built by 11 preferred builders. Now, Brunswick Forest also offers you the convenience of virtually touring homes.
There’s no time like the present to begin planning a future tour of the neighborhoods at Brunswick Forest. Whether there’s a certain style of home you’re looking for, or you’re interested in how a floor … (2 comments)

north carolina: Touring Brunswick Forest: An Experience - 04/15/20 11:15 AM
Making the decision to relocate is not one to take lightly. There’s a lot of planning involved, so when you do find that special place to live, it makes the process worthwhile. Between being in one of the most desirable areas in the Southeast, having unmatched amenities and lifestyle choices, and having a helpful team that goes above and beyond, touring Brunswick Forest is more than just a great time; it’s an experience that’s second to none.
Since its establishment, the master-planned community of Brunswick Forest has welcomed thousands of new North Carolinians into its neighborhoods. Through their many experiences, the residents here have found new passions, active routines, and … (0 comments)

north carolina: Brunswick Forest Wishes You a Happy Easter - 04/10/20 08:34 AM
Easter is a special time of year for more than just religious reasons. While the majority of the faithful reflect on the spiritual aspect of resurrection, Easter can also mean a lot of fun for decorators and merry makers. Regardless of how you choose to spend your Easter, the team at Brunswick Forest wishes you peace and happiness!
While Easter might look just a little bit different this year, here are a few simple ways you can still enjoy the holiday:
Participate in online church services Remember small businesses and online outlets when filling Easter baskets Take advantage of restaurants providing family style meals to take … (0 comments)

north carolina: Coastal Weather and Coastal Temperatures - 04/08/20 08:52 AM
During the spring season, Southeastern North Carolina offers a bedazzling display of beautiful blossoms. More importantly, residents living in Brunswick Forest know they can always step outside for fresh air without worrying about those surprise blizzards!
What if we told you the average temperature in the Wilmington area was above 60 degrees? Sounds like a place where you’d want to spend the rest of your life, right? Brunswick Forest residents know the advantages that the mild weather brings; year-round active lifestyles playing golf, pickleball, tennis, and enjoying our miles and miles of walking/biking trails. For many of them, it’s one of the main reasons they relocated.
Winters … (0 comments)

north carolina: Logan Homes Neighborhoods - April Feature - 04/06/20 11:21 AM
If you ask someone what they want most in a master-planned community, there’s no doubt you will get a lot of different answers! Some homebuyers are looking for a lot of amenities to take advantage of, others might be more concerned with HOA or a centralized location. When deciding where and how to live, you want to make sure you have a lot of choices available. Brunswick Forest gives you the power of having plenty of options. What better place to look for variety, than in our featured neighborhoods for April, Banyan Bay and the Park Side Townhomes.
There’s no need to … (0 comments)

north carolina: Our State Magazine Features The House of Pickleball - 03/27/20 06:02 AM
You might be very familiar with the sport of tennis. You’ve seen how it goes; two players, one on each side of a court hitting a ball back and forth until someone scores. It’s a game that encourages agility, speed and reaction time that keeps people invested until the end. But what you may not know is that pickleball is a new activity that’s just as healthy and fun. In fact, the Leland area has become one of the hotspots for this game that’s sweeping the nation. So much that our very own House of Pickleball was recently featured in Our State magazine.
Brunswick Forest is not like other master-planned communities … (0 comments)

north carolina: Lower Taxes, Higher Standard Of Living - 03/06/20 07:41 AM
The lower the taxes, the more worry-free the lifestyle! Southeastern North Carolina has charmed thousands of people over the years with its pristine beaches and boundless Southern charm. However, there is another big reason people are flocking to Brunswick Forest, a quality that many aspiring homeowners are finding too good to pass up; lower taxes.
Brunswick Forest is a nationally recognized master-planned community in North Carolina. Many of our happy residents, originally hail from the Northeast and Midwestern parts of the country where higher costs of living are the norm. Extensive taxes are also a reoccurring obstacle for many who are trying and live their best lives … (0 comments)

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